Guest Speaker - Jonathan Doyle


On Wednesday evening, 24 August, Knox was privileged to offer a Parent Seminar aimed at the parents of Years 11 and 12 students. The speaker was the well known Jonathan E Doyle MLMEd.

Jonathan speaks across Australia and around the world on issues relating to young people. These dynamic and informative sessions cover a range of topics related to the physical and emotional development of your adolescent son. Some of these topics are listed below.

 - A powerful process of change that gives each young man a compelling vision of what he can do, be and offer to the world.
 - A new vision of relationships built on an accurate understanding of masculine strength and the capacity to be a gift to women, family members and the wider community.

An exploration of the big issues:

■Masculine identity
■How do we help young men avoid proving manhood in toxic ways – sexual conquest, pornography, alcohol abuse and violence.

Jonathan also spoke about a young man’s relationship with his father and ways to manage his testosterone. The audience was captivated with Jonathan’s research, situations they could relate to and excellent advice.

For Knox parents, this was an extremely helpful way to gain an understanding of their sons, why they act the way they do and some solid answers on how to best help them to become a “model of manhood”.