Important announcement from the Chairman


On behalf of the Council of Knox Grammar School, I write to advise that after almost 15 years of outstanding service to the school, John Weeks will be retiring as Headmaster at the end of Term 1 in 2018.

As we are all aware, Knox has flourished under John’s leadership and has been transformed into a contemporary school, in which the academic, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the students are at the centre of everything we do.

More specifically, he has led significant academic improvement, advances to the physical environment of the School, and major initiatives such as Positive Education and Teacher Development. The cultural change he has driven has been significant.

At a time when we most needed strong leadership with integrity, John took an active role in our work with the Royal Commission and has been a strong champion of child protection within the School.

John rightly believes that while the School is thriving, it is now time to pass the Headmastership onto the next era.

Since John advised us of his impending retirement earlier this year, the School Council has undertaken an extensive international search for potential replacements as the School’s next Headmaster.

After a number of interviews with very experienced and impressive candidates, Scott James emerged as the very clear frontrunner. His time at the School including as Acting Headmaster, coupled with his proven carriage of significant projects and his vision for the next stage of the School’s development, proved to be an exciting and unbeatable opportunity. On behalf of the School Council, I am delighted to announce Scott James as Knox Grammar School’s eighth Headmaster.

For those of you who are not aware of Scott’s background, he was appointed as Deputy Headmaster 7-12 at Knox in 2009, having served in a range of leadership roles at The King’s School, The Illawarra Grammar School and MLC Burwood. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Graduate Diploma in Education and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. 

He has also undertaken the Macquarie University’s Graduate Leadership Development Program, and is a trained and accredited Child Protection Investigator having completed training at the Association of Independent Schools of NSW.
Scott’s outstanding record as a compassionate and dedicated educator, coupled with his personal integrity and commitment to collaboration, will allow him to build upon the significant foundations established by his predecessors. 

Our transition in leadership is somewhat eased by the fact we already know Scott, he is taking over at a time when the School has benefited from 15 years of exceptional Headmastership, and of course he will continue to be supported by an experienced executive team.
We will now commence recruitment to find and appoint a new Deputy Headmaster for the Senior School.
There will of course be many opportunities for our students, parents, old boys, staff and Church to pay tribute to John and Denise Weeks in Term 1 next year. Denise has been an integral part of John’s leadership and we look forward to honouring them both for their unwavering loyalty and dedication to Knox during the term of John’s Headmastership.

On behalf of the School Council, I hope you share our joy at the announcement of Scott James as Knox Grammar School’s next Headmaster, and I look forward with great excitement to what he will deliver in the next era.

Peter A Roach
Chairman – Knox Grammar School Council