Knox Future Problem Solver Champions succeed as ambassadors for Knox and for Australia


The Year 11 Future Problem Solvers returned from the USA as Senior International champions in the Global Issue Future Problem Solving competition solving emergency planning issues associated with cyber attack on city infrastructure in 2031.

Knox was the Champion team in the dramatic Action plan presentation of their best solution from the team booklet. Dylan Hopcroft, Damian Morris, Dylan Sherman, Edward Tong, Joe Yanagisawa and Max Wright received many accolades and also performed live at the Awards ceremony before an audience of over 2,000 people. This performance was “live streamed” around the world. Damian Morris, Dylan Sherman, Max Wright and Joe Yanagisawa were placed second out of 53 International finalists in the team booklet competition.

Edward Tong formed a team of four with students from California, Ohio and Kentucky and they were placed first in the Alternate team section. This is a particularly challenging section to compete in as the students also have to ascertain each other’s skills in addition to meeting the problem solving challenges. Dylan Hopcroft was challenged in competition as an Individual against 25 finalists and was close to being placed in the top five.

Knox was the only Australian team to represent Australia in the Variety item concert. They presented a rousing rendition of "Waltzing Matilda" and became known as “the friendly Australians.”

As an introduction, Dylan Hopcroft sang the chorus, unaccompanied, from the middle of over 2,000 people and the audience was stunned! The group on stage then joined in with Dylan Sherman accompanying on piano. It was an international affair with students from New Zealand, Virginia and Kentucky joining in on the song and dance choreography. The props of corked hats, a billy over a fire, a billabong, a ghost and a tucker bag created the atmosphere and one of the New Zealanders acted as the sheep whilst a student from Perth danced with a kangaroo!