Guiding, supporting and caring for our boys: Knox leads the way


Knox Grammar School has always been a leader in education, specifically boys’ education, whether that be in the academic, pastoral, co-curricular, boarding or even physical sense. Positive Education, with its long term, sustainable strategy, structure and processes, provides a platform from which Knox can constructively influence not just its own community but the community at large.

Positive Education is important at Knox because we believe in the next generation, and believe in equipping them with the means to live a whole and meaningful life within a rapidly changing but ever needful world.

In the words of John W Weeks, Headmaster, Knox Grammar School, “While all schools will have ‘pastoral care’ systems, the question for all of us is to determine if they are appropriate for the needs of our students in the 21st Century. For me, the well-being of our young people is essential for an active and optimistic future. Schools must decide how to do this but at the heart of any effective pastoral care program are the teachers who deliver it. There needs to be focus in training and up-skilling teachers as mentor coaches of this nation’s most precious asset….its youth”.

Whilst Positive Education might be an innovative approach, it is certainly innovation wrapped in tradition, for it represents a continuous journey from Knox’s founding in 1924 to today’s 21st Century Knox: Positive education as an idea and a practice underpinned the establishment and early life of Knox, as articulated by founding Headmaster Neil MacNeil’s espousal of “creating and living the purposeful life”.

The Knox Positive Education Programme provides a proactive, multi-level approach to creating a positive school climate to support academic performance, mental fitness and the well-being of students and staff. The 3 year programme includes the development of explicit and implicit integrated components, including a specially designed curriculum, aimed at providing staff, students and the community specific strengths –based, solution focused knowledge and skills to apply in their school work and life.
The Knox Positive Education Programme will be delivered by the Knox Mentoring Teams. Already over 200 Knox staff have been trained in the principles of positive psychology and its practical application through positive education and coaching
Through the combination of Positive Psychology and Coaching, the Knox Mentoring Teams will work closely with all boys to help them develop and flourish, attain their academic and personal goals and to assist them on the journey towards a purposeful and meaningful life.
Knox Grammar School is working closely with The Positive Psychology Institute and the University of Wollongong, in this world-first scientifically evaluated, Positive Education Program. The design and delivery of the Knox Positive Education Program will be the most comprehensive of its kind combining the science of Positive Psychology, Positive Organisational Scholarship and Appreciative Inquiry, supported by the methodology of evidence based coaching for sustainability.

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The purposeful life.....empowering and ennobling...