NEWS FLASH From Adelaide!


NEWS FLASH From Adelaide!

The nervously awaited time was now upon us, SWE began their final preparations with a ‘SWE Style Sing-along’ where passion, commitment and focussed adrenaline were certainly noted ahead of ‘pitch’. Although entertaining the acquired focus was fantastic ahead of the final warm up room.

Moving onto stage at 4.15pm, this was it. The culmination of months of preparation and excitement combined with the moment. Performing the hymn ‘Ave Maria’ was highly emotional for all. Following this was ‘Liturgical Dances’ (Test Piece) which was simply stunning, with the boys’ dynamic range increasing yet again by another 40%. ‘Tin Tin: Prisoner of the Sun’, perhaps the boys’ favourite was definitely a PB, with magnificent exposed solo work throughout. Concluding with ‘Army of the Nile’ (March) SWE was awarded a staggering 479/500, equating to 95.8%, bringing home a ‘truck load’ of trophies now as the 2011 Australian National Junior A Grade Champion Concert Band.

To quote the adjudicator Major Graham Lloyd:-“A Stunning rendition of a tremendously written work. Solid, exciting – the adjectives can go on.”

ANZAC Day was, of course, another brilliant day! SWE marched in the Adelaide ANZAC parade to the delight and applause of the Adelaide crowd. The boys played and marched particularly well for a band that had not marched before.... it would have been hard to tell.

The afternoon performance at the 2011 Grand Anzac Day Concert in the Adelaide Town Hall, in the presence of the Governor General of SA and Lord Mayor of Adelaide, was just magic. The band played a big repertoire, playing for the entire 2nd half of the Concert. After a fun filled program the boys played Ave Maria as the crowd were leaving and so many simply stopped to listen rather than continuing to leave, such was the quality of their playing.

Thank you Mums and Dads for all the early mornings, ironed uniforms, Windsor knots, polished shoes and encouragement.
Congratulations boys!