2011 NSW Youth Parliament


Ever thought what it might be like to create your own bill in Parliament? To affect change! Kevin Kim (Year 9), Thomas Goldie (Year 12) and Tom Baker (Year 11) did and they were all afforded the incredible opportunity to have such an experience. Driven by a collaborative working environment, they could imagine, create and articulate policy change.

Nominated by the Member of Parliament for Ku-ring-gai and Premier of New South Wales, Mr Barry O’Farrell, was Tom Baker who represented Ku-ring-gai. He was a senior member of the Youth Cabinet, holding the appointment of the Leader of the House from HM Government. Tom was also a member of the Aboriginal Affairs Government Committee, his main duties were holding the Opposition's policy debating to account.

Applying independendently, were Kevin Kim and Thomas Goldie. All were chosen to participate in this exciting program. Working with notable Australian politicians in a seven day camp, they tested their knowledge of Australian politics and challenged their public speaking skills.

Representations came from rural or urban communities across Australia; all speakers were given an opportunity to feel that their voices heard and could bring ‘real’ change to Australia.

Kevin worked as a part of the Ethnic Affairs and Citizenship committee; the ultimate goal - to present a bill in parliament which would help immigrants develop their English language skills and allow them to settle in Australia. They worked late nights amending and debating and most importantly, working as a team to ensure the proposed bill could fulfil expectations.

Each proposed bill was debated at the Legislative Assembly at Parliament House (NSW). The presentation of the bills took more than ten hours for the each day of the event to ensure the passing of the bills.

During the Closing Ceremony, the successful bills were presented to the member of Davidson, Mr Jonathon Odea who would forward them to the Premier. These bills would then be reviewed at Federal Parliament at Canberra.

At the end of the event, all participants celebrated with a dinner hosted by the Governor of New South Wales Professor Marie Bashir at Government House.