Poem wins national Dorothea Mackellar Award


Year 3 student Josiah May has received first place in the 2013 Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards.

The awards, which received more than 10,000 entries, aim to capture the imagination of school students across Australia, inspiring them with a passion for poetry and a love of country.

Josiah was presented with his award at a special ceremony in Gunnedah last week. His rich, colourful poem, Images of Australia, captures the Australian landscape from a bird's-eye view, with beautiful metaphors.

Several other Knox boys also received awards in the competition

K-3 section: Oliver Sved (Highly commended), Alex Tran (Commended)
Year 4-6 section: Lachlan White (Commended), Joshua Caspari (Commended) and Alec Berg (Commended)

Images of Australia
By Josiah May
The wind takes us on a rainbow of many colours-
to the rich orange of the outback
reflected in the wilderness of the sky
with fingers of gold
stretched across a canvas
of burnt red.
Giant clouds painting the sky like a bucket of spilt paint
a single tree, a green twisted shape, taunted by its aloneness.
and the breeze moves on...
Down below
the land stays gold
for thousands of miles
before seeping into reds
greens, yellows and browns.
Becoming a quilt of many patterns...
white dimples on brown stems,
illuminated leaves trailing down,
stained hills of scrub
seamed by wooden stitches.
and yet... the breeze moves on...
Past horribly twisted ghost gums,
subjects of paranoia,
laughing and cackling
as they glow underneath
the pure white moon
and point their cold contorted fingers
surrounded by frozen plants who,
beheld their icy souls,
and, themselves, were paralysed.
with a shudder, the breeze moves away...
And breathes relief as down below
inside the water another world lives,
a mere reflection that is deceiving
and beautiful.
Willow trees' leaves hang like
dangling Christmas ornaments.
Green and black
mix and mingle together
dancing silhouettes
the sun, shines and shimmers
and then the breeze moves on...
And stops in a room of clouds,
a circus of acrobatic droplets
flinging through the air.
Trapeze artists
dressed in pink,
amidst wild elephants roaming
through the sky,
accompanied by goofy clowns
honking their golden noses.
The sun applauds them
and the breeze rests.