Knox surf life savers head back to the beach


The red and yellow flags were back in the sand on Saturday as Knox surf life savers returned to Whale Beach for their first patrol of the season.

About 40 Knox boys from Years 9 to 12 are participating in the Surf Life Saving program this summer.

“This year we have about 15 boys from all year groups doing their Bronze Medallion,” said Knox MIC of Surf Life Saving, Jono Giles-Sproule.

The boys patrol at Whale Beach on Saturdays throughout Terms 1 and 4 and compete in swimming, board and other races at carnivals. Each boy is expected to contribute 25 patrol hours over the summer.

Surf Life Saving began as a sport at Knox in 1998. The program aims to provide the students with essential surf safety, resuscitation and rescue skills as well as improving their fitness through regular trainings and competitions. 

"As a community based sport, Surf Life Saving also allows the boys to give back to the community by volunteering their time throughout the season," said Jono.