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Global Cafe - A morning of collaboration and conversations for parents

When: Saturday 7 September 2019, 9am-12pm
Where: Roach Junior Academy Lounge, JAPAC, Senior School

Knox Prep, Wahroonga Prep and Knox Senior School parents are warmly invited to the ‘Global Café’. An inspiring morning of collaboration and rich conversations where we will explore the future of education and the importance for our students of developing the global competency skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, character and citizenship.

To launch the Global Café and inspire us all, we will hear from Mr David Caspari, Vice Chairperson of Knox Grammar School Council. 

In between each 20-minute coffee table discussion where we will explore provocative questions, we will hear TED style talks delivered by our students and staff about the future of education and work.

Come and join us and help contribute to the future of education at Knox. Morning tea will be provided. Please RSVP by 28 August 2019.

Global Cafe 2019 Global Cafe 2019 (399 KB)

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Knox Communications

Mrs Lindsey Sampson, Digital Communications Coordinator

New School App for K-12
A reminder that the School has introduced a new K-12 app to replace the two existing Skoolbag apps. Skoolbag is no longer in use for communications. The Knox Grammar School app is available for download from your app store. Please use the following instructions to download, install and set up the new app:

KGS School app download instructions KGS School app download instructions (633 KB)

If you have any issues logging into Parent Lounge please contact the Knox Helpdesk.

Knox Parents' Association

Mrs Amanda MacLean, President

Knox Parents' Association (KPA) Meeting
Guest Speaker: Michelle McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation

When: Tuesday 27 August, 8.30am
Where: Prep School Auditorium, Knox Preparatory School

On behalf of the KPA, I extend a warm invitation to each and every parent to join us at the KPA Meeting.

I am very pleased to announce that our guest speaker will be Michelle McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation. Following the tragic death of her son Thomas McLaughlin aka Tom at the age of 4 years as a result of pedestrian road trauma while on a family holiday, Michelle established The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation in 2014. 

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation promotes child pedestrian safety awareness to the community and I am grateful that Michelle has taken time out of her busy schedule to share her very personal story with us and her message of road safety for children.

The Headmaster, Mr Scott James, along with the Head of Wahroonga Prep (Mrs Julie Wiseman), Head of the Prep School (Mrs Sue Floro), Deputy Headmaster, Students 7-12 (Mr Phil O’Regan) and Deputy Headmaster of Student and Teacher Excellence K-12 (Mrs Karen Yager) will also be attending to give an update on the different campuses.

We look forward to welcoming you on 27 August.
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Knox Pipes and Drums

Knox Highland Gathering
The wider community are warmly invited to the Knox Highland Gathering, a day of traditional Scottish Pipe Band music. Entry is free.

When: Sunday 8 September, 9am-5pm
Where: Knox 1 Oval, Senior School

There will be a solo performance competition in morning and a Pipe Band competition in the afternoon. There will be a barbeque, coffee van and cake stall on the day.

For more information, please contact Judith McGhie.

Highland Gathering invite 2019 Highland Gathering invite 2019 (324 KB)

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Knox Prayer Group

A warm welcome is extended to anyone who would like to attend our next informal prayer meeting.

This is for both Prep and Senior School parents.

Please join us on Friday 30 August, 10am, at the home of Kym Sherlock in Wahroonga. Morning tea will be provided.

Any enquiries to Prue Feather.
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Knox Uniform Shop

Mrs Julie Blackburn, Knox Uniform Shop Manager

Uniform Shop Donation Sale – all items $5
This week only! Don’t miss out on this flash sale that includes most uniform items that have been donated by parents or have been in our second hand stock for over two years.

All proceeds of items sold will be donated to the Exodus Foundation as nominated by Mrs Helen Clarke. Their mission is to provide food, primary healthcare and crisis support to Sydney's homeless and marginalised.

For the location and further details about the Knox Uniform Shop, click here.

Parent Breakfast Seminar

The conundrum of technology and how it impacts on your children
When: Tuesday 10 September, 7.30am-8.20am
Where: Thistle Room, KG1 Building, Senior School
Who: Knox Prep, Wahrooonga Prep and Knox Senior School parents

Mrs Karen Yager, Deputy Headmaster Student and Teacher Excellence K-12
Mr Phil O’Regan, Deputy Headmaster Students 7-12
Mr Michael Beilharz, ICT Learning Integrator 7-12
Mr Mark Kelly, ICT Learning Integrator 7-12
Mr Ian Fairhurst, ICT Learning Integrator K-6

We will explore how technology is both a blessing and a curse. Children have access to amazing technology that enables them to create, innovate, tinker and connect. However, technology has its problems, particularly in terms of distraction and addiction.

A light breakfast will be served. Please RSVP by 6 September. For more information, please contact Sherry Bieman.
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Thrive Conference 2019 - Christian Positive Psychology in Practice

On Friday 6 September, Knox Grammar School will present a new conference exploring how Positive Psychology can enhance and inform our faith-based teachings.

When: Friday 6 September, 8am-4pm
Where: Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga, Sydney, NSW

A special discount price for Knox parents is available.

Christian faith and Positive Psychology share many foundations such as hope, mindfulness, compassion and gratitude.

So how can we use Positive Psychology to enhance and inform our faith-based teachings in schools, churches and community groups?

This one-day conference for teachers, parents, school leaders, chaplains, psychologists and wellbeing leaders will explore:

  • The science of Positive Psychology
  • How concepts from Positive Psychology can be applied in faith-based teachings to promote wellbeing and improve mental fitness
  • Practical examples of how teachers are using Positive Psychology in religious and faith-based education
Confirmed speakers
  • Michael Crossland (author, ‘Kids Don’t Get Cancer’) - hope, resilience and perseverance
  • Dr Katherine Thompson (author, ‘Christ Centred Mindfulness)
  • Leisa Aitken (Eagle Psychology) - hope and Positive Psychology
  • Dr Paula Robinson (Positive Psychology Institute) 
  • Rev Tim Robinson (Knox Grammar School)
  • Rev Jon Humphries (Ravenswood School for Girls)
Purchase your tickets now via Humanitix.

Special discounts available:
  • Theology students
  • Knox parents
  • Groups of five
Please contact Stacey Johnson.
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Mrs Sue Floro

What is your favourite childhood book? Was it a picture book, where the story is told not only with words but with the images on which they are written, and which convey as much, or even more, of the story as do those words? Was it a mystery? It is undoubtably a testament to my age but Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven were favourites for me, along with the Folk of the Faraway Tree ... I can still see Saucepan Man in my memories of times curled up on the lounge reading, or sitting in the back of the car on long trips to visit relatives who, themselves, lived far away. Our memories of the books we have read and their relevance to our lives, or perhaps even our alter ego ... The Naughtiest Girl in the School, again an Enid Blyton offering and the naughty schoolgirl character Arabella, through which I lived vicariously, are memories that last a lifetime.

For Prep boys this week, Book Week memories have also been formed and characters portrayed in the costumes of the boys at our annual book character parade. This year’s theme, 'Reading is my secret power’ saw boys dressing as their favourite book character, and we had lots of wonderful costumes. There was a lively atmosphere and the teachers also got into the spirit, dressing up in everything from ballgowns to superhero outfits. Thank you to all of the parents who turned up to support the event and to all of the mums and dads who helped the boys prepare their outfits! A reminder that the K-6 Literary Day Bookshop is open this Friday in the Auditorium.

Last weekend, our Prep Bands performed in the Australian School Band Championships. We have come to expect so much of our musicians and they most certainly did not disappoint! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Five entries in five categories and five GOLD medal performances. The calibre of musicianship at Prep is literally second to none and is the result of hard work, dedication and a wonderful spirit of camaraderie between the boys and their teachers. I had the absolute pleasure of listening to the Performance Band compete in their category and they brought a smile to my face as they played their first booming bar! The sophistication in their repertoire and their skills was truly outstanding. Congratulations to all who were involved in Sunday’s performances and to our incredible music staff for their leadership of the boys.

We have a number of boys competing this week at the State Snowsports Championships, and we are looking forward to hearing great news of their achievements, which we will publish next week.
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Deputy Head of Knox Preparatory School

Mr Michael Quach

Fathers’ Day Stall
On Thursday 29 August, we will be running our Fathers’ Day stall in Ewan House thanks to our KPA parent helpers led by Mrs Wilson (Liam, Y2). The various gifts will be shown to the boys in class so they can decide on the gift they would like if they wish to purchase at the stall. To purchase a gift, please send $10 in a sealed and labelled envelope to the classroom teacher during by Wednesday 28 August 2019. If your son is absent on the day or forgets his money there will be an opportunity to visit the stall at recess Friday 30 August 2019 to buy a gift.

Learning K-6

Mrs Ann Prentice, K-6 Director of Learning

Earlier this year, boys in the extension Literacy classes from Years 3, 4 and 5 were given the opportunity to enter the 2019 Laura Literacy Awards from South Australia. Below is the list of published authors from those boys who came first, were highly commended (second) or commended (third) from entries across the country.

The Flinders News Prose Award (Junior 9-12 yrs)
‘Edge of Extinction’ by Jack Straw

Highly commended 
‘Into the Trees’ by William Bryan
‘Déjà vu’ by Phoenix Pan
‘Facing Fears’ by Cedar Robinson

‘The Secret Hangout’ by Benjamin Baker
‘The Hidden World’ by Korben Pitman

The Flinders News Prose Award (Junior Primary 5-8 yrs)
Highly commended 
‘Cannibal Island’ by Marcus Lin

‘Warewolf Hunger’ by Ehan Ali
‘The Panda’s Way Home’ by Josiah Tsang

The CJ Dennis Poetry Award (Junior 9-12 yrs)

‘The Big Day’ by Maksimir Saravania

Highly commended 
‘Do your best’ by Korben Pitman
‘A New World’ by Max Wang
‘The Lone Soldier’ by Caleb Le Roy

‘Snow” by Derek Zhu

The CJ Dennis Petry Award (Junior Primary 5-8 yrs)
Highly commended 
‘I Am‘ by Stephen Zhu
‘Black is the Palm of My Heart’ by Adrain Li

We are very proud of all the boys’ efforts in competing in this writing competition.
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K-2 Happenings

Mrs Chris Gray, K-2 Coordinator

By loving them for more than their abilities we show our children that they are much more than the sum of their accomplishments.
Eileen Kennedy-Moore

Children’s feelings have an impact on their daily functioning, including their behaviour, productivity and creative expression.

Social and emotional wellbeing focuses on the individual social and emotional strengths of children, rather than simply the absence of mental ill-health. A key feature is a focus on the strengths of families, schools and communities and the influence that these environments have on children’s social and emotional wellbeing (Hamilton & Redmond 2010).

Social and emotional wellbeing emphasises the experience of positive behaviours and emotions, as well as how the individual adapts and copes with daily challenges (through resilience and coping skills) while leading a fulfilling life. These skills are dynamic in that they form the social and emotional foundations of future behaviours, emotions, and abilities to adapt.

In an article adapted from Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, Commonwealth of Australia, 2009 The experience of 'belonging' – knowing where and with whom you belong – is integral to human existence. Relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging and a secure identity. All children need to know that others care about them, know them well and are interested in what they do, think and feel.
By developing responsive, warm, trusting and respectful relationships with your child, you promote a child’s wellbeing, self-esteem and sense of security. Children develop the capacity to interact positively with others and to collaborate on tasks when they experience nurturing relationships with adults who provide consistent support. Having a supportive relationship can help your child to develop confidence in their ability to express themselves, work through differences, learn new things and take calculated risks.
A secure relationship encourages children to thrive and provides them with a secure base for exploration and learning. As children develop, they need support as they begin to empathise with others, to appreciate their connectedness and interdependence as learners, and to value collaboration and teamwork to get things done. Ultimately developing secure, trusting and respectful relationships into adulthood.

Dates for the Diary
19-23 August - Book Week
22 August - Preview Day
23 August - Literary Day
27 August - Stage 1 Celebration of Learning
29 August - 2B Assembly
30 August - Kindergarten Father’s Day Breakfast
Stage 1 - Father’s Day BBQ & Build
    Yr 2 Cake Stall 
5 Sept - 2F Assembly
12 Sept - 1E + 1G Assembly
13 Sept - K-2 Mini World Cup Rugby
19 Sept - 1K + 1D Assembly
20 Sept - K-2 Chapel Service
K-2 Sport Day
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Kindergarten News

Mrs Mary Mae Burton, Kindergarten Team Leader

Last Friday was Kindergarten’s Celebration of Learning for our Knoxigations big idea: 'Shelters meet the needs of living things in different environments'.

It was a marvellous sharing of the boys’ learning. They confidently and passionately shared shelters they had built to suit different environments, explaining their designs and their understanding of the needs of living things as well as the features of different environments.

Not only were the Kindergarten teachers extremely proud of the boys’ efforts, designs and presentations; the boys were able to reflect on their accomplishments and acknowledge that they were proud of “building my shelter on my own”, “sharing my work with my Mum and Dad”, “ making a Google Slide presentation” and “speaking in front of lots of people as usually I am very shy”.
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Year 3 News

Mr Glenn Stephenson, Year 3 Team Leader

Throughout Semester 2, teachers will be placing extra emphasis on promoting important life skills related to independence, organisation and time management. This could be reinforced through the individual completion of set tasks, through ensuring that students arrive promptly to scheduled lessons or by simply making sure that required equipment such as diaries have been brought to school.

In light of this the Year 3 teachers also ask for your help and support in reinforcing these key messages at home. Throughout the week all students are encouraged to remember to pack their own bag, remind a parent or guardian to sign their diary and homework sheet and to ensure that they have brought any necessary extra belongings to school such as sport bags or musical equipment when required. Building these valuable life skills will assist students in preparing to face growing challenges throughout their school years as they continue to develop and respond to increasing demands.

This week the annual Book Week celebrations are taking place at the Prep, with students involved in numerous activities to mark the occasion. Yesterday, all boys across K-6 were involved in the ‘Book Character Parade’ and it was truly wonderful to see the Year 3 students so eagerly embrace the spirit of this event through their colourful costume choices! Tomorrow, children’s author and illustrator, James Foley, will visit the School to speak with the boys about his own career. On Friday, Literary Day will be held in the Prep Auditorium. All students will be given the opportunity to purchase books in order to further promote their love of literature, or donate texts to St Lucy’s as part of our School Service Learning program.

Dates for the Diary
Monday 19 August - Friday 23 August – Prep School Book Week
Friday 27 September – Term 3 concludes

If you have any queries with upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact your son’s classroom teacher or Mr Stephenson.

The Year 3 team hopes you have another enjoyable week.
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Year 4 News

Mr Jared Rastall, Year 4 Team Leader

Tinkering Towards Tomorrow
Please check the Tinkering Towards Tomorrow page on the Year 4 page on the portal at the beginning of next week to learn all about our fourth Knoxigations unit of inquiry.

Year 4 Celebration of Learning
A reminder that our next Year 4 Celebration of Learning will take place on Thursday 29 August from 3pm until 4pm. The boys will be sharing their learning on our Knoxigations unit ‘Thriving communities in growing cities’ under the domain of Sustainable Solutions.

Book Week
It’s a busy week with lots of events taking place around reading. Well done to Christopher Montana, Saarang Jain, Cedar Robinson and Nathan Xie who created winning entries in the ‘Reading is my Superpower’ poster competition. On Tuesday the boys dressed up as their favourite book characters for our annual parade and on Thursday they will be listening to author, James Foley. 

Presentation of Work
It has been pleasing to see the boys take more responsibility and pride in the presentation of their work as the year has progressed. Most recently, they are being rewarded for this with a pen licence. This licence allows them to work in pen across many of the subject areas. We would very much appreciate it if you could support your son at home by ensuring that he works in an environment that allows him to write neatly and legibly. 
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Year 5 News

Mrs Tammy Paterson, Year 5 Team Leader

Year 5 Poetry Recitals
It was finally time to present their recitals to their peers. The boys have been working for many weeks, using time at home as well as time during class to refine their skills. The staff were so impressed with the Poetry Recital Performances last week! The boys were generally quite nervous in regards to this task but they persisted and should be so proud of the progress they made. It was amazing to see the difference in what they presented when we compared it to their recorded recitals in Week 2. We look forward to seeing you at our Year 5 Poetry Slam on Thursday 29 August, 3.30pm in the Auditorium. Out of respect for all boys performing, please do not leave once your son has finished. We would you rather you stay until the end.

Year 5 continues with their study of poetry - enjoying creating Free Verse Poems.

Life surges throughout the embodiments
Larger plants gaze over it’
It thinks about the years to come
The growth that will occur

Anxiety overcomes it
The lush trees above collapsing
It went from sticks and stones
To greed and wealth

The monsters growled
Ridden by the two legged
It left with the timber of my friends
I was left alone blowing sadly in the wind

By Henry Boutlon (5O)

Premier's Reading Challenge
Congratulations to all Year 5 boys! We have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge! A big thank you to the Year 5 team and Emma Kate Smith in the library! Thank you for your support in helping the boys achieve this amazing feat!

Thanks again for all your support at home.
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Year 6 News

Mr Liam Flanagan, Year 6 Team Leader

This week is all about Book Week! It was fantastic to see the boys get into the spirit on Tuesday with some excellent costumes on the day! Year 6 were also fortunate to have an author visit from John Heffernan during the week. The boys will have an opportunity to look through the Book Week store this Thursday before purchasing later in the week. A big thank you to all the library staff for their efforts in organising such a wonderful week.

Throughout Week 5, the boys are also continuing to finish off their end of unit task in our 'Stories of the World and its People' unit of inquiry. It is clear that the boys have been working hard on their biographies of their chosen human rights activist as well as using CoSpaces to create a virtual world showcasing one of the pivotal moments in their lives! Their work so far has been amazing and we can’t wait to see what they come up with in their final products.
Public Speaking is also being completed this week with each boy in the year presenting a prepared speech. We can’t wait to see what the boys produce and how they engage their audience! 
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K-2 Literacy Centre and 3-6 Library

Mrs Emma-Kate Smith and Mrs Jo Wheatley

K-6 Literary Day
When: Friday 23 August, 7am - 12.30pm
Where: Prep School Auditorium

A huge range of quality books available for purchase.

Help our Giving Tree bloom at our K-6 Literary Day this Friday 23 August. Any books purchased for donation will be given to St. Lucy’s School, as part of our Service Learning Program. A leaf will be added to our Giving Tree for every donation, as well as a Knox plaque with the student’s name inserted into each donated book.

K-6 Literary Day Art Posters Prizes
The boys in Years K-6 have been busy this term creating posters to tie in with the 2019 Children's Book Council theme for Book Week, ‘Reading is my Secret Power’.

Congratulations to all the boys who have created wonderful artworks that will be on display in the auditorium for Literary Day. A huge thank you to the K-6 Art Department of Mr Ellis and Mrs Glascott.

The winning artworks are on display in the foyer area near the 3-6 Library.

Kindergarten: Stirling McCarroll, Jayden Tse, Lucas Zhang
Year 1: Patrick Wei, Yifan Zheng, Dean Malouf, Lachlan Tang
Year 2: Anson Tse, David Li, Jordan Ahmed
Year 3: Jeremy Zhou, Heman Zhai, Oliver Choie, Hansen Huang
Year 4: Nathan Xie, Christopher Montana, Saarang Jain, Cedar Robinson
Year 5: Callum Dolling, Patrick McMurrough, Oliver White, Ryan You, Oliver Tan, Angus Skeen, Tom Harding
Year 6: George Roper, Justin Gao, Andy Wu, Henry Pearce, Marcel Rudas, Boston Penfold, Rohan Bahramali

2019 NSW Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)
Only two weeks to go! Congratulations to the boys who have completed the 2019 PRC. Please see the staff in the Library if you need assistance with logging on and adding books to complete the challenge. The 2019 PRC concludes on August 30. Certificates will be distributed at the end of Term 4.
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Musical Notes

Ms Rebeccah Morris, Miss Ali Irwin and Mr Ashley George

Australian Band Festival
On Sunday 18 August, 240 Knox Prep boys performed on stage in the Australian Band Festival. All five of our bands performed and were up against some tough competition! Firstly, I would like to say how proud both Mrs Irwin and I were of the boys in their performances. They absolutely blew us away with their musical prowess, energy and excitement! Well done to every band - you have done your school, your parents and conductors proud!

So now for the awesome results:
Junior Band - GOLD!
Intermediate Band - GOLD!
Senior Band - GOLD!
Performance Ensemble - GOLD!
Jazz Band - GOLD!

This truly is a remarkable result and a brilliant day for Knox Prep! The hard work at rehearsals and dedication to practising at home has paid off.

All Band rehearsals are as normal this week and I will be handing out certificates at each rehearsal. A huge thank you to Mr George for all of his hard work and support in supervising the boys, and thank you to our OKGA gentlemen (Liam Sherman, Matthew Kokolich, James Austen and Joshua Lam) for their excellent help throughout the day. Finally, thank you to the parents for all of your support this year in getting your son to rehearsals and the Band Festival.

Again, a huge congratulations!
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National Science Week

Mr Ian Fairhurst, ICT Integrator K-6

Destination Moon: more missions, more Science
During National Science week our Years 3 and 4 boys have been immersed in a rotation of moon themed Science and Technology challenges. In the first phase of the day they took on the roles of rocket scientists to look at efficient design principles, visited the chemistry lab to explore propulsion systems, coded working models of the solar system, explored the surface of the moon in VR, and designed Future Moon settlements and biodomes using code in Minecraft Education Edition.

After lunch, each year group participated in an ‘egg drop’ design challenge where they had to design and construct a working lunar lander module which could protect the crew from a potentially dangerous surface landing on the moon. The boys participate in a testing phase from the balcony overlooking Ireland field and we had a surprisingly large amount of surviving eggs, which was a testament to the boys' wide and varied solutions.
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Code Camps - school holidays

What will you code and create these school holidays?

Code Camp is returning to Knox from 2-4 October, 8.30am - 4pm.

Little Heroes: for ages 5-6, these camps are designed for our littlest coders who want to make the first small, but important steps to becoming creators of technology, not just consumers.
Spark: for ages 7-12, our most popular camp which over 25,000 kids have completed so far and where every child aged 7 and above should start their Code Camp journey regardless of their prior coding experience.
Web Hackers: for ages 8-13, students will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a multi-page website on a topic of their choice.

For more details, click here.
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Prep KPA

Mrs Fiona Small, Prep Convenor

Library Bookcovering - Thursday 5 September and Thursday 19 September
Mrs Lim and the library team are looking for volunteers to help cover new books. Time: 8.30am to 10.30am. Meet at the 3-6 Library. Tea and coffee provided. Any help is appreciated. Sign up here.

All enquiries to Alex Clarke.

Prep Trivia Night - Your Favourite TV Show
When: Saturday 7 September, 6.30pm
Where: Prep Auditorium
RSVP: Wednesday 28 August

Dress up as your favourite reality show like Masterchef or The Block; favourite sports program like The Footy Show; Netflix series or animation; or take a blast from the past and dress as a character from Happy Days or Dynasty.
BYO Drinks/Dinner/Table Decorations
Prizes for Best Dressed Male & Female, Best Decorated Table and Trivia Winners
$15 per person; payment via the Knox Payment Portal. Select Knox Parents' Association and use the drop down menu
Click here to register your table

All enquiries to Shoaleh or Connie.
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Knox Academy of Performing Arts - Music

Mr James Brice, Head of Cocurricular Performing Arts (KAPA)

OKGA Ladies Luncheon
The Knox Clarinet Quartet, Knox Saxophone Quartet 3 and First XVI had the pleasure of performing for the annual Ladies Luncheon.

KCQ - Leo Cui (Y10), Harry Hearder (Y11), Sam Yang (Y11), Kevin Park (Y10)
Directed by Miss Carey
Repertoire: Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town), Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Basin Street Blues

KSQ3 - Ben Tippett (Y8), Ethan Florio-Yen (Y8), Nathan Uen (Y8), Ryan Walsh (Y8)
Directed by Miss Carey 
Repertoire: Muppet Show, Song for Guys, It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing)

First XVI - Aaron Erdstein (Y10), Aryaan Ganeshan (Y7), Will Papantoniou (Y11), Ethan Phipps (Y7), Sivamsan Senthilvasan (Y11), Christian Tan (Y7), Anthony Vassiliadis (Y8), Nicholas Walker (Y9), Michael Wilkinson (Y7), Andrew Chessher (13+), Beth Goddard (13+), Warren Fisher (13+)
Directed by Warren Fisher
Repertoire: Abun d’bash’maiyo  (The Lord’s Prayer), Name that tune 

Sydney Eisteddfod Chamber Music 
On Sunday 18 August, Knox proudly hosted the Sydney Eisteddfod School Chamber Music (19 and under) in the JAPAC Wenkart Theatre.

22 chamber ensembles from schools across Sydney were entered into the event and the Knox Saxophone Quartet 3 (KSQ3) represented the Knox Academy of Performing Arts Chamber Music program. The KSQ3 performed exceptionally well receiving a Highly Commended Certificate of Achievement.

Congratulations to the KSQ3 (Ben, Ethan, Nathan and Ryan) for their preparation and fine performance.

Miss Jo Carey, Knox Academy of Performing Arts – KAPA
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Knox Oratory Programs

Mr Dan Schofield, Oratory Coordinator

CAS Debating
What a fantastic evening of Debating we had last Friday! The Knox CAS teams ventured out to Waverly last week for the 4th round of the CAS and brought home victories across the board!

Huge congratulations to our 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B and 10A teams on their wins last week! The 4ths, 3rds and 2nds also got a win against their record due to Waverly forfeits. Thank you to all the parents who made the long journey out to Waverly against the awful traffic to support our teams.

A special congratulations to Dhruv Hariharan (Y10), who after being left to fight off Waverly’s 10A team singlehandedly, managed to persuade the adjudicator in his favour after speaking not only 1st speaker, but 2nd and 3rd speaker too! Unfortunately, the CAS rules deem this a forfeit, but the debate was still adjudicated, and Dhruv came out victorious. Well done!

Commiserations to our Open 1sts on their hard loss this week – I’m sure they will be looking forward to the challenge at Cranbrook this week!

This week we will be heading out to Cranbrook, with buses departing at 4pm. Cadets, please seek leave if you will be travelling by bus with us. Emails will be sent out soon with more details.
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Social Justice

Mrs Helen Clarke, Head of Diversity, Justice and Stewardship

There are many events coming up in the next few weeks. Please make a note of them and encourage your sons to participate.

The 40 Hour BackPack Challenge - calling all boys to participate on Friday 6 September
This Friday there will be a guest speaker from World Vision at Assembly. He will share his experiences as a refugee and how awareness of the dilemma for those who flee persecution, war and danger is a continuing dilemma. Yet, the need is great and we at Knox (in conjunction with Ravenswood) are supporting World Vision in the 2019 40 Backpack Challenge. Please sponsor the boys and encourage them to participate! Social Justice Leaders will be speaking with year groups as well.

Wanted: Donations of Cupcakes for this Friday
Seeking donations of cupcakes for this Friday’s cake sale at lunch time to raise donations for World Vision. Please deliver to Helen Clarke’s office in Room 15 or to the SAOs. Please list all ingredients - no nuts please. Gluten free options also welcome!

The Backpack Challenge is on this Friday night from 8pm. Boys will be challenged to commit to living out of their backpack with only essentials for 40 hours. Globally there are 70.8 million refugee and displaced people - among them 25.9 million refugees and more than half that number are under the age of 18. Each year group should have a Knox team!

Daffodil Day is this Friday
Our boys will be selling badges and daffodils at Wahroonga shops and station in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Wahroonga. There will be badges and daffodils on sale as well at Warrawee and Turramurra stations via the Rotary Club of Turramurra. Please encourage all boys to support cancer research by buying a badge. Read more here.

Jersey Day - 30 August
This day is the opportunity for the boys to wear their favourite supporter’s jersey (not a singlet). The theme is to build awareness of the importance of organ donations. Supporting Jersey Day has been a long tradition at Knox as we support the family of Nathan Gremmo, a local boy.

Legacy Badge Day - 6 September
Each year we support Legacy Badge Day. Volunteers will attend the local shops, Warrawee and Wahroonga train stations, and be outside the school gates to sell badges. The Badge Day raises funds for the vital work it does for families of veterans. Legacy Week is always the first week of September and has been held since World War II. It also provides many opportunities for Legacy to talk about the work it does.

RUOK? Day   Thursday 12 September
This important day is a poignant reminder to all of us to check in with each other and check if others are OK.  This day is our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to ask, “Are you ok?” and support those struggling with life's ups and downs. This year we want everyone to: trust the signs, trust your gut and ask R U OK? Read more here.

Stop the Traffik
The Social Justice Club is promoting this activity and challenges us all to make ethical purchases in tea, coffee, chocolate, seafood and clothing to ensure that the supply chain of products does not support or include modern slavery. 
There are a lot of posters created by the Social Justice Club, around the School highlighting the realities of the devastating exploitation of modern slavery. Please support this initiative.

The Justice Conference - Years 9-11
The Justice Conference is on the 15-16 November in Melbourne. The boys have the opportunity to Immerse themselves in big world issues such as poverty, human trafficking; Aboriginal reconciliation issues, the ethics of Aid funding, impact of gender inequality in the developing world etc.

Social Justice Clubs
The Social Justice Club meets each Friday at lunch time in room KCC101 and nearby classrooms. The Club is both social and proactive for all boys who want to serve others and make a difference. There are opportunities to participate in outback and overseas Immersions as well as many school and community based activities.

Just Parents - working for Social Justice
Thank you to those parents that have registered their interest. We aim to have the roles as hands-on and interactive as we further embed the Knox Social Justice program across the whole community. If you would like to join, please contact Helen Clarke.
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Year Group Newsletters from last Friday

From the Head of Knox Sports and Aquatic Academy

Mr Martin Haywood

With the winter season now behind us, the Track & Field season has begun and much to be excited about leading up to CAS later in September. An email will be sent to all students next week asking for a commitment to spectate at CAS on Wednesday 18 September. Boys must get on and register or they cannot go to Homebush and support our team. This is a spectacular night and one last, big CAS event for 2019 where the School can show its true colours and spirit.

Season launch
The CAS Athletics season kicked off with a bang on Monday night, with over 70 athletes, parents and coaches attending the Track & Field season launch at Curagul Pavilion. We were joined by five time National 400m champion and Olympic finalist, Steve Solomon, who shared some stories about his journey as well as some advice for the upcoming season. Key themes from the presentation included following your passion, focusing on your environment/controlling the controllables and executing under pressure, including doing what others are not prepared to do to achieve your goals.

Saturday carnivals
On Saturday, over 80 students, including a large contingent of boarders attended the first CAS Invitational and really put on a show. In the sprints, team captain, Harrison Muller (Y12) kicked us off with a blistering 11.22 in the 100m and even more impressively, backed this up with a 51.99 in the gruelling 400m event. Ewan Burns (normally a 400m specialist) ran a great 100m sprint in a time of 11.61.

One of the highlights of the day was a Knox only event in the 15 Years 100m event, made up predominantly of boarders. Zach Green (Y9) just pipped Jarrah McLeod to become the newly crowned regional sprinter of the meet. Back to back wins in the 100m and 200m by both Dylan Hall (Y7) and Lachlan Herbert (Y7), shows the program is in safe hands for future years. The run of the day went to Michael Dibiase (Yr. 9), who ran a blistering 200m, in a time of 24.05.

In the relays, we won the 13 Years 4 x 100m and 15 Years events, including having four out five teams competing in this event. A great start to the relays.

In the middle distance, a scintillating run from Mitch Roberts (Y12), saw him go ever so close to braking the 2 min mark in the 800m, running 2:00.65. Sam Reeves (Y10) showed he is getting back to season best form, running 2:05.06. A scorching run of 8:58 for the 3000m event by Mitch Westhuizen (Y11), sees the middle distance program shaping up well for 2019.

In the field, Sam Langridge (Y7) kicked off his discus campaign with some great throws, including a 34m bomb on his first throw.

Campbell Green (Y12) threw 26m in his first competitive throw and is looking to take off over the next few weeks. Team captain John Hunter commenced his campaign with a solid 46.7 m discus throw to creep closer to the CAS record of 51m.

Two 40+ metre javelin throws was a fantastic start for Charlie Anderson (40.38m) and Harley Clifton (45.69m). Both boys are fairly new to javelin and have developed so quickly, showing it is never too late to give it a go.

A PB throw of 11.56m for Billy Deane (Y9), was a great start for the shot putters, backed up by Lachie Bill (Y9) throwing a decent 11.06m in his first competition.

In the jumps, Harley Clifton (Y12) is edging closer to the 2m mark, jumping 1.90m over the weekend. Good first jumps for Toby Harding and Jack Faulkner (Y9), with 1.55m, shows plenty of potential. In the long jump, Ken Kawaura and Davey Sherlock (Y12) kicked off their campaigns with 5.80m jumps. Max McDonald (Y12) jumped a respectable 5.37m in his first ever long jump competition.

Want to get involved?
Any boys looking to get involved in Track & Field are more than welcome to join in on any of the various sessions offered throughout the week or to attend the Invitationals on Saturday to participate in any event. See the Knox Grammar School app for the training schedule or get in contact with Matt Fowler (Head of Athletics) if you have any questions about the program.

Prep Athletics
On Saturday our Prep Track & Field team competed at the Shore Invitation Carnival held at Narrabeen. It was a perfect day for racing, throwing and jumping with many boys achieving personal bests and finishing in the top four in their events. An amazing effort from our middle distance runners - Chester Swaffer, Nicholas Williams, Luca Booth, Owen Dixon and Kevin Guo who pushed themselves in their 1500m and then within the hour backed up with an 800m race.

The team will compete in the Barker Invitation Carnival on Saturday 24 August, their last hit out before IPSHA on Monday 26 August.

Week ahead
For any boys not wishing to participate in the Athletic program, their summer sport training has begun this week. Please help us and ensure boys commit to the sport they have chosen and attend training and games. An email must be received by the Sports Office for any boy that cannot make training.
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