Going Home – A Convict’s Tale - Years 3 and 4 Musical Story


Story by John Larkin

The convicts amassed onstage, burst into song and then just as quickly dispersed. There were quite a lot of them!

London: A young boy is falsely accused of stealing and as a convict, is placed onto a ship to sail to Australia in the 1780s. He is sentenced to 8 years but always longed to return to London. Eventually after 20 years, he does return, only to return ‘home’ again, back to Sydney!

Attending the matinee showing of ‘Going Home – A Convict’s Tale’ on Thursday 15 September, it was hardly believable that these were boys from Years 3 and 4 who acted, danced and sang their way through this Australian story with gusto. Singing songs such as Tura, Lura, Lura, Australia in the Summertime, Waltzing Matilda and finishing up with I am Australian – if you weren’t patriotic when you came in, you were much more so when you left!

The production was also attended by students from St Lucy’s School. Peter Ayling, Director of Students said “We always invite the students of St Lucy’s School along to our productions because their students really enjoy the entertainment.” The Knox staff, in particular Ashley George, Head of Music K-6 and the writer of the story, John Larkin, Knox’s ‘Writer in Residence’ at the Prep School and every other helper, have done a fine job of bringing this story to life.