Knox Grammar Preparatory School and St Lucy’s School


Knox Grammar Preparatory School Social Justice Program

Target Group: YEAR 6

Each week, Year 6 attend St Lucy’s School on a Monday and Friday for just under one hour in the afternoon. This program allows our boys the opportunity to interact with St Lucy children and engage in social and sporting activities.

We are currently collecting Woolworths and Coles Dockets and aim to donate all school and sporting equipment to our wonderful neighbours.

We also provide a Buddy System to assist with the development and support of a blind student. Our two buddies enjoy the conversation and interaction each week.

Knox provided the venue for the recent St Lucy’s Athletics Carnival and we also assist in running events and supporting the school’s sports program.

We hope to offer further connections and develop other programs which assist the well being of Knox and St Lucy’s students.

Peter Ayling, Director of Students