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Knox Parent Lounge and School Apps

Mrs Lindsey Sampson, Digital Communications Coordinator

The Knox Portal and our other online portals, such as Parent Lounge, can be accessed at

For more information about how to install Skoolbag, please visit this link.
Please note that if you have not yet installed the new version of the app please delete the old version (which has the School logo as the button) and install the new one (which has a Skoolbag as the logo).

Parent Directory
We would like to remind parents/guardians of the 'opt-in' Parent Directory in the Knox Parent Lounge.

The Parent Directory (accessed via Parent Lounge) is designed for parents and guardians to optionally share contact details with other parents/guardians. 

It is an ‘opt-in’ system and requires that you select which contact details (if any) you wish to share with other parents/guardians.

Email Communications
Should you need to email the School regarding your son, please use the subject line of the email to identify your son stating his name and year group so that staff are able to respond appropriately.
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Knox Parents' Association

KPA Name Badges
The KPA organises name badges for parents at the start of each school year for use at the various school functions you will attend throughout your son's time at Knox. They come with the Knox crest and your name, with a simple magnet on the back for attaching. They are a much better alternative to the sticky labels that always peel off! The cost of $16 includes postage.

Please view the flyer below and go to the Knox website to make your payment and order your badge. Be sure to put down your name as you would like it to appear on the badge. Orders close Friday 22 February 2019. This is the only opportunity to order name badges for 2019, so please put your order in now to avoid disappointment.

2019 KPA Name Badge flyer 2019 KPA Name Badge flyer (140 KB)

Senior School Tuckshops - Volunteers Urgently Required for 2019
The Senior School Tuckshops have a number of vacant spots which we are desperate to fill. If you are a new parent or an existing parent, helping out in the tuckshop is very rewarding experience and a great way to meet and socialise with new friends. If you would like to help out, please email Caron Suleyman (Tuckshop Convenor) and let her know your availability.
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Knox Prayer Group

This term we will be once again holding two informal prayer meetings.

- The first will be on the evening of Thursday 28 February, 7.30pm at the home of Fiona van Horen.
- The second will include morning tea at 10am on Friday 1 March, at the home of Kym Sherlock in Wahroonga.

This is for both Prep and Senior School parents and a warm welcome is extended to anyone who would like to attend.
Any enquires to Prue Feather.
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Knox Student Art and Design Competition

To celebrate the opening of the new Knox Junior Academy and Performing Arts Centre, students from Knox Prep, Wahroonga Prep and Knox Senior School are invited to create an artwork on the theme of ‘performing arts’ and go in the running to win great prizes. The entry judged best from each of the three campus will receive the following (Westfield vouchers): 1st place $100, 2nd place $50, 3rd place $25.

Knox Student Art and Design Competition Knox Student Art and Design Competition (654 KB)


Mrs Sue Floro

And so ends two massive weeks of camping for our Years 5 and 6 boys, many of their dads, and our dedicated staff. During the course of 2018, we revised the outdoor education program and took the decision to move our Stage 3 boys into the great outdoors, and under canvas for their annual camping experience. Camp Somerset, on the beautiful Colo River, was our preferred destination, with a stepped program of experiences from Years 5 to 6, to challenge the boys and encourage a greater sense of independence and resilience.

The decision to provide an opportunity for dads and sons to spend a day together at camp, and then a night together under canvas, was a stunning success! I am grateful to the dads for their ‘can do’ attitude at camp, and for making the time to attend. Without exception, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with so many dads relishing the opportunity to spend quality time with their boys, completing challenges together, reflecting on their experiences and deepening that incredibly important bond that is so important for boys approaching their teenage years.

Once the dads had departed for work (or a well deserved rest back at home!) the boys bonded together with their new classmates and teachers, as they took long bush walks, and kayaked and doughnutted down the meandering river, forming new friendships and cementing existing from previous years. My sincere thanks to the staff who so generously gave of their time, away from their own families, to spend time camping with our Knox boys. Camp is such an important part of our program. Our Years 3 and 4 boys will enjoy their own camp experiences later this term.
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K-2 Happenings

Mrs Chris Gray, K-2 Coordinator

You have brains in your head.
 You have feet in your shoes.
 You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
Dr. Seuss - Oh, The Places You'll Go!

It was lovely to see so many parents at our K-2 Information Evening last night. An overview of each grade has been emailed for your quick reference. Making connections with other parents and getting to know your son’s teacher are all essential elements that help to ensure your son has a successful time at school.
We have staff on duty from 7.45am, and it is exciting to see so many boys taking on the challenge of independence by waving goodbye to mum or dad each morning with a big smile.

Just as the food we eat nourishes and strengthens our body, the books we read nourish and enrich our mind. By reading with your son you open doors to a whole new world.
Reading to your child makes you bond with him, and this gives your child a sense of intimacy and well-being.
Books promote thinking skills. When you read to your child, he learns to understand cause and effect, he learns to exercise logic, and question.
Books teach your child about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world he lives in. 
The intimacy of reading to your child promotes a positive attitude towards reading.
It can calm your son.
It promotes increased communication between you and your child.
It promotes a longer attention span.
It builds listening skills and imagination.
Children imitate our behaviour, so it is important that you let him see you read. Let him know that reading is a part of life! Encourage your child to feel that reading a book with him is a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, and not a stressful activity that you are forcing him to do.
Form a habit of reading to him at the same time each day. Choose a time when you and your child are both relaxed and not rushed.
Choose books that your son will be most interested in, and appropriate for his age balanced by exposing him to a variety of literature.
You can use reading as a way to allay your child’s fears or prepare him for changes in his life.
Most importantly ~ enjoy the time together.
Dates for the Diary
Thursday 14 Feb         2pm     2F Class Assembly
Thursday 21 Feb         2pm     2B Class Assembly
Thursday 28 Feb         2pm     1G Class Assembly
Thursday 7 March       2pm     1E Class Assembly
Thursday 14 March     2pm     1K Class Assembly
Thursday 21 March     2pm     1D Class Assembly
Thursday 28 March     2pm     KB Class Assembly
Thursday 4 April          2pm     KH Class Assembly
Friday 5 April              9am     K-2 Chapel Service
Monday 8 April – Friday 12 April Yr 1 + Yr 2 Swimming
Thursday 11 April        2pm     KP Assembly 

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Year 1 News

Ms Emma Davey, Year 1 Team Leader

Year 1 have had such an exciting start to 2019. They have made new friends, explored new concepts and become curious about the world around us.

On Friday 8 February Year 1 experienced a traditional Chinese New Year Dance. Chinese New Year was on 5 February 2019 and this year it is the Year of the Pig. The date changes every year depending on the new Lunar Year. We have been learning about the traditions of Chinese New Year and why it is such an important celebration. On Friday the boys watched the Chinese Lion Dance. Traditionally the lions dance in front of stores to scare off the evil spirits. The boys had many favourite moments within the performance. Some boys said they loved the throwing of the lucky lettuce because they would get good luck and prosperity for the year to come. Other boys became really excited by the loud music and vivid colours!

This experience has ignited many questions within the classrooms. What celebration is important to your family? How does this celebration connect your family, local, national and international community?
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Year 3 News

Mr Glenn Stephenson, Year 3 Team Leader

Wow! What a way to start the year. I would like to congratulate all Year 3 boys for making the first two weeks of School in 2019 so very successful and productive. I would also very much like to extend my thanks to all of the parents/guardians for supporting their sons and preparing them for school each day.
The preparation process, routine and organisation for daily life can be difficult to master for many boys of your son’s age. As such, any vital announcements, messages or notes given to boys will also be placed on the Year 3 Knox Portal page so please ensure you check this regularly.

Last Wednesday evening it was lovely to see so many parents at the Year 3 Information Night. I have also placed the Parents’ Information Evening document on the Year 3 Portal page for your perusal. In addition, I have posted a Stage 2 recommended reading list to guide your son’s independent reading at home.

Some other upcoming events are:
Tuesday 19 February – House Swimming Carnival
Monday 25 February - Wednesday 27 February – Year 3 Camp to Milson Island
Thursday 7 March – House Cross Country Carnival
Monday 8 April – House Track & Field Carnival

The Year 3 team hopes you have another enjoyable week.
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Year 4 News

Mr Jared Rastall, Year 4 Team Leader

It was great to meet many of you at last Wednesday’s Parent Information Evening. Information from the evening will be sent home shortly should you have missed the opportunity to attend.

Thank you to all the families who have promptly registered their son for the Year 4 Camp. Camp forms were due on Monday 11 February. If you have not yet done so, please complete the online registrations today.

Our first week of Year 4 Homework is due tomorrow. We hope that the homework has been a great opportunity for you to talk to your son about what they have been learning in the classroom. The activities are designed to provide a balance of reading, writing, mathematics, speaking and listening and they will often revolve around our learning in Knoxigations.

Please keep your eyes peeled for SeeSaw, which will soon be introduced into the Year 4 classrooms. 
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Year 5 News

Mrs Tammy Paterson, Year 5 Team Leader

Year 5 camp
The Year 5 boys are still talking about camp! The dads coming was a big hit with many boys saying that was their favourite part. Camp Somerset staff were so impressed with the manner of our boys and that they were willing to give so many new things a go. Many boys experienced camping for the first time, as well as 'sit on tops’ kayaking and many had fun just playing in the Colo River. You would have been so proud of your sons as they challenged the wombat hole, climbed on ropes and worked as a team to find the ‘bear’ in the bush. I want to congratulate the boys on how they represented our school.

Tinkering Towards Tomorrow
Our Year 5 boys will start our Knoxigations domain inquiry this week. The first domain (Tinkering Towards Tomorrow) is all about building a city of the future with our big idea ‘Inclusive design, sustainable cities'. This domain relates to the concepts of cause and effect, inclusion, sustainability and change. This first domain will take us to approximately  week 8 where we look at specific examples of cities and building around the world. Towards the end of the unit, the boys will apply this knowledge in the creation of a future city (physical model) which they will create in teams of 3-4 students within their classes. Some classes may pair up for this final task. 


Homework has started this week with a reduced homework sheet so that we can establish expectations and homework routines. From Friday, homework will be placed on the portal each week and it is to be returned the following Thursday. In Term One the homework will be a grid style. It will usually contain a writing component, as well as some research or an activity related to our domain.  Daily reading is an important part of the homework, where we encourage you to listen to your son read aloud at least once per week. This is important to check for understanding of difficult words, for story retelling and for future predictions. Grammar consolidation will also be an element of homework in preparation for Naplan. With grammar, there will be two levels provided (a lower and upper level) concentrating on the same skill. Please choose ONE only that is most appropriate for your son. Your teacher can assist you with this decision if required. The final component for homework will be Table Talk. This will be a topic of conversation related to the work we are covering that week. This allows you an opportunity to know what your son is learning and to discuss his opinions or ideas. This does not need to be recorded in his homework book. Please sign the homework sheet once this has been completed. If your any reason, your son is not able to complete his homework, please write a note in his diary. If there is no note provided, your son will complete his homework during a lunchtime. Details of Maths homework are covered below.  

We understand that it is not reasonable that the one homework grid will apply to all Year 5 children. Please assist us in letting us know when your sons homework needs to be modified. If it is too easy, he will become disengaged and if it is too difficult, it can cause much stress. Each year, we happily modify the homework for may students. 

Maths groups will start next week. These Maths groups will be fluid and could change depending on the area we are covering. You will receive an email from your sons Maths teacher so that you know what group he is in. We will use MAP data to allocate groups and your son may move within these groups so that he is placed in a group that will suit his needs according to the current topic. For Maths homework, we utilise Khan Mappers, which allocates individual tasks to your son based on his MAP sit scores in each strand or area. The expectation is that they will complete 30 minutes each week on their areas of focus. These areas of focus will be highlighted on the back page of their diary once they start Maths groups. If the boys are in Mrs Paterson, Ms Smith or Mr Russell's Maths groups, they are expected to complete 45 minutes each week as well as some Olympiad word problems. Maths homework will be due each Monday.

Thank you to the many parents who took the time to attend our parent information night. We will be sending an information booklet shortly which will contain detailed information about each subject.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Paterson at anytime.

All boys in Years 5 and 6 will be receiving one hour of German homework per fortnight. The homework will be set on Monday of week A and is due for completion on Sunday of week B. The work will be set through the Education Perfect website. The Education Perfect app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for use on iPads.

All boys have their own username and password to access the site which is written in their diary. However, if they forget it is made up using the following format

Username : KGPSFirstnameSurname (note capitals)
Password : firstname (no capitals)

We appreciate your support in helping your son to complete his homework. If you have any questions, please email Liz Wellman, German teacher.
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K-2 Literacy Centre and 3-6 Library

Mrs Emma-Kate Smith, Mrs Jo Wheatley and Mrs Katrina Gledhill

Recommended Reading Lists
Recommended Reading Lists for each Stage are available on the Library page of the portal. Click here to access lists for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 (K-2), Stage 2 (Year 3-4) and Stage 3 (Year 5-6).

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Musical Notes

Mr Ashley George, Miss Rebeccah Morris and Mrs Ali Irwin

Prep Tour Information Evening Monday 18 February
Tour Information Evening for boys in the Performance Ensemble and Concert Strings only. This evening is for parents and boys to attend at 6pm in the Prep Auditorium. This year’s tour will be to Dubbo and all boys in the Performance Ensemble and the Concert Strings are invited to attend. The full itinerary and costs will be discussed at this meeting so definitely lock this date in your diary!

Band Camp Week 9
The Band Camp is being held for Performance Ensemble, Senior Band, Intermediate Band and Junior Band members from Saturday 30 March to Sunday 31 March here at the Prep School.  This camp will provide a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, the Band Directors and Music Staff and to workshop pieces.  We would like ALL members to come to the camp so please make any necessary arrangements for your son to be there.

Like last year the Band Camp will again be ‘in-house’, meaning students will sleep at home but do camp with us during the Saturday afternoon and Sunday daytime. Students will book into camp after their school sporting fixtures that weekend with Band Camp commencing at 1.00pm on Saturday and concluding at 4.45 pm on the Sunday with a short concert by all ensembles. The concert will be from 4.00 – 4.45pm in the Amphitheatre outside Ewan House and all boys are to be taken home from the Prep School after the concert.

Members of staff will provide supervision throughout the camp. It is asked that all medication be clearly marked with the student's name and written instructions and handed to Miss Morris or Ms Irwin on the Saturday of camp when signing in at the Auditorium.  All students are to sign in and out of camp on the Saturday and then sign in again on the Sunday morning outside the steps leading up to the Auditorium. Parents will need to pick their son up from the Prep Auditorium on the Saturday night at 6pm. No boys will be allowed to walk home or leave without a parent signing them out.
Camp rules will apply. The supervisors reserve the right to send home any student following a major breach of these rules.  It is hoped the camp will provide an improved performance standard as well as a time of friendship and relaxation.
PLEASE NOTE:       Dates:     Saturday 30 March – Sunday 31 March
                                Place:     Knox Grammar Preparatory School – Music Venues
                                Times:    1.00pm to 6pm Saturday – 10.30am to 4.45pm Sunday
                                Cost:      $110 

YOUR INSTRUMENT, spare reeds and your MUSIC FOLDER 
Water Bottle (VERY IMPORTANT) – all food is provided
MUSIC STAND – If you own a folding music stand, please bring it with you, as we will be using all the stands we have and more...
Parents will be notified to log on to the Parent Lounge and accept the T&Cs for this year’s Band Camp in week 4.

Instrumental Lessons
There are still a small number of positions for private instrumental lessons left this semester, so if your son would like to learn an instrument at school please contact Miss Morris.

NOTE: if your son is already learning an instrument at school and he cannot attend his lesson for whatever reason, 24hrs notice MUST be given to the tutor directly or you will be charged for the lesson. Please do not assume that because something is in the calendar (which means your son cannot attend his lesson) that your tutor will know about it. It is the responsibility of the parent to always inform the tutor of any absences.
Guitar Ensemble Years 5 and 6
If your son has been learning the guitar for more than two years and is at a level of approximately Grade 2, we would love for him to join the 5-6 Guitar Ensemble. Rehearsals will commence in Week 4 on a Tuesday at lunchtime in the Music Classroom 1. Please email Miss Morris if your son is interested in joining and send him along to the first rehearsal next Tuesday at lunchtime with his guitar.
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Prep KPA

Mrs Fiona Small, Prep Convenor

Welcome to all parents both existing and new parents. I look forward to meeting many of you at the year group morning teas. We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities in the Prep, (Tuckshop, Family Care and Support, Bookcovering, Lost Property) so please don't hesitate to get in touch with either your year group convenor or Mrs Small to signup!

Mothers and Fathers' Day Stall Convenor vacancy
Each year we hold these stalls so that the boys may purchase a gift for their mum and dad. The convenor is responsible for sourcing the presents and arranging for volunteers to help out of the day. The previous convenor is happy to meet and outline the website they use to purchase items and what is involved on the day itself. If you are interested please contact Fiona Small to discuss further. M: 0452 337314.

Volunteer to cover library books in 2019! 
Mrs Lim and the Library team need parents to help cover all the wonderful new books the school provides our boys each year.Its an easy job for volunteers ... one - two sessions per term. Come to one or come to all. No ongoing commitment.
Term 1 sessions: Thursday 7 March, 8.30am-10.30am; Thursday 28 March, 8.30am-10.30am. Meet in the 3-6 Library.

Coffee and tea provided.

Sign up here or put your name on the sign up sheet at your year’s parents morning tea. Please contact the Prep Library Book Covering convener Alexandra Clarke if you have any questions. Ph: 0426 264 775.
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Knox Academy of Performing Arts - Music

Mr James Brice, Head of Knox Academy of Performing Arts (KAPA)

‘Stunning Sounds’ from our Knox Symphony Orchestra!
Rehearsal Day – 10 February 2019, 9.40am-5pm.

Well, I think it is safe to say that everyone enjoyed Sunday 10 February! Congratulations and thank you to our members of the Knox Symphony Orchestra (KSO) for the remarkable musical output during our 2019 Orchestral Rehearsal Day.

During our specialised ‘Orchestra Rehearsal day’, 58 boys from our Knox Symphony Orchestra (KSO) participated in full and sectional rehearsals under the direction and tutelage of our Knox Academy of Performing Arts staff, visiting peripatetic staff and guest tutors.

Sincere thanks and appreciation to Ms Leah Lock, Ms Telena Routh, Ms Georgina Oakes, Mr Tony Grimm, Ms Leanne Sullivan, Ms Tina Brain, Mr Geoff Power, Mr David Kimpton, Mr Dave Goodman, Ms Lindsay Irik, Ms Kathryn Crossing, Mr Leo Kram, Mr Nigel Parry, Ms Jenny Druery, Mr Joshua Cannon, Mr Timothy de Solom, Mr Matt Laniewski and Mr James Brice for their expertise, enthusiasm, support and tutelage throughout the day.

Concluding this most comprehensive and enjoyable day with our highly anticipated ‘Open Rehearsal-Concert’ our large and exceptionally supportive representation of Knox families and friends were absolutely entertained, inspired and thoroughly amazed with the culmination of many hours work.

Receiving their ‘unofficial’ 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod preview premiere performance renditions; our KSO boys were thrilled to present ‘English Folk Song Suite’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams, ‘Four Scottish Dances’ by Malcolm Arnold and ‘Carmen Suite No. 1’ by Georges Bizet, as part of our ‘Open Rehearsal-Concert’ to conclude the tremendous day for our very strong representation of parent supporters!

On behalf of our KAPA Department, may I offer our sincere thanks to our Knox Symphony Orchestra parents for the ongoing support and huge personal investment of time and resources for which you provide, so that your boys may experience immeasurable personal growth through their music.

What a magnificent day!


Please diarise: upcoming events
Knox Choir Rehearsal Day – Sunday 17 February
TIMES: 10am – 1pm
VENUE: Francis Auditorium
Please contact Mr Warren Fisher for more details

Battle of the Bands Heats: Monday 4 - Thursday 7 March at Lunchtime - Boulevard

Bandstand Concert No. 1 - Tuesday 12 March – 7pm
Performances from our Year 7 Wind Band, Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Venue: Knox Grammar School Great Hall

String Workshop - Monday 13 May
Chamber Strings & String Orchestra Workshop - (3.30pm-6pm) with guest tutors.
Venue: Francis Auditorium and Music Centre

Orchestral Night at the Proms – Monday 20 May 
Orchestral Night at the Proms featuring KSO, Chamber Strings & String Orchestra - Francis Auditorium: 7pm

Meet the Symphony Orchestra Performance Incursion: Wednesday 22 May – Mentor time

KSO Assembly Performance
: Thursday 23 May

Junior Academy & Performing Arts Centre – Official Opening: Friday 24 May 4pm-9pm

Sydney Eisteddfod Dates: 2 June – 25 June – Tentative Dates 
Please note: Performance times are yet to be confirmed

Sunday 2 June - Knox Jazz Combo
Secondary School Jazz Band Division 

Saturday 15 June - Knox String Orchestra
Secondary School Intermediate String Ensemble Division 

Saturday 15 June - Knox Chamber Strings
Secondary School Premium String Ensemble Division 

Monday 17 June - Knox Symphony Orchestra (KSO)
Premium Youth/Secondary School Orchestra Division - (U/19yrs)

Tuesday 18 JuneAll Stage Band Events
Secondary School Novice Stage Band Division - Year 7 Jazz Ensemble
Secondary School Intermediate Band Division – Ensemble TBA
Secondary School Premium Band Division – Big Band

Saturday 22 June - Knox Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE)
Secondary School Premium Concert Band Division 

Monday 24 June - Knox Year 7 Wind Band 
Secondary School Novice Concert Band Division

Tuesday 25 June - Knox Concert Band 
Secondary School Intermediate Concert Band Division

Please contact Mr James Brice for more details.
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Senior School Handwriting Course - Term 1 2019

Ms Rebecca Papageorgiou, Learning Enhancement

Each term, Knox holds a Handwriting Course designed to help improve the speed, accuracy and neatness of students’ handwriting, reducing tension and fatigue when writing for long periods of time. In 2019 the classes will be held by Ms Lisa Norton, an occupational therapist, who specialises in the development of skills necessary for handwriting and the remediation of handwriting difficulties.

We are now filling places for our Term 1, 2019 course.

Our course will run on either a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, starting at 7.30am, once minimum numbers are confirmed.

A minimum of seven students, and a maximum of ten, ensures individual attention. The course costs $300 for seven sessions of 45 minutes.

The Introductory seven week course includes a tub of theraputty, that is designed to improve hand muscle strength and fine motor skills.

Availability of places is dependent upon a first come first served basis. All students who miss out on a place in Term 1 will be placed on the waiting list for Term 2, 2019.

Should you be interested in pursuing this option for your son, please contact Rebecca Papageorgiou in the Learning Enhancement Department ASAP.
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Social Justice

Mrs Helen Clarke, Head of Diversity, Justice and Stewardship

Social Justice Opportunities 2019
There are a number of Social Justice Trips to regional NSW throughout the year. In this week’s newsletters there will be information and application details for each of the trips. The first is in Week 10 from 8-12 April - the Nyngan Super Camp. This camp is open to Year 11 students, who are non-cadets (as the camp is on during AFX).

Year 11 students all received Expression of Interest Forms on their school email last week. Please sign and scan forms and return to Mrs Clarke.

Shoes for the Philippines 
For some children the reality is that NO shoes means NOT going to school in some countries!

We will continue to collect school shoes and trainers in good condition and polished please!  Please would you drop off donations to Room 19 or to the WLF office? 

These donations make a life changing difference and opportunity of education to the children who live in the garbage tips of Manila. Without shoes these children are not permitted to attend school.

Upcoming Events:
Clean Up Australia Day, Sunday 3 March. Go along as a family and join in the many enthusiastic members of the community to help keep our community free of rubbish and litter. The Rotunda at Wahroonga Park is a meeting place on the day
The World’s Greatest Shave – this will be held in the Senior School on Wednesday 13 March. All boys are welcome to join the Knox Team and have a chance to fund raise again this year. Last year we raised $11k - let’s aim for an even greater effort this year!
Our annual International Women’s Day Breakfast at Knox for mothers and son’s- details. This will be part of an International Women’s Month focus at Knox.
The Kuringai Special Olympics Fun Run on Sunday 17 March. A big event for all the family. 
The Bobbo Bike Race (Turramurra to Bobbin Head) is on Sunday 24 March. Volunteers are needed for marshals on the day!

The Senior and Junior Social Justice Clubs have started for 2019
New members always welcome! Come along and get involved in many of the school’s SJ initiatives. They vary from community events, big issues like tackling modern slavery by an awareness of ethical purchases of goods such as chocolate and coffee; caring for the environment and helping remote communities 

The Senior (Years 9-12) Social Justice Club meets each Friday at lunch time in room KCC101 and nearby classrooms (the numbers are growing!). This will continue on Friday throughout the year. The Club is both social and proactive for all boys who want to serve others and make a difference. There are opportunities to participate in outback and overseas immersions as well as many school and community based activities.

The Junior Social Justice Club meets each Wednesday at lunchtime in KCC101.

Boys from the designated year groups are most welcome. Come along and join a committee and get involved in some of the action for justice at Knox Grammar School

'Just Parents' - working for Social Justice

Thank you for those parents who have replied to regarding the interested parents who will help us with Justice Events, so that we further embed the Social Justice Program at Knox across the whole community.  We plan to have a meeting in Week 4 to plan our events. Please let Pastor Luisa Maxwell or Helen Clarke know if you too are interested in being a part of 'Just Parents'.

We hope to provide supplementary support in the community for both parents and our boys. We aim to have the roles be hands-on and interactive. 
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Year Group Newsletters from last Friday

From the Head of Knox Sports and Aquatic Academy

Mr Martin Haywood

Last Saturday was our first full day of Summer fixtures since the Christmas break – and for many boys in Prep and Senior School their first experience of playing for the mighty Black & Blue. Congratulations to all involved with many smiles, a few wins, great spirit, commitment to the team and a many examples of great sportsmanship on display.

Before I go into some details from the weekend, I would like to clarify a common question asked from parents on Saturday “can my son get involved in Track & Field if he is playing Basketball or Cricket?”
In fact – we encourage it. Some boys choose Track & Field and that is their chosen sport for the summer. They all train regularly through the week as do boys that have chosen other sports. There are also two 'extra' sessions of Athletics training at Gillespie Field that should not clash with regular sport training on Tuesday morning from 7am and Thursday afternoon from 3.30pm.
All are welcome to one or both sessions – and this applies all through winter as well as the remainder of term 1 for summer sports.
If you would like any further clarification on the T & F season or training options please email Mr Kieran Donohue.

Senior School 
It was a massive weekend for the Knox Senior teams at Trinity and particularly those in contention for CAS premierships. 
The First Basketballers were sensational defeating the fancied Trinity side in a 30 point win (81-51) and remain unbeaten with just 4 games remaining. The whole Basketball programme was tested against a very strong Trinity Grammar and the results were outstanding. 

Our First Tennis team needed a big win to stay on top of the CAS competition. After a tight start to the morning fixture the team kicked into gear and won 7-1 and sit on top of the CAS competition – also with 4 games remaining. Congratulations to new student Vishal Ganeshan who was selected straight into the First team and won his doubles fixture 6-0 6-0, then went on to win his singles match on debut. 

Our Cricketers faced Trinity in a 'top of the table' clash and fell just 10 runs short of an amazing win. Chasing 262, Knox started well with Jay Naganayagam scoring his first CAS century but the run chase proved too much. Knox find themselves just one win off top spot and will need a big win over Waverley next week. Overall the results were outstanding with our new Year 7 teams (4) winning all four matches. 

The Waterpolo squads had an amazing day also and are really proving to be the most improved sport of the summer. Our 7A team, playing their first match of the season smashed Trinity 16-4 as well as all Year 7 teams wining their fixture v Trinity. Our Firsts were unlucky against unbeaten Newington and went down 15-10 after leading for much of the first half. 
The Sailing boys had a great day on Pittwater as did the Surf Life Savers who enjoyed a magic day on Whale Beach and the Mountain Bikers had another challenging yet successful morning of biking.   

On Friday night our Swim and Dive team travelled to Homebush for trials against fellow CAS schools. The team were fantastic and look perfectly prepared for a big night in March !  

Track & Field 
A number of Knox Grammar students competed in the Little A’s Regionals (Region 5) at Narrabeen Athletics Track over the weekend, with some fantastic results, including 18 PBs, 6 x 1sts, 4 x 2nds and 9 x 3rds. Four students (Dylan Hall, Sean Williams, Lachlan Herbert and James Harden) have automatically qualified for the State Little A’s Championships on the 16th/17th of March at SOPAC. A further five students (Boston Penfold, Sam Langridge, Chester Swaffer and Oliver Dawson) will hope to qualify as the next 8 best qualifiers once the rest of the results are known.

Some notable performances below: 

Dylan Hall (Yr. 7)
1st in the 12 years Long Jump - 5.34m (PB)
1st in the 12 years 100m - 12.56s (PB)
1st in the 12 years 200m final - 26.39s
1st in the Junior (U9-12) 4 x 100m Relay with Ku-ring-gai Little As

Sean Williams (Yr. 8)
1st in the 13 years 800 Metre Run - 2:23.12 (PB)
1st in the 13 years 3000 Metre Run - 10:34.21
2nd in the 13 years 1500 Metre Run - 4:51.83 (PB)

Lachlan Herbert (Yr. 7)
1st in the 13 years 400 Metre Sprint - 58.85s
2nd in the 13 years Long Jump - 5.02m
2nd in the 13 years 200 Metre Sprint - 26.39s
1st in the Senior (U13-17) 4 x 100m Relay with Ku-ring-gai Little As

James Harden (Yr. 7)
2nd in the 13 years 400 Metre Sprint - 1:01.73 (PB)
3rd in the 13 years Triple Jump - 9.87m (PB)
3rd in the 13 years 200 Metre Hurdles - 30.74s (PB)
4th in the 13 years Long Jump - 4.90m (PB)

Boston Penfold (Knox Prep)
3rd in the 12 years Long Jump - 4.76m (PB)
3rd in the 12 years 100m - 13.25 (PB)
3rd in the 12 years 200m - 27.95 (dead heat with fellow Knox Prep student Oliver Dawson)

Archie Saunders (Yr. 9)
3rd in the 15 years 100 Metre Sprint - 11.72s (PB)
4th in the 15 years 200 Metre Sprint - 24.44s (PB)
5th in the 15 years Shot Put (4kg) - 10.87m
2nd in the Senior (U13-17) 4 x 100m Relay with Manly Warringah Little A’s

Sam Langridge (Yr. 7)
3rd in the 13 years Javelin (600g) - 23.22m (PB)
4th in the 13 years Discus (750g) - 32.39m (PB)
7th in the 13 years High Jump - 1.40m 
7th in the 13 years Shot Put (3kg) - 9.31m (PB)

Chester Swaffer (Knox Prep)
3rd in the 12 years 1500m Run - 5:15.84
5th in the 12 years 800m Run - 2:32.19
7th in the 12 years 400m Run - 1:10.23

Oliver Dawson (Knox Prep)
3rd in the 12 years 200m - 27.95 (PB)
4th in the 12 years 100m - 13.38s (PB)
15th in the 12 years 400m - 1:18.21

Kisho Carlino-Mizuno (Yr. 7)
6th in the 13 years Triple Jump - 9.58m (PB)

Lucas Saxby (Manly Warringah)
12th in the 12 years Discus (750g) - 19.46m

A more thorough wrap of many sports can be found on Skoolbag in your chosen sport. 

Prep School 
The Prep boys were just as enthusiastic on Saturday with their first games for the summer season. Again, many great stories from Mrs Dewar that makes us all very proud of the boys in Black & Blue.  

Team of the Week 
Year 7 Waterpolo squads for their incredible start to their careers here at Knox in the pool. Winning all 4 games against Trinity was one thing, but the spirit, commitment and sportsmanship is what excites me about this group just starting here at Knox Grammar – well done boys. 

The Week Ahead  
The Senior School boys have been sent an email this week with a link to choose their winter sport for 2019. We need this completed as a matter of urgency but do ask that boys and families choose carefully. It is simply unacceptable to be changing sports midway through a season. “Commitment”. 

I would like to finish with a big thank you to the Knox parents and their positive support around the various venues on Saturday. The positive support plays a huge role in the enjoyment factor for the boys so please keep it positive and encouraging and continue to talk about all of the positive things your son did on the field each week.  

Have a great week – and go the Black & Blue

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