Knox boys shine in the HSC


Knox Grammar students have achieved outstanding results in the 2015 Higher School Certificate, with more than 90 boys attaining an ATAR of 90+. 
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Results at a glance

  • Knox Grammar School ranked 37th out of approx 650 schools (Sydney Morning Herald ranking, 17 December 2015)
  • Two boys with the 'perfect score' (ATAR of 99.95) - Michael Liu and Giacomo Rotolo-Ross
  • Approximately 90 boys with ATARs of 90+
  • 10 boys with an ATAR of 99+
  • 409 Band 6 results (90+)
  • 18 boys placed on the All Rounders Achiever’s List for achieving 90 or higher in their best ten units
Top Achiever’s List

Eight Knox students placed in the Top Achiever’s List (place in course): 

  • Ben Abberton -10th in Engineering Studies
  • Rhett Butler - 10th in Earth and Environmental Science
  • Viney Kumar (Year 11, 2015) - 8th in Software Design and Development
  • Michael Liu - 3rd in Chemistry
  • Johnson Man - 9th in History Extension
  • Giacomo Rotolo-Ross - 3rd in Legal Studies and 10th in Ancient History
  • Timothy Walsh - 9th in Legal Studies
  • Andrew Zhou - 2nd in Music Extension and 3rd in Music 2