Literacy Week - It's all about Reading and Writing


The English and Information Services (Library) departments have worked in conjunction to design an engaging week of activities to celebrate Literacy Week.

Baffle the Boys! Literacy Week Guessing Competition
Books shape and influence lives each and every day. We have all read a book that has affected us in a way that has had a lasting effect. Academic staff from across all faculties have provided short descriptions of the books that are their favourite; either for shaping, influencing or changing the way that they see the world around them.

The game – to guess your teachers favourite book!
Prizes will go to the boy in each Year group who makes the most matches! The flyer.

Writer in Residence
William Kostakis was only 19 when he secured a publishing deal; a week before starting his HSC. His first novel 'Loathing Lola', was shortlisted for the Sakura Medal and made the official selection for 2010's Get Reading! program. Now 21, he has started writing his second novel.

His expertise as a young writer has provided a real world approach to writing for the candidates of the HSC English Extension 1 and Extension 2 courses. William has shared his experiences of writing; from the process of conceptualising your ideas, to the artistry of writing. He has imparted skills as a ‘teacher as writer’ rather than a ‘teacher of writing’, and the boys have thoroughly engaged with his irreverent and honest approach.

During his time as Writer is Residence, he judged the Literary Prize with John Larkin – Writer in Residence at the Preparatory School. William returns in Literacy Week to speak with the boys across Years 7 to 10 in a series of presentations in the Library.

Literacy Week – Real Men Read!
The English and Information Services (Library) departments have worked collaboratively for several years to show that reading is for enjoyment! The natural flow on effect of the enjoyment of reading and literacy development is obvious. In 2009, Reading Enrichment periods were timetabled once a fortnight for all classes from Years 7 to 10.

During March, each year, the departments organised the 'Father and Son Literary Brunch'. The focus of the event is to remind us all that – Real Men Read!

During Literacy Week, the boys from Years 7 to 10, will hear from a series of presenters about the influence of reading for their adult life. William Kostakis (Writer in Residence – Senior School) will lead the presentations, with guest speakers such as Mr Mark Salmond (Mathematics), Mr Robert Simes and Mr Chris Weber (History).