Knox Musicians have a Brilliant Month!!


What a month!
The following encapsulates the remarkable achievements of this last month. However before you look at this please read on.......

Our sincerest Congratulations to all of our brilliant musicians.

Encompassing our 2011 Knox Musical, ‘Curtains’ with the 2011 Festival and Eisteddfod season, we could not be more proud of our students performances within our extensive KAPA Instrumental Music program.

Outstanding performances in all sections of the Sydney Eisteddfod and Yamaha Dickson’s Band Festival have facilitated truly ‘magical’ moments for our boys. It is hoped that these remarkable experiences will remain with the students forever.

2011 has been a highlight!

On behalf of all of the boys conductors (Ms Irik, Mr Azzollini, Mr Power and Mr Brice), the instrumental teachers and the tutor’s, as I pass on congratulations to every boy. We are exceptionally proud of our boys' involvement and participation.

Beginning with two magnificent performances by the Knox Stage Band and Knox Big Band on Saturday, 28 May, the Knox Grammar School was the only single school to collect GOLD awards in both the High School C & A Grades. In addition to this Melvin Ling (Yr 12) was highlighted as one of the best LEAD Trumpets players that the adjudicators have ever heard! Bravo Melvin!

Following on within the Yamaha Festival arena, the performances by both the Yr 7 Wind Band and the Knox Concert Band were magnificent in the HS C & B grades respectively. Both ensembles performed with great musicianship, dynamic contour, excitement and sophistication for their respective ages. Once again both ensembles were noted as being the youngest in their grades by a LONG LONG way, both receiving VERY HIGH Silver Awards! Congratulations boys.

Finally within the Yamaha Festival, was the performance by the Knox Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE) in the HS A Grade section. With only two bands being awarded a GOLD award out of a field of SEVEN, SWE's exceptionally well-rehearsed program, together with the sophisticated repertoire was indeed a highlight within this division.

The Sydney Eisteddfod also contained exceptionally high levels of excitement both on and off the stage. Luckily for every performing ensemble the quality of the recordings have been consistently fantastic, allowing us the opportunity to recall these performances with premium audio recordings. In time these will be made available to every performer.

The Chamber Strings were magnificent, with their presentation in the Secondary String Ensemble section. A significantly well attended section in which Knox was awarded a 3rd Place. Hearty congratulations to the Chamber Strings for their musically enriching, diverse and varied program.

SWE, also received a 3rd Place in the Premium Secondary School Concert Band Division with some 'unusual' feedback. Needless to say the recording demonstrates a most tuneful and exciting performance that will be remembered by all.

Finally in the Sydney Eisteddfod was the MAGNIFICENT performance by the Knox Symphony Orchestra (KSO). Achieving the highest placing within Knox's history, the KSO performed Gustav Holst's 'Jupiter' and 'Star Wars' within the field of NSW's finest, most well respected and rehearsed orchestra's, was an absolute highlight.

Knowing that this exact repertoire was performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra just weeks ago, is a true testament to the KSO's dedication and commitment throughout recent years.

The recording is truly magnificent!

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the boys in the Curtains Orchestra. Five months of rehearsal, and seven remarkable performances. A 'tough book' in which our 'Curtains' orchestra performed brilliantly! Bravo.

Thanks to all involved for support of these wonderful opportunities and to the boys for their immeasurable dedication and commitment.

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