K-2 Twilight Concert 2011


This year our outdoor concert had to be transferred to the Great Hall due to the wet weather. How wonderful that we had this space as a back- up and it proved to be an excellent venue. The change just added to the excitement as the boys had only ever seen the hall at its opening and it looked vastly different to what the staff had worked so hard to set up in the afternoon!

The title of this year’s concert was 'When Santa Lost His Temper'. Set in a department store, Santa is becoming more and more angry when children request so many toys, wanting more and more each year. With songs such as “Jingle Tills” and “Deck The Malls with Loads Of Money”, Santa finally loses his temper and asks the angels to help tell the real message of Christmas through song.

The excitement of 134 little boys, the decorations, costumes and music encouraged every boy to join in this very special event with energy and a sense of fun. The parents and families who attended joined in to sing Silent Night and it was a very touching way to end the evening. Many thanks to the staff who rehearsed the boys and who worked so tirelessly to present such a wonderful performance. Congratulations to our wonderful Santa, Andrew Wilson (Year 2) and all of the Kindergarten, Year One and Year Two boys who sang so beautifully.