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For Diving News, please see the Diving NSW website, particularly to these two items:

1. The Grand Opening of the new Lightning Ridge Indoor Diving Complex; and
2. NSW State Elite Junior Team

You will see that Liam, Christian and Nick are being kept very busy!

Grand Opening of the new Lightning Ridge Indoor Diving Complex

Congratulations to the Lightning Ridge Olympic Pool Commttee on the Grand Opening of the new Indoor Diving Complex. The Grand Opening was held on Saturday 7 May 2011 and opened by the five young girls that had a vision some twenty years earlier supported by a committed community to see the dreams come true. The new complex is very impressive and is of international training and competition standard. NSWIS divers Scott Roberston, Liam Dummer, Nancy Wang and Louise Poole where the star attractions for the opening as they amazed the crowd of over 500 with a dazzling display of dives from 3metre through to the 10metre platform. The divers were also kept busy throughout the weekend assisting with a First Bounce Course, two 'Come n Try' sessions, an Opal Mine Tour, the Grand Opening Parade and Opening Dinner and a bit of relaxation in the Artisan Baths. Some photos of the weekend can be found in the Gallery Link!