Exercise Class for Parents, Just Before School Ends for the Day!


Kerry Woods 'Posture Perfect' classes
Why? Computers, iPods, mobile phones (game consoles?) — all the digital devices — and even the old foe at home — TV — the challenges are increasing exponentially. The human musculature needs to be continually strengthened and toned so as to be able
to properly support the skeleton, and vitally, protect the spine. 'Posture Perfect' can improve your range of movement.

Class Structure
1. Warm up: stretching the neck, shoulders, sides, waist, hamstrings, spine, hips and lower back.
2. Technique Exercises: improve flexibility and core strength. (Much of the time will be spent on the floor — no jumps, no dance moves)

Class duration
Each class is 60 minutes with 2 sessions per week; Monday and Thursday, 1:45–2:45pm. To be held at the dance room, McNeill House at the Senior School. All adults are welcome. Please wear track gear or similar and bring two towels or Pilates mate and one towel. The cost is $20 per class or pay by the term with a 10% discount. The commencing date is Thursday, 28 July.
For more information, please contact Kerry Woods at kerry@nationalobsession.com.au  or 0412 268 245.

For those who attended our first day of class, I hope that your muscles are not too sore. Classes continue Monday, 1 August.