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Knox Parents' Association

Mrs Amanda MacLean, President

Convenors for 2018
As the school year draws to a close we would like to express our sincere thanks to the many Year Convenors who have assisted the KPA and their Year Group this year.

With 2018 fast approaching, we are now seeking interest from any parent who may like to take on the following roles next year:
Year 10 Parent Convenor - the role is extremely rewarding as it brings you into contact with many other parents in your son’s year group. You may even consider sharing the role with a number of friends.
Gala Day Convenor – this role helps organise the KPA’s biggest fundraising event, working closely with the Year Group convenors coordinating stalls, external vendors, suppliers etc.

Please contact Megan Bailey for more information if you are interested in either role.

'Barney Greatrex' book

Barney Greatrex is the biography of World War II veteran Barney Greatrex (OKG39), written by bestselling author Michael Veitch, based on the research by Alex Lloyd (OKG09) and Angus Hordern (OKG80).

This book was recently launched at Knox at a special ceremony attended by Barney and his family.

A Knox Grammar School cadet in Sydney, Barney Greatrex signed up for RAF Bomber Command in 1941, eager to get straight into the very centre of the Allied counterattack. Bombing Germany night after night, Barney's 61 Squadron faced continual enemy fighter attacks and anti-aircraft fire – death or capture by the Nazis loomed large. Few survived more than 20 missions, and it was on his 20th mission, in 1944, that Barney's luck finally ran out: he was shot down over occupied France.

The book is available now at The OKGA Online Shop for the special discounted price of $25.

Knox Christmas Carols and Lessons Service

Our annual Christmas Carols Service will take place on Friday 22 December from 8pm in the Knox Chapel at the Senior School.

The service will include the Festival of Nine Lessons and traditional carols sung by the Knox Gallery Choir. Please join us for this celebration of Christmas.

Knox in Concert

When: Saturday 2 December 2017, 6.30pm
Where: Great Hall, Pacific Highway, Wahroonga
Cost: Free

Featuring our magnificent bands, choirs, orchestras and more…
• A musical showcase of grand proportion
• Over 600 performers
• All welcome

For enquiries, please contact Amanda Gerasimou on 9487 0129.

Knox Pipes and Drums

Mrs Fiona Daunt, Pipes & Drums Trivia Night Coordinator

Trivia Night
The Pipes and Drums Trivia Night, held on Saturday 18 November, was one of the highlights of 2017. It was a fun night and more than 100 parents and friends of Pipes and Drums came along for an evening socialising and answering challenging questions. In addition, there were many fantastic auction items, which had been donated by Knox families and local businesses.

We would to say a very big thank you to the team of amazing parents who made this event happen: Mrs Fiona Daunt, Mrs Kylie Denton, Mrs Carmela Evans, Mrs Lisa Snushall, Mrs Chantal Stammers, Ms Rachael Rogers, Mrs Kyle Thurkettle, Mrs Pernille Kelly and Mrs Jennifer Johnson.

Many thanks also to all the parents, friends and businesses who supported the evening. Events like this are successful because of the fantastic volunteers and willing participants.

Donations for Pipes and Drums Trivia Night
Knox Parents
Fiona & Tom Daunt
Kyle & Grant Thurkettle
Kylie & David Denton
Lisa & Paul Snushall
Carmela & Chris Evans
Jane & Roger Cartwright
Rachel Rogers & Tim McCaughey
Chantal & David Stammers
Pernille & Rob Kelly
Jen & Geoff Johnson
Heather & Anthony Roberts
Petra & Grant Evans
Nettie Erdstein
Jenny & Ted Nathan
Lorna Delling & Chris Honey
John & Stella Dennis
Helen Newham

Yr 10 Knox Pipes & Drums parents collective
Caroline Surendra
Marie Schlederer
Katie Batchelor

St Kilda Retail
Harris Farm – Castle Cove
Burns & Burns Real Estate
Mercedes Benz – Hornsby/Waitara
Bakers Delight - Wahroonga
Clipso Hairdressing
Vision Personal Training - Lindfield
Stanhope Trading Co.
Tara Dennis
Knox Uniform Shop
Betty & Lola
Greengate Hotel
Bluegum Hotel
Killara Golf Club
Pymble Golf Club
Avondale Golf Club
Roseville Golf Club
Butcher’s Block
Bunnings - Chatswood
Everyday Cashmere
Australian Rugby Union
Millenium Health Club
Ella Bache – West Lindfield
Viva Madrid
The Edge Hairdresser
Butcher’s Delight
Salt Pepper Nutmeg
Inspire Tennis
Cut Cartel Hairdressing
Lydia’s Jewellery
Woolworths – St Ives/Gordon
Amazing Flowers and Florist
Glasshouse Candles
Ben & Jerry’s – Chatswood
McFarland’s Gourmet Meats
Avenue Lux
Dogue Wahroonga
Luc Espace
Via Rustica
Linquist Hair – Lindfield
The Classic Outfitter
Lindfield Learning Hub / Books & Beyond
Gillian Adams Salon & Spa
Michael Chetham Photography
Kipling’s Garage Bar
Chargrill Charlies - Wahroonga
Fita Fruita
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Knox Uniform Shop

Mrs Julie Blackburn, Knox Uniform Shop Manager

Honour Award and Colours submission
Below are the instructions for the process of having Honour Awards and Colours embroidered onto student blazers. Deadlines are critical and any received after 5pm on Friday 8 December will unfortunately not be accepted. Uniform Shop staff will be in the Lawson Centre from Thursday this week to sign off the awards with students. Boys are encouraged to approach staff if they have any questions.

Please note the Uniform Shop will close at 2.30pm after Presentation Day.

Honour Awards and Colours
For Term 4, the new Honour Awards are being presented for the first time to Years 7-9 along with Colour Awards to Year 10.

The awards entitle the student to have embroidery added to the pockets of the school blazer. This can only be organised through the Knox Uniform Shop. To facilitate this, please note the following:

1. The list of Honour Awards and Colours will be on display in the Lawson Centre (near the Squash Courts) from Monday 27 November. This is the responsibility of the student to find out if they have received an award. Academic Awards will be on display at the start of the last week of term.
2. A member of staff from the Uniform Shop will be in the Lawson Centre at recess and lunchtime from Thursday 30 November until Wednesday 6 December for students to confirm and sign off the awards presented.
3. A Blazer submission form must be completed and signed by the parent and handed in with the blazer after Presentation Day. Without the completed form, the embroidery will not be done. 

The Uniform Shop will be in the Lawson Centre to receive the blazers. Your son must put the submission form in the top pocket of the blazer and put on a hanger on the rail.

5. The last opportunity to hand in blazers is Friday 8 December from 9am until 5pm. Any blazers received after this time will not be accepted and the next opportunity to have them done will be end of Term 4, 2018. 
6. The embroidery will be done over the holidays and the blazers will be available for collection on Monday 29 January from the Uniform Shop. If they are ready earlier, a notification will be on the Skoolbag app.
7. All embroidery will be charged to the boy's school account unless otherwise stipulated on the submission form. It is not compulsory to have the embroidery done but it must be organised through the Uniform Shop and not through an independent embroiderers.
8. For further information regarding criteria for Awards & costs of embroidery, please refer to the full document on the Knox Portal.
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Mr Mark Hemphill

This is the last week of Clubs for this year. There will be no Clubs next week.

Christmas Chapel Service
Our annual Prep Chapel Service will be held in the Senior School Chapel on Sunday 3 December at 9.30 am. I look forward to seeing you all there. We invite all families to bring a Christmas gift for needy children which will be donated to the Exodus Foundation and Burnside.

End of Year BBQ
We will celebrate the end of the year with a BBQ lunch for the boys rather than having numerous class parties. So on Monday 4 December you do not need to provide your son with lunch as we will be giving each boy two sausages and bread and a python lolly. In addition to the normal sausages we will have a vegetarian and a gluten free option for the boys who need this.

Year 6 Farewell Assembly
We will be holding a special assembly on Tuesday 5 December at 1.30 pm in the auditorium for our Year 6 boys to which all parents are very welcome to attend. At this assembly the boys will be presented with a small gift from the KPA. We will follow the assembly with an afternoon tea for boys and parents

Final Assembly
We will conclude the school year with a final assembly on Wednesday 6 December at 2.00 pm in the auditorium. At this assembly we will farewell the teachers who are leaving and the Year 6 boys will be bagpiped out of the auditorium on to Ireland field. As this is a Years 3 to 6 Assembly, unfortunately there is no room for parents to attend the assembly. We will bagpipe the boys out onto Ireland field at approximately 2.30 pm.

Coping with the disappointment on not getting a Prize
At Presentation Day there will be a number of boys who will receive awards. In each class there are awards for Academic Excellence, Effort and Persistence, Most Improved and Citizenship. There are grade awards for the best student in Art, English, HSIE, Geography, History, Languages, Maths, Music, PDHPE and Science. We then present a variety of special awards for things such as the Music program, Sport, Service Learning and some very special awards which have been a part of the Prep School since 1929.

The boys in Years 3 to 6 who are being awarded a prize at the Presentation Day will find this out next week. As it is not possible for all boys to get a prize, there will be many disappointed boys, as only a small minority of boys are awarded a prize. Please be ready for this disappointment, and as harsh as it sounds, explain to your son that he missed out because there were boys more deserving. The worst thing you can do for your son is to make excuses for him or claim the choices were unfair or run another boy down or tell him that he should have received a prize. We sometimes say these things as parents to make our sons feel better but this really does not help him. We need to teach our sons to accept the situation, to be gracious about not receiving a prize and no matter how hard it is, to congratulate those boys who do win prizes. Although it may seem unfair, there will be some boys who never receive a prize at Presentation Day, whilst others continually seem to win prizes. This is the reality of life. Likewise as parents we would all love to see our son win a prize and many parents feel that their sons are deserving of a prize and when they do not there is also disappointment. As parents you also need to accept the decisions graciously, trust the judgment of the teachers and not criticize the selection process or accuse teachers of bias or favouritism. It is hard to see our sons disappointed but they will have lots of disappointments they need to face in life and they need to start developing coping strategies from a young age.

Presentation Day
As you are all well aware school finishes for all K-2 boys on Wednesday 6 December at 2.45 pm.

All boys in Years 3 to 6 are to come to school on Thursday 7 December at normal time (8.20 am) to attend Presentation Day. Before School Care will be open on Thursday morning. Boys are to come to school dressed in their winter uniform minus their boater and blazer. The boys will then all be walked over to the Great Hall ready for Presentation Day to start at 9.15 am. Boys will sit with their teachers during the Presentation Day ceremony.

At the conclusion of the ceremony parents may collect their sons from their class teacher. Parents will only be allowed to take their own son home. Boys who are going home with their parents do not need to bring a bag on this day.

At the end of the ceremony the boys who are returning to school will be walked back to the Prep and will participate in activities for the afternoon. The canteen will not be open on Thursday so your son will need to bring his lunch to school. Boys will then be dismissed at 3.05 pm as normal. There will be no After School Care available on Thursday 7 December.

Parking for Presentation Day will be available on Knox 1. Access for the parking will be through the gates on Borambil Ave.
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K-2 Happenings

Mrs Chris Gray, K-2 Coordinator

"The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love and of generosity and of goodness. It illuminates the picture window of the soul, and we look out upon the world's busy life and become more interested in people than in things."
Thomas S. Monson

The boys have had a busy week at swimming and are to be congratulated on resilience. It’s a very long walk when you’re tired; however, all boys have marched on and swum to the best of their ability.

On Monday we will be participating in our our last STEAM day and enjoying a special BBQ lunch. Boys are to come in their PE uniforms in preparation for Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Art activities.

K-2 will finish on Wednesday 6 November at 2.40pm. On behalf of the K-2 Team I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and relaxing time with your beautiful boys.

Year 3 News

Mr Glenn Stephenson, Year 3 Team Leader

Week 8 marks the penultimate week of School for your son in 2017. All students are continuing to work hard in class as the various units of work taught this term steadily draw to a close. Next week boys will gradually bring home their books in order to alleviate the pressure on their growing backs. Some of the work the boys have completed this year has been done on the school iPads which are unfortunately not able to be brought home. Having said that, this work may be saved to your son’s Google Drive account which can be accessed from home and teachers will be encouraging students to save any work to their account to keep for the future.

On Thursday 8 December, we welcome the final day of the school year for our students who will participate in the annual Prep School Presentation Day for all boys in Years 3-6. This is a compulsory event for students to attend and a lovely way of concluding the year. Students are to arrive at school on the day as per normal before walking to the Senior School in class groups. Following the official ceremony, parents/guardians are welcome to take their son/s home, provided they have been signed out with their classroom teacher. 

Date for the diary 
Thursday 8 December – Prep School Presentation Day and last day of the school year.

If you have any queries with upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact your son’s classroom teacher or Mr Glenn Stephenson.

The Year 3 team hopes you have another enjoyable week.
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Year 5 News

Mrs Tammy Paterson, Year 5 Team Leader

The Year 5 staff are busy collating results and writing reports for the end of the year. These will be able to be accessed online a few days following Presentation Day. Please complete the permission note informing us whether you would like to collect your son from the Senior School at the end of Presentation Day or whether you would prefer him to come back to school to be collected at 3.05pm. All boys will wear their winter uniform for Presentation Day. Any prize winners will be notified next Tuesday.

This Sunday is the Knox Family Christmas Chapel Service. This takes place at the Senior School Chapel from 9.30am - 10.30am. Attendance is not compulsory, however, it is a lovely way to celebrate this time of year as a community. If boys are in attendance they are required to wear summer school uniform. If you wish to contribute a small gift for children less fortunate, there will be an opportunity to place a gift under the Christmas tree during the Chapel Service.

The Year 5 staff would like to wish all our families a wonderful Christmas. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the journey with you this year and wish your sons all the best for Year 6 in 2018.

Week 8 Thursday 30 November End of Year Band Concert, 6pm-7pm, Ireland Field
Sunday 3 December Knox Family Christmas Chapel Service (summer uniform), 9.30am-10.30am, Senior School Chapel
Week 9 Thursday 7 December Presentation Day, 9.30am, Great Hall Senior School
Thursday 7 December Term 4 concludes
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Year 6 News

Mr Liam Flanagan, Year 6 Team Leader

What an amazing show the Year 6 boys entertained us with last week! Our special thanks to the wonderful parents who helped Miss Beaumont-Jones and her team of make-up artists for getting the boys ready for what was a spectacular musical. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to the wonderful Year 6 Team, Mrs Cathy Swanson, Mrs Penny Dugan, Miss Sarah Beaumont-Jones, Mr Hamish Oates, Mr Denis Kelliher and Mr Alex Harrison for getting the boys prepared for their performances. Thank you also to Mr Ashley George, Mrs Ali Irwin, Miss Beck Morris and Ms Maddie Thomson for all your hard work getting the boys prepared and for the countless hours of work you to put in to making the musical such an amazing event!

Well done to all the boys for the effort and enthusiasm they put into the musical, it was a wonderful occasion and the boys should be extremely proud of themselves.

Our last full week at the Prep School is a normal academic week where the boys will be finishing their visual literacy picture books to read to the younger boys in K-2. Most boys have produced a very impressive book which has involved many skills beyond the written manuscript. The boys have learnt how to write for a target audience, format, match illustrations to text, create characters’ children will enjoy, as well as proofread and edit their language. In History, the focus will be on the contribution migrants have made to Australia and in Maths, boys will focus on position as well as 3D space.

This Friday we also have our final Chapel Service for the year. This will take place at St John’s at Wahroonga Prep at 1.45pm. We would love for you to attend if you can make it.

On behalf of all the Year 6 staff we would like to wish all the boys and families a very safe and Merry Christmas. It has been a pleasure teaching your sons throughout the year and we wish them all the best as they head off to High School.

During the final week of term there are a number of special celebrations and assemblies for Year 6. We look forward to seeing you at as many of these as you are able to attend. The Tuesday afternoon assembly is especially for Year 6 and their parents. A memorable movie has been prepared by Miss Beaumont-Jones of the boys' years at the Prep School. Below is a list of the events coming up next week.

Monday 4 December: 12.40pm K-6 end of year BBQ and distribution of Sports Pennants
Tuesday 5 December: 1.30pm Year 6 Farewell Assembly Auditorium followed by Afternoon Tea
Wednesday 6 December: 2pm Years 3-6 Final Assembly
Thursday 7 December: 9.15am Presentation Day – Senior School Great Hall
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Learn to Code Holiday Camp - Years K-7

Mr Ian Fairhurst, ICT Integrator K-6

Knox Prep will be hosting two CodeCamp events over the Summer Break.

The first camp will be held over four days from 12-15 December 2017 (Little League is on for three days from 13-15 December).

The second camp will be held over four days from 16-19 January 2018 (Little League is on for three days from 17-19 January).

Catering for any K-7 students and their siblings, Knox be are running another CodeCamp event in the upcoming holidays. Students can learn to code, have fun, be creative and enjoy using logic and problem solving to build their very own iPhone app at the Knox Grammar Code Camp.

There are four class levels available, Little League, Spark, Ignite and Blast. To check dates and book in please click the link and see the information below.

Little League (Years K-1)
Our little coders make their first small but important leap from consumers of technology to creators of it! Our experienced teachers use a range of iPad based coding tools mixed with a healthy dose of offline activities to promote collaboration, creativity and teamwork.

Spark (Years 2-6) - Beginners
Fun, engaging and challenging… and are our most known Code Camp which more than 10,000 students have completed. Code Camp Spark is where every student in Years 2-7 should start their Code Camp journey.

Ignite (Years 2-6) – Intermediate (For returning students)
Code Camp Ignite is the next step for those who have completed Spark. Students will build on their skills and create new apps with increasingly complex logic, more code and problem solving.

Blast (Years 4-7) - Advanced
Code Camp Blast is for our students who have conquered the Spark and Ignite camps and are ready to take on the world of JavaScript!

Enrol today and help your child become a coding superstar!

For any enquiries regarding the camps please contact:
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Musical Notes

Mr Ashley George, Miss Rebeccah Morris and Mrs Ali Irwin

Christmas Chapel Service
The following groups will be performing at this year's Christmas Chapel Service on Sunday 3 December at the Senior School Chapel: Senior Choir and Knoxapella Choir, Little Lads, Knox Orchestra and Year 6 Rock Band. The Senior and Knoxapella Choir and Knox Orchestra are required at 8.30am for rehearsal, Rock Band and Little Lads are not needed till 9am. Remember it's summer uniform (no blazers or hats).

The service starts at 9.30am and should be completed by 10.30am.

End of Year Band Concert
On Thursday 30 November all five bands will be performing at our End of Year Concert in the evening from 6pm-7pm. This year we have decided to do something different and have a Twilight Concert outside in the amphitheatre. The bands will all set up on the large steps of the amphitheatre outside Ewan House and parents and guests are asked to bring a rug and a picnic and set themselves up on Ireland Field facing the amphitheatre!

All four bands and the Jazz Band will be performing at this concert and boys will need to be at school by 5.30pm for a quick tune and warm up before the concert! Boys are to wear their full school summer uniform (minus boater)

Boys in the Junior and Intermediate Band are to meet in Ensemble Room 2 at 5.30 to set up their instrument and be tuned.
Boys in the Senior Band and Performance Ensemble are to meet in Ensemble Room 1 to set up their instrument and be tuned.

Parents, family and friends are more than welcome to attend our last big gig for the year!

All band rehearsals will be on as normal in Week 8 but only Performance Ensemble will rehearse in Week 9 in preparation for our Presentation Day. All school instruments hired will need to be returned to the Prep Music Office and signed back in with Miss Morris by the end of Week 8 as they will be serviced over the holidays.</em>

Please don't hesitate to email Miss Rebeccah Morris if you have any questions in regards to this event.

Dates for the Calendar
Week 8
Thursday 30 November – End of Year Band Concert involving all students in all bands, 6pm on Ireland field.
Sunday 3rd December – Christmas Chapel Service.

Week 9
Monday 4 December – Piano Concert involving student who learn from Ms Monika Pringadi.
Tuesday 5 December – Year 6 farewell Assembly. Performance Ensemble.
Wednesday 6 December – Presentation Day rehearsals.
Wednesday 6 December – End of term assembly.
Thursday 7 December – Presentation Day.

Presentation Day, Thursday 7 December
7.30am – All Performance Ensemble, Prep Orchestra and Side Drums will be walking over to the Senior School for Presentation Day. Boys are to come in their full winter uniform. We will walk over and have a rehearsal/sound check on stage before Presentation Day. Boys will need to take their own instrument and music (the larger instruments will be taken over on Wednesday afternoon by truck and are to be left at the bottom of the stairs outside the staff common room).
If your son is a side drummer he will need to arrive at school in his Pipe Band uniform and walk over with his drum sticks. All Snare drums will be taken over the day before after the final assembly by truck.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email Miss Morris.
Year 6 Musical
Congratulations to all the leads, Year 6 students and staff who were involved in this Year production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’. What an amazing show! Thank you for all your support over the last few months, the boys have been working on the production since the start of Term 3. I was impressed by the professionalism and confidence all the boys showed throughout the performances. The boys worked extremely hard over the weeks leading up the show. Thank you to Ali Irwin and Madeline Thomson for their continuing help and creative ideas throughout the rehearsal process they were able to turn this show from a good show to a great show.  I would like to wish all the boys the best for their musical endeavors in the Senior School. I am sure some will go on to be great stars of the stage in the future!
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ABBOX of Fun Sony Foundation Holiday Camp

In December each year, we hold our ‘ABBOX of Fun’ Sony Foundation Holiday Camp for children. It is a residential camp spanning three nights, held over the first weekend of the school holidays for children with varying degrees of disability. The 2017 camp celebrates 10 years of collaboration between Knox and Abbotsleigh. Over that time approximately 250 children have enjoyed the camp, supported by over 1100 volunteers. This year we welcome 26 campers with 110 volunteers, predominantly Year 12 students from Knox and Abbotsleigh assisted by staff, parents and allied health professionals. The camp’s success is reliant on the generosity of volunteers who give of their time and effort to provide a rewarding camp experience for our campers and greatly needed respite for their parents. The camp also provides a unique and extraordinary learning opportunity for our Knox and Abbotsleigh students.

We encourage and welcome the assistance of all Knox and Abbotsleigh parents during the camp. The best way to help is with the provision of morning or afternoon tea. This link will take you to a public document that will allow you to add your name and food contribution for a specific morning or afternoon tea. When you open the document, you will need to click on ‘edit document’ to add information. It will save automatically when you close the document. The document also has a few instructions and a map showing how to enter the school, parking and signing in. The camp this year is held on the Abbotsleigh campus.
We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing support of the Sony Foundation. We are also incredibly grateful for the support of Kmart and Green’s Food over many years and we thank them for their generous contribution. Unfortunately, Kmart and Green’s Food donations will conclude this year and we are seeking new sponsorship. Sony Foundation is our main and enduring sponsor but assistance from other organisations is greatly appreciated. Please contact Andrea Carter if you can assist in our gaining some extra business/corporate assistance.
Thank you for your support of the camp, in particular for our Year 12 students, the campers and their families who entrust their children into our care and the many volunteers.
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Knox Academy of Performing Arts - Theatre

Mr Daniel Dunlop, Director of Theatre Performance, Innovation and Partnerships

Enrolments for 2018 are now open
For enrolment in any Knox Academy of Performing Arts co-curricular Drama, Dance, Theatre or Performance activities, please complete the online form. Please complete your enrolment by Friday 1 December to assist with planning for next year.

Drama Club Years 7 and 8 Mondays 3.30pm–5pm or Tuesdays 3.30pm–5pm
Drama Club Years 9 and 10      Thursdays 3.30pm–5pm

Theatre Sports   Years 9 – 12        Wednesdays 3.30pm – 5pm (Semester 1)
Theatre Sports   Years 7 – 8            Wednesdays 3.30pm – 5pm (Semester 2)

Dance Group Classes Years 7 – 12 Mondays 3.30pm – 5pm
                                      Wednesdays 3.30pm – 5pm
                                Thursdays 3.30pm – 5pm
                                                  Saturdays 9am – 10.45am

Privates Speech and Drama Tuition Years 7 – 12         By arrangement with tutors
Private Dance Tuition              Years 7 – 12         By arrangement with tutors

For more information on any KAPA Drama, Theatre or Dance activities please contact Ms Amanda Gerasimou or Mr Daniel Dunlop.
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Knox Pipes and Drums

Mr Ainsley Hart, Pipe Band Master

2017 State Solo Championships
On Sunday 19 November, the Knox Pipes and Drums boys participated in the State Solo Championships at The Scots College. It was good to see a high level of participation from Knox. Congratulations to the following boys who did very well in their respective events.

2017 State Solo Championships - Aggregate Winners:
Viruna Tennakoon – D Grade Snare Drumming
Jackson Thurkettle – C and D Grade Bass Drumming

2017 State Cup Champions:
James Tan -D Grade Piping • Viruna Tennakoon -D Grade Snare Drumming • Jackson Thurkettle -D Grade Bass Drumming
Piping: • James Tan -C Grade Piobaireachd- 3rd place
-D Grade Air - 3rd place • Jake Evans -D Grade Piobaireachd Urlar – 1st place • Ainsley Hart -A Grade Hornpipe & Jig – 1st place  -A Grade Piobaireachd – 2nd place -A Grade March, Strathspey & Reel – 3rd place
Snare Drumming: • Andrew Gladigau -Learner Practice Pad – 1st place Novice Grade 2/4 March – 1st place • Viruna Tennakoon -D Grade 2/4 March – 1st place • Julian Kelly -C Grade 2/4 March Strathspey & Reel – 2nd place • William Stammers -C Grade 6/8 March – 3rd place
Bass Drumming: • Jackson Thurkettle -C Grade 2/4 March, Strathspey & Reel – 1st place  -D Grade 2/4 March – 1st place
-C Grade 6/8 March – 2nd place
Congratulations to all involved. It was a very successful day.
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Senior School Handwriting Course - Term 3 2017

Each term, Knox holds a Handwriting Course designed to help improve the speed, accuracy and neatness of students’ handwriting, reducing tension and fatigue when writing for long periods of time. In 2018 the classes will be held by Ms Lisa Norton, an occupational therapist, who specialises in the development of skills necessary for handwriting and the remediation of handwriting difficulties.

We will be holding the course in Term 1, 2018. There will only be one class in Term 1 which will be held on Tuesday mornings at 7.35am. The course will run Tuesday 13 February 2018 up to and including Tuesday 27 March 2018.

A minimum of six students, and a maximum of eight, ensures individual attention. The course costs $300 for seven sessions of 45 minutes, and includes a tub of theraputty designed to improve hand muscle strength and fine motor skills.

Availability of places is dependent upon a first come first served basis, however as there is only one class running for Term 1, 2018 priority will be given to Stage 6 students. All students will be placed on the waiting list for Term 2, 2018 if a place is not available for them in Term 1.

Should you be interested in pursuing this option for your son, please contact Rebecca Papageorgiou in the Learning Enhancement Department as soon as possible.
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Social Justice

Mrs Helen Clarke, Head of Social Justice

Thank you to all in the Knox Community for your generous support of the Social Justice Program in 2017. We look forward to many more initiatives and programs in 2018.

We wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas season and best wishes for 2018.

Annual Knox Christmas Gift and Food Hamper Appeal
Keep bringing in the generous gifts and hamper donations to our wonderful SAOs. in Room 19. These donations support the many children and families in our city for whom Christmas is a time of hardship! We are supporting the STARTTS Organisation and Wesley Mission.

Speech Day Collection for ABBOX of Fun
At the conclusion of Speech Day 2017, the Social Justice Club will be collecting loose change (and notes if you prefer) in support of the ABBOX CAMP.

The Knox community was so generous last year we were able to finance a new activity which was a specially supervised jumping castle, which costs about AUS $900 for two hours and it was a wonderful success. 
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Year Group Newsletters from last Friday

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