Mock Trial Success


The Knox team is made up of School Captain, Matthew Green and Thomas Goldie, Sean Reading, Matthew Yeldham, Michael Crawford, Charles George, William Xi and Matthew Allen.
The semi-final was a civil negligence case between Wilson (Plaintiff) vs Noel (Defendant). The plaintiff sought damages from the defendant for breaching duty of care and allowing a minor use of a dangerous weapon that resulted in injury to the Plaintiff.

Knox had the case of the Plaintiff and claimed the costs of incidentals and compensation of $25,000 for damages arising from the Defendant’s negligence of a child.  The charge was brought under precedent set within the cases; McHale v Watson [1964] 111 CLR 384 and Newton v Edgley [1959] 3 All 337.

The final will be held on Wednesday 1 December against Bega High School. Knox has the defence in a criminal case that concerns the assault of a hockey player during a game.
The team has been training with, and learning points of law and court performance from Knox parent, Tony Iannuzzelli.