North Shore locals invited to help refugee support group


Knox mums Kiki Paul, Lissa McCawley and Judi Bastinwagner have collected hundreds of toys, blankets and food items for refugee families living in Sydney, in partnership with Settlement Services International.

The group, Women Empowering Refugee Women, is a joint initiative of Knox Grammar and Ravenswood School for Girls, have also volunteered time at a weekly playgroup and fortnightly community kitchen for refugee families.

North Shore residents are invited to become involved in the group. Volunteers are needed to assist with a weekly playgroup in Parramatta. While the children are cared for by one group of volunteers, the refugee women participate in workshops on topics including Australian culture, English conversation, first aid and computer skills, run by another group of volunteers.

Volunteers are also needed to assist on a day out for refugee mums and toddlers on 11 August, to attend a children’s show at the Opera House.

North Shore locals interested in donating can help out by running their own food drives to support Settlement Services International, which regularly distributes food parcels to refugee families with a limited budget.

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