Why we need your support

Knox Grammar School is committed to providing world class education in superb facilities. We offer a challenging yet supportive environment and a whole of life education which will equip our students for the future they will experience, shape, and to which they will contribute.

This goal has been a constant in our history and together with your support we can achieve it. What we enjoy today and what the students of tomorrow enjoy will reflect your generosity, and our partnership.

The Giving Program at Knox provides opportunities for the entire Knox community to contribute to small projects, new buildings, social justice programs, in-kind donations for specialist areas, and scholarships.

Giving makes a difference, and we invite you to join us in enabling the future. Please feel free to give in a way that suits you.

Voluntary giving

A significant proportion of current Knox parents contribute though the Voluntary Giving program; a simple means of contributing at the time when they pay their school fees.

This type of giving has an immediate impact and allows us to provide new equipment in both the Prep and Senior Schools.


By including the School in your Will you can make a very valuable contribution without impacting on your current financial situation.

Bequests take many forms: a percentage of your estate, a fixed amount, property, shares, even an insurance policy. When considering a bequest, it is very important to provide for family and those close to you.

A bequest is a chance to ‘give back’, to see your school develop new facilities, innovative learning programs or provide scholarships. It is a chance to support the part of the School which really interested you or which now interests you.

Scholarship Fund

Scholarships change lives.

Scholarships ensure that we always have boys with diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences at Knox.

Perhaps you benefited from a Scholarship to Knox. If so, you know what a difference it made to you. Let it make a similar difference to others.

There are always boys who would love to come to Knox but can’t afford to; imagine the difference we can make together.

In-kind support

Throughout the years, boys at Knox have excelled in many areas - music, drama, academic, sport - as they found a niche, and developed their talent and interest, often into the world of work and leisure after school.

What interested you? Would you like to assist boys today and tomorrow to also experience the thrill of performing as you did, or playing as you once did?

The Knox Sports Academy and Knox Academy of Performing Arts provide experiences, challenges and even pathways to careers in sport or the performing arts, but the equipment and facilities needed are extensive.

Perhaps you or your contacts could provide lighting and sound equipment, a musical instrument, a scrum machine, or the like.

Social justice

Knox consistently seeks to have a positive impact on local, national and international communities.

The Knox Indigenous Education Program, developed in close consultation with indigenous communities, provides boys from local and other indigenous communities with the opportunity to receive a Knox education.

Our relationship with the Milne Bay community in Papua New Guinea, which involves Knox students and staff providing, building and developing infrastructure and facilities for the village of Lelehudi, is another.

You can make a considerable difference to the lives of others by assisting us, helping to fund the above programs.

How to give

You can make a contribution online by credit card.

Alternatively, you can contact Daniel Martin, Director of Advancement on +61 452 399 310 regarding your gift or for more information on any of the ways in which you can partner with Knox to make a difference to the lives of our students and the wider community.

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