Our journey so far

Over the last decade Knox Grammar School has embarked on an ambitious program to equip our students with world-class facilities including the Great Hall and Aquatic Centre, K-2 Centre, the Ewan House Year 6 Centre, the KG1 Building and the Knox Boarding Centre.

View of the Knox Senior Students Academy from Knox 1 Oval (Design: Jones Sonter Architects)

Our next step

We have now completed the next chapter in our journey, with the opening of the Knox Senior Secondary Academy in July 2015. This new facility has been designed by researching the top schools and universities around the globe.

Building for independence

As each boy reaches the final years of his schooling, he must become more independent and responsible for his own learning. The Academy has been created to meet the specific learning needs of Year 11 and 12 students as they transition from school to the more independent world of university.

A place for innovative education

Knox has been recognised as a global leader in innovative education. The Academy has been designed to allow Knox teachers to engage with their students by taking a more creative and flexible approach in their teaching.

The design

The new Knox Senior Secondary Academy includes:

  • Technology-rich classrooms and science labs with operable walls to allow team-teaching
  • A 150-seat lecture theatre
  • A Seniors Hall for teaching, study and socialising
  • A Senior Student Resource and Research Centre
  • Breakout spaces for group learning
  • A café for senior students
  • Architectural features and facades designed to reflect Knox’s traditions and heritage
  • Modern amenities and a rooftop terrace for students’ recreation

An Academy for all

The Knox Senior Secondary Academy will benefit every boy as he passes through Knox, preparing him for life and the world beyond school.

Make a contribution

It’s not too late to contribute to the Knox Senior Secondary Academy campaign. 

All donations over $1,000 will be acknowledged with a plaque in the Knox Senior Students Academy building and on the KSSA Honour Wall. Your contribution can be anonymous if you prefer.

You can help us build for the future by making your online tax-deductible donation using our secure Westpac payment portal (select 'Building fund').

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Daniel Martin, Director of Advancement on +61 452 399 310.

From the Headmaster: Building for the future

One of the greatest strengths of Knox is our community and its culture of ‘giving back’.

Current and past students of Knox enjoy extraordinary facilities today because of generous past donations and bequests from our Old Boys, parents and wider school community.

At Knox, we believe that every boy deserves to have access to the best facilities to pursue his talents and passions, whatever they may be.

John Weeks, Headmaster

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