HSC Top Achievers


Eight Knox students have achieved the honour of being named in the Board of Studies 'Top Achievers List' for placing in the top 20 in a course.

  • Ben Abberton - 10th in Engineering Studies
  • Rhett Butler - 10th in Earth and Environmental Science
  • Viney Kumar (Year 11, 2015) - 8th in Software Design and Development
  • Michael Liu - 3rd in Chemistry
  • Johnson Man - 9th in History Extension
  • Giacomo Rotolo-Ross - 10th in Ancient History
  • Giacomo Rotolo-Ross - 3rd in Legal Studies
  • Timothy Walsh - 9th in Legal Studies
  • Andrew Zhao - 2nd in Music Extension
  • Andrew Zhao - 3rd in Music 2
Congratulations to the boys, parents and teachers.