Drill Squad


In February, the call was put out for members of the Cadet Unit, in Years 9–11, to join the Drill Squad. Forty contenders were whittled to twenty-five and the practice began. Every Tuesday morning at 7:15am, no matter the weather, no matter the temperature, the Drill Squad was trained in the finer arts of drill.

It had been four long years since Knox last won the CAS Drill Competition and the desire to reclaim the prize after a defeat of just 0.4 points last year was the driving factor behind the training of these young men ranging from Recruit to RSM.

Finally, 1 June came and after a change of venue from Victoria Barracks to the 28 Field Battery in Dee Why, due to the rain, the team was champing at the bit. First the dress inspection and nerves were high based on our past experiences. However, the news was good. Then to the drill; Barker were up first, followed by Knox, Trinity and finally, last year’s victors, Waverley. The competition was high, each School performed to their best abilities, but after some deliberation by the judges, it was finalised and Knox were the winners.

Our congratulations to all of the young men of the drill team and especially to the RSM, Warrant Officer Class One Damian Morris. His focus and drive was essential to his victory and we are incredibly proud of his achievement.