Knox Introduces Golf as a New Summer Sport


Knox is very proud to introduce golf as a new summer sport for 2012. The team consists of five very talented golfers, who compete each Saturday in a match play handicap system against Joeys, Barker, Riverview, Trinity, and St Pats College, Strathfield.

The team is made up of Nick Brown (Yr10), Tom Schultz (Yr10), Angus Robson (Yr9), Jackson William (YR11) and Patrick Ferris (Yr7).

Each of the boys are off different handicaps including Nick Brown off 4, Tom Schultz off 8, Angus Robson off 11, Jackson William off 12 and Patrick Ferris off 16. The boys will play at various different courses around Sydney including Avondale, Strathfield, Chatswood, Massey Park, Concord and North Ryde Golf Club.

On 13 November, the boys played their first game against Joeys at Massey Park Golf Club situated on the shore of Exile Bay, 20 minutes from the city centre. The team for the day consisted of Nick Brown, Tom Schultz, Angus Robson and Patrick Ferris. All the boys had quite convincing wins, and were able to defeat their opponents over the 18 holes of golf.
Mrs Amanda Smith, the team manager also thoroughly enjoyed the day and provided support and confidence for the boys throughout the round.

The second round took place on 20 November where the Knox golfers took on St Ignatius College. The final score of the day was 2-2. Nick Brown was 2 up against his opponent and Jackson Williams did well in his first game of the season to go one up. Both Angus Robson and Patrick Ferris both played well but unfortunately ended up 2 down after 18 holes.

These boys have been fantastic ambassadors for Knox and their code of behaviour, dress and golf etiquette have been noticed and commented upon by many outside of the school.