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CAS Swimming and Diving Championships 2018 highlights video

Relive the action in and out of the pool from the CAS Swimming and Diving Championships 2018 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Knox Easter Celebration – featuring the Gallery Choir

When: Thursday 29 March 2018, 5.30pm-7.30pm
Where: William McIlrath War Memorial Chapel, Knox Senior School
Who: Knox students, parents, staff, Old Boys and the wider community

We warmly invite you to this traditional celebration of Easter, the first annual Knox Easter Cantata Service. The celebration will feature a presentation of John Stainer’s The Crucifixion by the Gallery Choir.

Easter celebration 2018 flyer Easter celebration 2018 flyer (864 KB)

For more information, contact Mr Warren Fisher, Director of Choirs.

Knox musical - Pirates of Penzance

Mr Daniel Dunlop, Director of Theatre Performance, Innovation and Partnerships

Last chance to book your tickets for this dynamic production! The musical is on this week from 21-25 March and involves a cast of more than 50 students from Knox and local girls’ schools as well as a student orchestra and technical crew.

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Knox Parents' Association

Mrs Amanda MacLean, President

I look forward to welcoming everyone to the 'Gathering of the Clan' this Friday evening. This is the first official KPA event for 2018 to celebrate the commencement of the new school year.

This event will be particularly memorable as we farewell on behalf of the parent community, past and present, Mr and Mrs Weeks.

It would be lovely to meet you all on the night so please come and introduce yourself to the KPA committee.

Live streaming of Headmaster's farewell assembly

The Knox Tech Crew will be live streaming the student farewell assembly for Mr and Mrs John Weeks on Thursday 29 March 2018 from approximately 12pm at
We apologise in advance for any technical issues or drop-outs. 

Due to space restrictions, this event is for students and staff only. We warmly invite you to watch this online.

Please note, the video will only be live streamed and will not be available after the assembly. We will be publishing a short highlights video the following week.
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Mrs Sue Floro

What does learning look like, feel like, sound like? In 2018, deep learning looks, feels and sounds just as it always has. Up until recent times, however, learning at school didn’t always reflect the deep level of understanding that we now expect our boys to develop. Learning is about not only answering questions, but asking them, and then pursuing the answers to these questions. It is about more than rote learning a list of spelling words for a Friday quiz, as we will all recall doing week after week in our own schooling. It is about developing a love of literature, of vocabulary, of writing, and experimenting with increasingly complex words in both oral and written form, revelling in our ability to use them in appropriate contexts.

In Mathematics, it is about understanding that every person uses mathematics throughout the course of every day, not to solve a page of algorithms, but to solve complex problems. Solving problems such as transportation scheduling, time, money, estimating calculations …the list goes on. Computation skills are important, but not as an end in themselves. Our aim, in all that we do, is to bring authentic, real world learning into our classrooms and our wider school environment. Learning that is enduring and meaningful, as well as enjoyable. This is an ongoing conversation at Knox Prep and one that I would challenge you to pursue at home, in your interactions with your sons. Dinnertime conversations can be so powerful when we move beyond the instruction to eat one’s broccoli, albeit an important instruction! Your sons are strong, thinking, feeling mini humans, who we can expect to have an opinion, can expect to enter into dialogue about issues at hand, and can expect to learn the skills of not only voicing one’s own opinion but listening and responding appropriately to the opinions of others. Some of my favourite moments have been the conversations I’ve had with the boys as they have explored their ideas and opinions on the issues of the time. Indeed, it is time well spent.
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K-2 Happenings

Mrs Chris Gray, K-2 Coordinator

'While we all hope that our children will do well in school, we hope with even greater fervor that they will do well in life. Our job is to help them know and appreciate themselves deeply, to be resilient in the face of adversity, to approach the world with zest, to find work that is satisfying, friends and sposes who are loving and loyal, and to hold a deep belief that they have something meaningful to contribute to the world’
Madeline Levine, PhD

Madeline Levine is a psychologist, educator and co-founder of Challenge Success, a project of the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her book ‘Teach your Children Well’ acknowledges that every parent wants to raise successful children. She goes on to say that the happiest, most successful children have parents who do not do for them what they are capable of doing, or almost capable of doing; and their parents do not do things for them that satisfy their own needs rather than the needs of the child.

The central task of growing up is to develop a sense of self that is autonomous, confident and generally in accord with reality. Hanging back and allowing children to make mistakes is one of the greatest challenges of parenting. Mastery of the world is an expanding geography for our boys. However, it is in the small daily risks - climbing a tree, the bike ride around the block, the invitation extended to a new classmate - that growth takes place. In this grey area of just beyond the comfortable is where resilience is born.

The small challenges that start in infancy present the opportunity for ‘successful failures,’ that is, failures your child can live with and grow from. To rush in too quickly, to shield them, to deprive them of those challenges is to deprive them of the tools they will need to handle the inevitable, difficult, challenging and sometimes devastating demands of life.

The inability to maintain parental boundaries can be damaging to a child’s development. When we do things for our children out of our own needs rather than theirs, it forces them to circumvent the most critical task of childhood: to develop a robust sense of self.  This can prematurely reduce motivation and increase dependency. If pushing, direction, motivation and reward always come from the outside, the child never has the opportunity to craft an inside. 

We must remember that children thrive best in an environment that is reliable, available, consistent and noninterfering. One of the most important things we do for our children is to present them with a version of adult life that is appealing and worth striving for.

'Raising self directed kids' is part of an excellent library of parenting tips on Youtube by Dr Levine.
Dates for the Diary
Thursday 22 March 1R Assembly 11.10am
Sunday 25 March                                K-6 Chapel Service
Monday 26 – Thursday 29 March      Yr 1 + Yr 2 Aquatics Program
Friday 30 March                                  Good Friday
Monday 2 April                                    Easter Monday
Thursday 5 April KF + KJ Assembly 11.10am
Friday 6 April K-2 Chapel Service – St John’s Wahroonga
Wednesday 11 April                            K-2 STEAM Day
Thursday 12 April KH + KR Assembly 11.10am
Friday 13 April                        Term 1 concludes
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Year 3 News

Mr Glenn Stephenson, Year 3 Team Leader

The 2018 Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) recently commenced and students have now received their particular login details for this challenge. All Year 3 boys are expected to participate in this important initiative which aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and to enable students to experience quality literature. Students are reminded to ensure they log on to the 2018 PRC website in order to record the books they read and ultimately reach their target goal.

Yesterday, students took part in the local Aboriginal studies excursion at West Head in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The boys thoroughly enjoyed exploring the many aspects that make this one of Australia’s most spectacular and important areas of land. The excursion also provided students with the opportunity to observe various artefacts and remains of First Australian interactions with their environment, including a sample of ‘Bush Tucker’! We look forward to delving more into these aspects as part of the Country and Change unit the boys are studying within the History program.  

Dates for the diary
Friday 30 March – Monday 2 April – Easter Long Weekend
Friday 13 April – Term 1 concludes

If you have any queries with upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact your son's classroom teacher or Mr Glenn Stephenson.

The Year 3 team hopes you have another enjoyable week.
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Year 4 News

Miss Becc Burgmann , Year 4 Team Leader

As we are now in the later part of the term, busy schedules and tiredness can place pressure on families and the boys. The boys were spoken to last week about stepping up, finishing hard and what this looks like. We discussed resilience, helping each other out and being kind to one another, despite being tired. It is encouraging to see so many boys exhibiting these characteristics towards one another.

Over the coming weeks, the boys will complete a range of assessment tasks in Literacy, Numeracy and History. It is important for the boys to ensure they are organised for school the night before, in bed early and eating a proper breakfast to help give them every opportunity to perform their best during these assessments. Later in the week, the boys will write in their diary when these are occurring. Portfolios will go home once these have been completed so your son can showcase his work to you.
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Year 5 News

Mrs Tammy Paterson, Year 5 Team Leader

NAPLAN online
This is the first year NAPLAN testing will transition from traditional paper to online. A small proportion of NSW schools will sit NAPLAN online in 2018 with education ministers agreeing to full participation over the next two to three years. Knox will be one of the schools participating in online NAPLAN which will create new benefits for teachers and students including faster results, greater student engagement and better assessment.

All NSW schools undertaking NAPLAN online in 2018 are required to participate in a practice test next week. Our practice test has been scheduled for Thursday 22 March between recess and lunch. The practice test will be one omnibus test, which is a combination of Numeracy, Language Conventions and Reading. Boys will complete their NAPLAN assessment in early May.

Premier's Reading Challenge 2018 (PRC)
I am pleased to see that many of our Year 5 boys have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge already! The PRC creates a reading buzz around the place like nothing else. Each year, we see boys suggesting books for one another, boys reading to their peers and the excitement of logging in those books until they see those final words ... 'Congratulations! You have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge!' 

In one of our Year 5 classrooms last week, we saw an entire class surrounding one boys computer as he logged in his final book. Thank you so much for your support at home. This is something we cannot achieve without your support, so we really appreciate it.

Year 5 Portal
A reminder that writing scaffolds can be found on the Year 5 page on the Knox Portal. Here you will also find an overview of the term, including Maths topics studied this term in preparation for Week 9 testing. All Year 5 students have been provided with Mathletics usernames and passwords. This is a great resource for consolidating content learnt in class and for revision. They have access to all Year 5 Maths content. 

Dates for the diary
Wednesday 21 March AFL Paul Kelly Cup
Thursday 22 March NAPLAN online practice testing
Saturday 24 March Band Camp
Monday 26 March 800m athletic time trials
Wednesday 4 April Shot put trials
Parent Cyber Safety Presentation Prep Auditorium
Friday 13 April Term 1 concludes
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Year 6 News

Mr Liam Flanagan, Year 6 Team Leader

Well what a week it was! After weeks of waiting the boys finally got their chance to head away for a fun-filled four days of camp at Stanwell Tops. The weather played its part and the boys had an excellent time across a variety activities at camp.

Throughout the three days the boys completed activities such as High Ropes, Abseiling and the Goliath swing. It was fantastic to see the boys challenging themselves to push out of their comfort zones and take on activities and situations that may have been foreign to them. All the boys should be extremely proud of their efforts on camp and their behaviour as a whole was excellent.

Whilst there were many activities which were height based, the highlight of the camp was the amazing weather both groups had on their bush walk down to the coast and onto the beach. The water was incredible and the boys were lucky to have such a magical day! There were many tired bodies on the bus home on Friday (not just the boys!) and I am sure they slept very well over the weekend. 

I would also like to thank the Year 6 staff who attended the camp - Mrs Cathy Swanson, Mrs Penelope Dugan, Miss Sarah Beaumont Jones, Mr Alex Harrisson, Mr Denis Kelliher and Mr Dougal Cole as well as Mrs Sue Floro, Mrs Luisa Maxwell, Mrs Ann Prentice, Mrs Anne Felton and Mr Angus Fabian for attending the camp and looking after the boys. Special thanks to Miss Beaumont Jones who also coordinated the camp. It is great to have these opportunities to go to camps where the boys can spend a bit time together outside of the school gates.

Coming up this Friday we have the first cake stall for 2018 for 6K and 6S. Students and teachers are very much looking forward to seeing what treats arrive for the day!
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K-2 Literacy Centre and 3-6 Library

Mrs Emma-Kate Smith, Mrs Jo Wheatley and Mrs Emma Wood

2018 Premier’s Reading Challenge
What an impressive start to this year’s challenge! The boys have enthusiastically jumped on board with some boys in Years 3-6 completing the challenge thus far. Congratulations! Certificates will be distributed in Term 4. Information including rules, logging on procedures and booklists can be found in the Prep Library Page section on the Knox Portal. If you are having difficulty logging on and adding books, please come and see the staff in the 3-6 Library.

Scholastic Book Club
Scholastic Book Club orders will close Sunday 25 March. No cash or order forms are to be returned to school. Please order online using the LOOP payment system.

Year 5 and 6 Library (Stage 3)
'Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.'
Richard Steele & Joseph Addison
In light of this, the following concepts have been developed to further enhance and develop the reading experience of all Stage 3 readers.
A 'Year 6 Street Library' has developed in Ewan House, outside Mr Voysey’s office, for the students to enjoy, as part of their personal reading. For those unfamiliar with the ‘Street Library’ concept, it is based on an honour system, with books being clearly labelled and trusted to patrons for their safe return once the book has been read. If you would like to donate any books suitable for our 'Year 6 Street Library', please send them to Mrs Smith in the 3-6 Library.
With many Year 5 and 6 students completing the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) already, a ‘Bookmark Challenge’ has been set up to encourage students to continue their reading journey. The ‘Bookmark Challenge’ comprises of 11 different reading challenges, such as reading a book published the year that the student was born. Once a student has read a book from the challenge list, they will need to fill in a journal located in the library, to record the author's name, book title and a brief summary of each story read.
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Musical Notes

Mr Ashley George, Miss Rebeccah Morris and Mrs Ali Irwin

Band Camp this weekend
I am sure you are all aware that this weekend is the biggest and best weekend of the whole year!! Below are a few important details in regards to camp this weekend.

Groovy casual clothes. Boys must wear sneakers or closed in shoes (no thongs, crocs or school uniform).

1. Music folder
2. Music stand clearly labelled. (if you don’t have a music stand, please purchase one from Turramurra Music).
3. Instrument
4. Spare reeds if they are a woodwind player
5. If your son plays the Bass Guitar, he will need to bring his own amp

Arrival is 1pm on Saturday and pick up is 6pm. Sunday arrival is 10.15am and parents are invited to the concert at 4pm on Ireland Field. Please bring a rug to sit on (no large beach chairs or umbrellas) and if it is raining, the concert will be held in the Prep Auditorium.

Boys are to arrive at school on Saturday at 1pm and are to go straight to the stairs leading up to the Prep Auditorium for registration. There will be a table for each band set up and a roll that boys are to get their name marked off at. Pick up on Saturday evening is at 6pm and I ask that all parents wait outside the library in the undercover area for your son to come and meet you, as he will need to sign out before leaving.
Make sure your son has lunch before coming to camp. All other food is provided. We will provide food for any gluten, wheat, nut, dairy free students, however, if you have any concerns in regards to food/allergies please email Miss Morris. before the camp.
If your son has any medication please give it to Mr George upon arrival. It must be clearly labelled with your son’s name on it.
I also still need about eight parents to help on the Sunday and show their MasterChef skills on the BBQ and help serve burgers to boys. If you are able to help for an hour and a half from 12noon - 1.30pm on the Sunday, can you please email Miss Morris.

We are all looking forward to camp! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Miss Morris.

Easter Chapel Service
This Sunday 25 March, all members of the Little Lads, Knoxapella, Senior Vocal Ensemble and reduced Concert Strings Ensemble will be involved at this year's Easter Chapel Service. All boys (except Little Lads who are needed later at 9am) are required at the Senior School Chapel at 8.30am for a run through before the service starts at 9.30am. Boys are to wear full summer uniform (no hats). Any boys who are also involved in the Band Camp, will need to bring a spare set of casual clothes in a bag and all boys attending Camp and Chapel will be walked after the service by Mrs Irwin and Mr George back to the Prep School for Camp. If you have any questions in regards to Chapel and/or Band Camp please don’t hesitate to email Miss Morris.
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Prep KPA

Mrs Fiona Small, Prep Convenor

Library Bookcovering - Thursday, March 22, 8.20am-9.30am
If you can spare an hour we'd love to see you at the Years 3-6 Library to cover books.

1) Click this link to sign up.
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's easy and you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on

Note: does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please email

Lost Property Clean Up 
Friday 6 April 6 from 8.20am-9.30am

We will be sorting through the lost property box and arranging for named items to be returned to boys. If you can help please sign up here or email Bring a pair of disposable gloves.
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Battle of the Bands

Mr Rob Ewan, Coordinator of Contemporary Music Studies

Ready To Rock!
The Knox Battle of the Bands Heats are always a blast! It is great to see the boys take to the stage with an opportunity to hone their performance skills. The nerves run high with anticipation but it is all smiles at the end of the day. This year there were 45 students performing, with 10 bands taking the stage.

Day one of heats kicked off with a slick performance from Year 9 band, The Wolf Howlers, playing the INXS song 'Mystify'. It is always a pleasure to hear an Aussie rock classic performed well!

It proved to be a strong heat overall with solid performances from last year’s BOBs winners, Trashwater, and recently formed Year 11 band, Lemongrab, who took the stage for their first time. The final band to play may well have taken out the prize for ‘best crowd response’ with their rendition of ‘Under the Bridge’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Three Kings and a Queen were a wild card entry into the event and despite having minimal stage experience, certainly proved a crowd pleaser.  

The high quality of the performances continued into day two with last year’s BOBs finalists, Evolution and Ignition, taking the stage, followed by Year 8 band, Icy Kids, who were making their BOBs debut. Evolution gave a high-energy performance of the Greenday song 'Revolution Radio', followed by Ignition who performed the Cat Empire song, 'Sly'. Their slick rendition of the song provided a nice point of difference for the event featuring a tight sounding horn section and latin/jazz influenced grooves. The final performance was from Icy Kids with their rendition of the One Republic song, ‘Love Runs Out’.  It was a fantastic debut performance with an inspiring vocal performance from young singer, Seb Cook.

The third and final heat saw Year 9 band, Caffeine Rush, step up and perform the Greenday classic ‘Longview’. This was the band’s first BOBs appearance with new lead vocalist, Tom O’Sullivan and they did an excellent job. Next up were BOBs veterans, False Idol, who were also unveiling a new lead singer with Alec Berg stepping up to the microphone. They did an excellent rendition of ‘Don’t Change’ by INXS. To finish of proceedings we had another wild card entry with Year 11 band, Coolio and the Freshmen, taking the stage to have some fun with The Kinks classic ‘All Day And All Of The Night’.

A big congratulations to all of the participants in the 2018 Battle of the Bands heats who worked very hard to prepare for their performances. I sincerely hope that everyone took something positive away from the experience. I would also like to extend a big thankyou to our four guest judges who brought a wealth of experience to the panel - Mr Tim Robinson, Mr Alec Openshaw, Mr Charlie Meadows and Mr Chuck Ardron. A big thanks to the Tech Crew and our SAO team for taking photos, the KAPA and Music teams, and of course we cannot forget the legendary Bob Wheatley on sound production. Thanks all for being involved!

Congratulations and best of luck to the four bands who were chosen to compete in this years BOBs Finals which will held in Term 2 on Thursday 3 May. The finalists are: Evolution (Year 10), Ignition (Year 10), The Wolf Howlers (Year 9) and Trashwater (Year 12).
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Knox Academy of Performing Arts - Music

Mr James Brice, Head of Knox Academy of Performing Arts (KAPA)

Bandstand Concert
On Tuesday evening 13 March, our Knox Bandstand Concert No. 1 featured in excess of 227 performers from Years 7-12, attracting an exceptionally appreciative audience of approximately 350 parents, friends and boys in the Great Hall.

The 78-piece Year 7 Wind Band, under the direction of Mr James Brice, performed five pieces, opening with a highly energetic, yet refined rendition of ‘Darkland’s March’ by Randall Standridge, ‘Plaza de Toros’ by Mark Williams, ‘Danse Carnivale’ by Randall Standridge, and ‘Lullaby for Band’ by Robert W. Smith, before concluding their performance with ‘Crazy for Cartoons’ by Robert Sheldon.

The 66 piece Knox Concert Band, under the direction of Mr Geoff Power, performed their four works in preparation for the band’s upcoming performances at the Sydney Eisteddfod and NSW State Championships. They performed ‘Abracadabra’ by Frank Ticheli, the Knox Concert Band performed ‘All Through the Night’ arranged by Sammy Nestico, ‘El Camino Real’ (excerpts) by Alfred Reed, arranged by Robert Longfield with outstanding solos from Nathan Tsui on Soprano Saxophone and Hugo Boulden on Euphonium, before concluding with ‘Waltzing Matilda’, arranged by H.E. Akers.

To close the evening, the multiple award-winning 83-piece Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE) and conductor Mr James Brice opened with ‘Transcendent Journey’ by Rossano Galante and ‘Puszta – Four Gypsy Dances’ by Jan van Der Roost. Together with brilliant solo contributions by Luke Marinaki (Oboe) and William Hordern (Clarinet), SWE concluded with ‘Godzilla Eats Las Vegas’ by Eric Whitacre.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our OKGA KAPA casual staff for their assistance throughout evening - Mr Jordan Forster, Mr Tom Cartwright and Mr Matthew Kokolich, for your outstanding leadership and affirmation of prominent Knox community values. Thank you to Miss Jo Carey (Woodwind Coordinator), Mr Geoff Power (Brass Coordinator and Conductor of the Knox Concert Band), Mr Dylan Sherman (Percussion Tutor) and Mr Rob Ewan (CMS Coordinator) for your tremendous musical leadership and support, together with our complete team of KAPA peripatetic tutors and Knox staff for the outstanding support and assistance that you offer our boys in our KAPA Program.

Finally, on behalf of the musicians, we would like to thank our audience of parents, family and friends for your tremendous support, and we trust that you enjoyed our recent Bandstand Concert No. 1 performance.
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Knox Pipes and Drums

Mr Ainsley Hart, Pipe Band Master

The Scots School Bathurst Highland Gathering
On Sunday 18 March, the Knox Pipes and Drums Competition Bands #1 participated in the Highland Gathering at The Scots School in Bathurst. Six bands competed in the competition. Each band competes in two sections playing specific types of music from the traditional March, Strathspey and Reel (dance) elements and then a more free-form medley selection, which is time-limited. Bands are judged by two piping and one drumming judge, as well as an independent dress and drill judge.

Congratulations to the Competition Band #1 bandsmen who placed first overall in both the Juvenile and Grade 4 Divisions. Despite the wind and the heat, it was a very successful day.

Kuringgai Chase Fun Run
On Sunday 18 March, 18 members of the Pipes and Drums Highland Band participated in the Kuringgai Chase Fun Run. This is an annual event and all the boys enjoyed taking part.

The band did two performances of 20 minutes. The first performance was for the runners and walkers before they embarked on their 5km or 10km run. The second performance was timed perfectly to welcome the 5km runners at the finish line.

Congratulations to all involved, especially those running or walking. It was a very warm day and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
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Learning Enhancement Department - volunteers needed

As we head into a new year the Learning Enhancement Department is in need of parent volunteers to read and/or write for some of our senior students in their up coming assessments, the HSC Trials, the HSC and end of year exams.

As a writer, it would be your task to act as an extension of the student by writing as they dictate their response to an examined question. As a reader, it would be your task to read the examined question aloud for clarity. As a reader/writer you would be asked to perform both tasks for the one student.

You may like to volunteer your time to cover the whole exam period, by which we will assign you to a particular student or you may prefer to be an emergency scribe for those inevitable sporting injuries the day before an exam. Either way, we would love to hear from you. Availability during the working week is obviously paramount and parents can only volunteer for students who are not in their child’s year.

If you would like to consider assisting the school in this very meaningful way, please contact Rebecca Papageorgiou in the Learning Enhancement Department on 9487 0470 or for further information.
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Social Justice

Mrs Helen Clarke, Head of Diversity, Justice and Stewardship

The Mini Camp Enngonia
The Mini Camp, held 120 kms north of Bourke, is on this week. Year 10 students - Charlie Slack-Smith, Callum Page, James Gray, Henry Kensit, James Shewell and Clive Marott are teaching STEM (Science and Robotics) to young students at a number of remote schools.

The Kuringgai Special Olympics Fun Run is on this Sunday 18 March
Over 100 boarders together with day students participated in the Fun Run last Sunday. Despite the heat of the day, the Knox boys were so attentive and compassionate in their care of their Special Olympian buddies. Knox has been a partner in this event for many years. Our boys contributed to raising much needed funds for support of the Special Olympics Program on the North Shore. Well done and thanks to the Knox Boarding Staff for their support of the boarders on the day!

Events and Notices
The Knox community traditionally supports the homeless with donations of Easter eggs and pots of flavoured noodles to Wesley Mission. Please drop off donations to Room 19, the KSSA SAOs or to your son’s mentor or WLF teacher.
World's Greatest Shave: a number of Year 11 boys are participating in the World’s Biggest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation this week. Please support their efforts by donating online for the Knox Grammar Team. Last week, Ms Mieka Hynec, the Campaign Coordinator NSW/ACT, addressed the boys and explained the significance of having their hair cut. 
We have representatives from each year group who will start the important work and training to develop activities for the Knox Sustainability/Environment Club. Their aim is to build awareness of the importance of stewardship for the environment, recycling and sustainable energy at Knox. The first committee meeting will be on during lunch on the first Wednesday after Easter in the McKenzie Library. Please contact Mrs Helen Clarke if you have any questions. 
Sports shoes are needed to support PCYC Walgett - please send in any rugby/soccer shoes no longer needed or outgrown to Mrs Clarke to support the sports program run by PCYC Walgett for local teenagers.

The Social Justice Club continues to meet each Friday at lunch time in room KCC101 and nearby classrooms (numbers are growing!). The club is both social and proactive for all boys who want to serve others and make a difference. There are opportunities to participate in Outback and overseas Immersions as well as many school and community based activities. Boys from all year groups are most welcome to come and join a committee - get involved in some of the action for justice!
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Year Group Newsletters from last Friday

From the Head of Knox Sports and Aquatic Academy

Mr Martin Haywood

It was another huge week in the Sports Academy with the last round of Prep summer sport, the transition into winter for the Seniors, and of course, the CAS Swimming and Diving Championships ... and much more! This place never stops and it’s great to offer so many healthy options each and every weekend.

The Knox Swimming Team retained The Thyne Challenge Shield last Thursday in front of a record crowd at Sydney Olympic Park. In an amazing performance of elite schoolboy swimming, the team amassed a record 564 points, defeating rivals Trinity Grammar by 22 points followed by Barker College. There were as many as 12 CAS records set on the night and countless 'PBs' - full credit to our amazing coaches for having the boys in such top condition going into this prestigious event. The team was fortunate to experience an evening with swimming legend, Ian Thorpe in the lead up which will be a memory every swimmer will never forget.

Congratulations to this amazing team, including all reserves who have contributed enormously to the win by creating depth, competition and great spirit around this immensely talented group of Knox boys. We are all very proud. Well done team Knox. This is the 31st time Knox has won this trophy since first winning this competition in 1933. We are just as proud of our Divers who came within eight points of winning the CAS Diving Championships also. Coach Bec Manuel is extremely proud of the group and said there are great times ahead if the boys stick at it and commit.

Senior School 
Knox had seven students join over 2,000 of the brightest emerging athletes from around the country for the 2018 Australian Junior Athletics Championships at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre last week. After five intense days of competition against the best athletes in the country, Knox is proud to say we won two gold, two silver and bronze, along with a number of PBs. Of particular note was an amazing individual haul of a gold, two silver and a bronze for Tom Shannon across three age groups, as well as a national championship for Sam Rockliff in the 16 Years 3000m! An overall great experience for those involved. A full report can be found on Skoolbag in the T&F section. Whilst on T&F – please ensure that boys complete the entry via Parent Lounge for the Knox T&F Champs set for Wednesday 4 April. Our cutoff for entries is this Friday.

Knox took a team of 32 students to compete against more than 600 riders in the 2018 Mountain Bike (MTB) Inter-School Championships in Thredbo last weekend. Our boys performed extremely well on a tough track up against the very best riders. Overall, Knox placed 2nd behind Riverview which is a remarkable achievement for this squad and sets them up beautifully for next season. Again, as per Track & Field, a full report can be found on Skoolbag.

Last Saturday was time for the boys to begin their winter commitment across the majority of sports. The Football games at Curagul looked fantastic with all boys participating as did the AFL at Gillespie and Rugby on Knox 1. It was warm and the boys handled themselves amazingly well. Their appears to be a real sense of excitement and confidence (thanks to the Swimmers) going into this winter season across all codes and I look forward to passing on those results. Reminder – please click on alerts in Skoolbag for the new sport your son has chosen this winter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have boys in Year 12 and who have been so generous with their own time and helped run canteens, manage teams, organise dinners and sit on support committees. Without your help our coaches and staff would find it far more difficult and perhaps could not devote the time and focus on our boys as we currently do. It makes a huge difference and is not taken for granted. Thank you. It means so much to my team and the boys playing sport.

I am pleased to advise Knox has partnered up with Headsmart to ensure our boys and parents receive the absolute best advice and care when dealing with possible concussion. Headsmart is a world leader in this area and will be assisting the School in 2018 and beyond. This is an issue that Knox takes seriously and as a result all boys playing Rugby, Football and AFL will be asked in the next seven days to complete a Baseline screening test online. More information can be found on the Headsmart website. Our Headsmart initiative is available for every athlete playing sport in the school but it is those that play contact sport that will be asked to complete the short Baseline test.

Representative Basketball selections
CAS 1sts
Campbell Green (Yr 11)
Matt Steel (Yr11)

CAS 2nds
Joshua Pain (Yr 10)
Michael Yoong (Yr 10)
Damon Reynolds (Yr 12)

Representative Water Polo
Congratulations also to Nicholas Trobec (Year 11) who has just been selected as a member of the NSW All Schools Water Polo Team. 

Prep School
Well done to all teams who have now finished the first half of their summer commitment. We now take time out and swing into the winter season before resuming the summer season in Term 4. The Prep boys will start their trials this Saturday and no doubt have ordered a mouth guard and footy boots already!

Special mention to two Year 6 boys who were selected in the Knox Senior School Swim Team. An amazing effort and they did us all proud with two magical swims. We could not be more proud of their efforts to stay calm and perform on such an occasion.

Have a great week everyone and go the Black & Blue.
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