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CAS Track and Field highlights video

Watch highlights from the CAS Track and Field Championships 2017 held on Thursday 14 September at Sydney Olympic Park.

Knox Spring Festival video

Watch a highlights video from the recent Spring Festival created by the boys of the Knox Tech Crew.

Professional photos of Knox events

Professional photos from recent Knox events are now available for purchase via the Knox Portal.

Knox Spring Festival
Knox Musical - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
CAS Track and Field Championships


Mr Mark Hemphill

Years 3 and 4 Musical
Congratulations to all the boys in Years 3 and 4 and their teachers for a fantastic musical last week. Each of the audiences thoroughly enjoyed the performances and the fun the performers had was evident to all. Well done to all involved!

National Snowsports
We had our largest contingent ever participate in the National Snowsports Championships at Mt Buller, recently. Congratulations to all of the boys who qualified for Nationals which is an amazing achievement. A huge congratulations to Michael Salerno who is the National Champion for the Division 4 (Years 5 and 6) Cross Skier event.

Summer uniform
Before the beginning of next term it would be a good idea to check that your son’s summer uniform still fits him. Many of the boys have grown enormously since Term 1 and I am sure that they will have outgrown their uniforms.

Week 1, Term 4
I will not be at the Prep School for the first week of next term as I will be spending the week in Hong Kong visiting my new school. If there are any serious issues which you would normally contact me about then please contact Mr Peter Voysey and he will assist you.

End of Term
Term 3 concludes this Friday at the normal finishing time. The boys return to school for Term 4 on Tuesday 10 October in summer uniform.

Over the holidays try to ensure that your sons get plenty of time to rest and relax as many of the boys are exhausted as the last few weeks have been incredibly busy with many different and exciting events and additionally, many of the boys have been unwell at some time throughout the term. Try not to overplan the holidays for the boys and allow them to have some days where there is nothing organised for them. It is really good for the boys to be bored, to have to entertain and occupy themselves at home and to just unwind. I worry about the boys who are constantly on the go and don’t have time to do nothing. Plan to let your sons go to bed early and to catch up with their sleep without the demands of their term schedule.  During the holidays the boys should not be doing extra homework or having coaching as they are just young boys who need to be outside in the fresh air playing. The weather in the upcoming holidays is usually great so get your boys out in the fresh air playing and having fun. Sydney is surrounded by National Parks so take them bushwalking and exploring and let them get dirty! 

Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for Term 4 rested, invigorated and healthy.
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Learning K-6

Mrs Ann Prentice, K-6 Director of Learning

ICAS Mathematics Competition
The UNSW ICAS Mathematics Competition results have been sent to the School with the following outcome:
Of the 231 students who participated in the ICAS Maths paper for 2017, 14 were awarded High Distinctions, 71 Distinctions, 84 Credits, 22 Merits and 39 Participation Certificates. This is an excellent result. The average score at Knox was higher than that across Australia for each Year Group in Years 2-6 for every subset of criteria in each paper.

In Year 2  17 of the 40 students earned a High Distinction or Distinction (43%).
In Year 3  16 of the 35 students earned a High Distinction or Distinction (45%).
In Year 4  16 of the 33 students earned a High Distinction or Distinction (48%).
In Year 5  16 of the 59 students earned a High Distinction or Distinction (27%).
In Year 6  20 of the 64 students earned a High Distinction or Distinction (32%).

Year 2 boys demonstrated strengths (and no weaknesses) in all areas of the Maths Curriculum – Number and Arithmetic, Algebra and Patterns, Measures and Units, Space and Geometry as well as Chance and Data. Well done, boys.

This fantastic trend in all aspects of Mathematics was also achieved by Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 – a phenomenal result!
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K-2 Happenings

Mrs Chris Gray, K-2 Coordinator

'Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.'

The Prep Fields were filled with energy and excitement last Friday as our K-2 sportsmen laughed and worked in their Houses to enhance their throwing, running and fitness skills. It was particularly special to see the Year 2 boys supporting their younger team mates to ‘have a go'. The boys finished with a cross country run in each year group which showcased their determination – a wonderful afternoon! Special thanks must go to Mrs Dewar and Mr Scott for their preparation.

Please enjoy this highlights video:

The boys have enjoyed an action packed term and you all deserve to slow down and experience some family time together. 

Please add these dates to your diary – Term 4 is going to be exciting and full of new adventures.

Dates for your Diary
Friday 13 October: Year 2 excursion to Narrabeen
Friday 10 November: K-2 Chapel
Wednesday 15 November: K-2 Concert
Monday 27 November - Friday 1 December: K-2 Aquatics Program
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Year 3 News

Mr Glenn Stephenson, Year 3 Team Leader

What a term it has been! The students have been incredibly lucky to take part in a range of special activities and events throughout the course of Term 3. From the recent Years 3 and 4 Musical, Sydney Harbour Cruise excursion, Winter House Gala, Prep School Science Week and Book Week (not to mention the incredible teaching and learning lessons within the classroom), the students have been involved in many exciting opportunities resulting in a fun-filled, yet ultimately rewarding term.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each of the Year 3 classes and parents for their continued support in providing meals this term for our community service initiative, The Dish. As I am sure you can appreciate, these have been very warmly received by those members of our community who are in considerable need.

Dates for the diary
Friday 22 September – Term 3 concludes
Tuesday 10 October – Term 4 commences

If you have any queries with upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact your son’s classroom teacher or Mr Glenn Stephenson.

The Year 3 team would like to wish all of the boys, parents and extended family a safe and enjoyable holiday break before we eagerly commence the final quarter of the school year in Term 4.
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Year 4 News

Mrs Julia Baerlocher, Year 4 Team Leader

What another wonderful term of learning we have had! The boys have shown noticeable improvement in their commitment to learning as well as their social and personal development. They have become better at ‘reading the scene’, and independently looking for social cues. Improved choices have been made in the playground with conflict being resolved with greater maturity. Boys are now looking out for one another, helping a friend when needed and are thinking beyond their own needs and wants. They are also showing progress with turn taking and listening to the ideas and opinions of their peers and teachers. All of these social skills are having a positive influence in class through their improved focus, engagement and desire to achieve better results.

As we commence Term 4, organisation will continue to be a focus. The boys are slowly becoming more responsible in class for getting themselves prepared for the day and lessons ahead. Of course, there is still room for improvement! We have noticed that many boys are still relying heavily on you, as parents, to solve problems for them including things like bringing in uniforms for after-school sport, forgetting lunches, permission slips and homework. Each Monday morning as a class we go through the events and reminders for the week ahead. The boys are told to record this information in their diaries. These may include special days where they may need different uniforms, adjusted arrival times at school for excursions or revision for assessments. At home we ask that you too reinforce the importance of organisationwith your son. On a Sunday night it would be beneficial to run through together before and after school commitments, as well as family functions, that may impact on normal routines. Encourage them to pack their bags the night before and to check their diaries to ensure that they are prepared for the coming day. If your son does forget something, this is a wonderful problem solving opportunity for him rather than running straight to the office to beg for a mercy dash from you! The boys are eager for independence and together we can help them begin to stand alone.
We hope you have a restful two week break and look forward to seeing your sons reinvigorated for their last term of Year 4.
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Year 5 News

Mrs Tammy Paterson, Year 5 Team Leader

On Friday last week, all Year 5 students took part in Australian Reading hour. We took the boys outside and all students and Year 5 staff read on Ireland Field. Please enjoy this highlights video that captures the moment:

The idea of the reading hour is simple:

‘We want Australians to either rediscover or introduce themselves to the benefits of reading. In children, it has been shown to her with identity formation, setting them up for success in the future. In adults, it has been shown to reduce stress by 68% more than listening to music, going for a walk, or having a cup of tea.’

This week the Year 5 boys have been presenting their poetry recitals on stage to the rest of the grade. They have done an amazing job and have exceeded our expectations. Thank you for your support at home in helping them learn their lines and with their performance. 

The boys are not expected to do any study during the holidays. The Year 5 staff would like to wish you all a well deserved and restful break with your sons. 
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Year 6 News

Mr Liam Flanagan, Year 6 Team Leader

Well done to the boys as we come to the end of what has been a very busy term. The Year 6 boys have definitely earned a well-deserved rest over the next two weeks and we look forward to their fresh-faced return as they commence their final term in the Prep School.

Congratulations to all the boys on their excellent behaviour at our Grandparents' Day celebration last Thursday. It was fantastic to see how enthusiastically the boys led their special guests on a tour around the School and shared with them the work they have completed throughout the year. The musical talent on the day was also exceptional with excellent performances from the Year 6 cohort, Jazz Band, Year 6 String Ensemble and the Pipe Band during the lunch time period. A big thank you to all the Year 6 staff as well as Ms Rebecca Morris and Mr Ashley George for all their assistance in organising the day. Also, thank you to Mr Ian Fairhurst and Mr Angus Fabian for all their help with the IT equipment during the assembly. I hope the Grandparents and special guests enjoyed the day as much as the Year 6 staff and students did. The boys definitely enjoyed the afternoon.

Best wishes to all boys heading off on the Band Tour in Tasmania on Thursday. We hope the boys have a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoy their time away! We know that you will represent the School with pride on your trip down south.

On behalf of all the Year 6 staff, I would like to wish the boys a very safe and happy holiday break. We look forward to seeing you all back and ready to go for Term 4. Have a great holiday and stay safe!
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Musical Notes

Mr Ashley George, Miss Rebeccah Morris and Mrs Ali Irwin

Performance Ensemble Concert - Monday 9 October
The Performance Ensemble have been invited to perform as part of the Staff Professional Day on Monday 9 October. The performance will be in the Knox Senior School Academy from 8am-8.45am. Boys will need to arrive to the Senior School by 7.45am in their full summer uniform for a quick sound check before our performance. Please note that this is a pupil free day, so transport to and from the Senior School is to be made on your own or with parents.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our Prep School Performance Ensemble to all staff across K-12. Parents are more than welcome to come and watch us perform. All instruments will be left at the Senior School after our Hobart Tour and will be locked up for the duration of the holidays, in preparation for our performance. Please don’t hesitate to email Miss Morris if you have any questions in regards to this event.

Important dates for your diary - Term 4
Week 1
Monday 9 October – Performance Ensemble concert in the Knox Senior School Academy. Details below.

Week 3
Wednesday 25 October – Piano concert for all boys learning from Mr Keith Mitchell and Miss Jane Stanley. 6.30pm in the Prep Auditorium.
Friday 27 October – Photos for String Ensemble, Concert Strings, Prep Orchestra and Pipe Band.

Week 6
Wednesday 15 November – K-2 Christmas Concert in the Great Hall. Involving all boys in K-2.
Friday 17 November – Christmas Markets in the Great Hall. Ensembles performing TBC.

Week 7
Wednesday/Thursday 22 and 23 November – Year 6 Musical in the Prep Auditorium.

Week 8
Thursday 30 November – End of Year Band Concert involving all students in all bands. 6pm on Ireland field.

Senior Choir 
Congratulations to all the boys who sang at the Year 5 and 6 Chapel Service on Friday. The boys did a wonderful job with a number of boys away at the carnival.

Just reminder that there is no choir this Thursday because of the music tour to Tasmania. I will see everyone next term.

Rehearsals Week 1 Term 4
All rehearsals will resume back as normal next term commencing on Tuesday 10 October with Performance Ensemble in the morning and Intermediate Band and Senior Band at lunchtime. All other rehearsals are the same time and day in Week 1.

Private Instrumental Lessons
There are still a few vacancies for all instruments/voice with our talented tutors in the Prep School. If your son is interested in learning an instrument please email Miss Morris.

NOTE: if your son is already learning an instrument at school and he cannot attend his lesson for whatever reason, 24hrs notice must be given to the tutor directly or you will be charged for the lesson. Please do not assume that because something is in the calendar (which means your son cannot attend his lesson) that your tutor will know about it. It is the responsibility of the parent to always inform the tutor of any absences. 

Congratulations to all the cast of ‘Cinderfella’ - what a fabulous show
The 3/4 Musical ‘Cinderfella’, written by our own Writer in Residence, John Larkin was performed at the Prep School last Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

‘Cinderfella’ played by Saxon McDonell set out on a journey to seek his tail, winding his way along the Yellow Brick Road, bringing to life fractured fairy tales along the way. Finally, he seeks the wisdom of the Great Wizard of Oz where he learns that it’s not his tail he has really been seeking all this time but his tale - his story!

With each class producing show stopping numbers and choreography by the dynamic talents of Lauren Dunn (Year 4 dances) and Gemma Knox (Year 3 dances), the Years 3 and 4 boys brought the show to life!

Well done to a fabulous cast and ensemble.

Mrs Ali Irwin, Prep School Music Teacher
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Knox Academy of Performing Arts - Music

Mr James Brice, Head of Knox Academy of Performing Arts (KAPA)

AMEB Diploma Soiree AMUSA Luke Marinaki
The Woodwinds of KAPA supported a second AMEB Diploma Soiree for 2017 on Sunday 17 September.

Luke Marinaki, Year 9, oboist, presented the four works for his upcoming AMEB AMusA Examination. This is the second highest examination level for the AMEB.

A special thank you to the piano accompanist for the event, Ms Julia Brimo and to Luke’s tutor, Ms Telena Routh.

The program:
Telemann: Flute Fantasie – 3 movements 
Vaughan Williams:  Oboe Concerto in A Minor – 3 movements
Maconchy: 3 Bagatelles 
Hummel: Introduction, Theme and Variations

Best wishes to Luke for his AMEB exam on Friday 6 October.

Woodwind Soiree - AMEB Solos 
The Woodwinds of KAPA presented an AMEB preparation Soiree on Tuesday 19 September.  

Nine performers from Years 7-9 presented their List A, an unaccompanied work, required for the upcoming AMEB exam to be held in Week 2 of Term 4.  Performers range from an AMEB Preliminary Grade through to Certificate Level.  

The program:
Performer Year Instrument Composer Piece

Jason Jin 9 Asax Edwards Ulpirra
Harry Hearder 9 Cl Jean Jean Etude #15
Henry Qu 9 Cl Harris Sonata in F
Andrew Peng 9 Cl Jean Jean Etude #7
Ryan Thom 9 ASax Parisi Etude #21
Shervin Erfanian 7 ASax Rae Hard Rock Blues
Nathan Tsui 7 ASax Snidero Rock On
Ryan Xia 7 Cl Rose Etude #35
Leo Cui 8 Cl Perier Etude #2

Our best wishes to all 115 students who will sit an AMEB exam on the senior campus in Term 4.

An early day of examinations was held on Wednesday 13 September. Congratulations to all candidates on their fine results, particularly those awarded a Distinction:
James Jiang, Saxophone, Grade 7 - A
Samuel Luo, Saxophone, Grade 7 - A

Upcoming Woodwind events for Term 4:
Woodwind Soiree #4 - Week 5, Thursday 9 November, 6pm-7.15pm - 15 Soloist
Woodwind Chamber Music Soiree – Week 6, Monday 13 November, 6pm-7.15pm  - all Knox Woodwind Chamber Ensembles and TBBT
Woodwinds on the Boulevard – SO, Week 8, Wednesday 29 November, Lunch – Knox Saxophone Orchestra 

Miss Jo Carey, Knox Academy of Performing Arts – KAPA

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Knox Pipes and Drums

Mr Ainsley Hart, Pipe Band Master

2017 Knox Highland Gathering
On Sunday 10 September, the Knox Highland Gathering took place on Knox 1. This is an annual contest with bands from around NSW competing. There were approximately 300 competitors over all. The weather was perfect and the whole day ran smoothly.

The Solo Contest kicked off at 9.30am. 30 boys from Knox Pipes and Drums competed in the solo events. The placings are as follows:

Kyhnan Samuelsson – 1st place in Learner Chanter and Novice 2/4 March
Maxwell Evans – 1st place in D Grade Air, 3rd place in D Grade 2/4 March and 1st place in D Grade Piobareachd
Toby Marchant – 1st place in D Grade 2/4 March and 2nd place in D Grade Air
Matthew Taylor – 2nd place in Learner Chanter
Oscar Petro – 2nd place in D Grade 2/4 March and C Grade 2/4 March and 3rd place C Grade Strathspey and Reel
James Tan – 2nd place in D Grade Piobareachd and 3rd place in C Grade Piobareachd
Ainsley Hart (Pipe Band Master) - 1st A Grade Hornpipe and Jig

Maximus Gribble – 1st place in D Grade Bass and Tenor 2/4 March and 3rd place Open Tenor March, Strathspey and Reel
William Stammers – 1st place in D Grade Snare 2/4 March
Samuel Finlayson – 1st place in Novice Snare
Andrew Gladigau – 1st place in Learner Practice Pad
William Tighe – 2nd place in D Grade Tenor 2/4 March
Viruna Tennakoon – 2nd place in D Grade Snare 2/4 March
Aidan Taylor – 2nd place in Novice Snare
Harrison Bradley – 3rd place in C Grade March, Strathspey and Reel
Julian Kelly – 3rd place in D Grade Snare 2/4 March

The Mace Flourishing was held after the Solo Contest. Angus Laurie and Cameron Thompson represented Knox. Drum Major Angus Laurie placed 1st.

The Band Contest took place after lunch with 10 bands competing. 

Knox Grammar School Competition Band #1 – 2nd place in both Juvenile and Grade 4 and 1st place in Juvenile and Grade 4 Drum Corp.
Knox Grammar School Competition Band #2 – 2nd place in Grade 4 Development and 1st place in Grade 4 Development Drum Corp.

The last event of the day was the Massed Bands held at the very end of the competition.  

Many thanks to all the parents who volunteered their time to help out.  Events like this are successful because of the fantastic volunteers. Congratulations to all involved as it was a very successful day.

2017 PLC Garden Day
On Saturday 16 September, 47 members of the Pipes and Drums Highland Band participated in the PLC Garden Day. This is an annual event and all the boys enjoyed taking part.

The band performed for about 20 minutes, marching through the crowd to the main quadrangle. The spectators enjoyed the performances, taking the time to stop and listen and take photos.

Congratulations to all involved. It was a very successful day.
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Year Group Newsletters from last Friday

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