Knox Flix Film Festival 2017


Films featuring Lego stop motion animation, stunning drone cinematography and a grim dystopian world were among the entries in this year's Knox Flix Film Festival.

The winners of the Knox Flix Film Festival 2017 were announced at a special 'KnOscars' awards ceremony last week. This year's theme was 'Why' - the students interpreted this theme in many ways.

Thank you to our judges Chris Grainger and Jefferson Grainger from Grainger Films.

Junior winners
  1. 'Why Lego?' - Jack Cameron 
  2. 'Why Am I Here?' - Calum Pincott
  3. 'Captain Obvious' - Sean Choi
Senior winners
  1. 'Why I'm Alone' - Alessio Mazza, Lachlan Horder, Hugo Morgan, Jesse Merhi, Jonah Marsden, Callum Hutchison
  2. 'Find your why' - Lachlan Peknice
  3. 'Why Not?' - Ryan Lin, Jason Niu, Steve Koroknay, Calvin Mak, Harry Wagstaff