Positive Psychology Luncheon


On Wednesday, 16 November the Knox Parents' Association Senior Social Committee (KPASSC) held its Annual General Meeting which was followed by a Christmas luncheon. The President Sally Gulson, welcomed 37 guests with an introduction of special guest speakers, Dr Suzy Green and Paula Robinson from the Positive Psychology Institute.

The topic for Suzy and Paula’s presentation was "What is Positive Psychology and How it is Working at Knox?"

The audience listened intently as each speaker discussed the importance of creating a positive school environment that supports academic performance, mental fitness and the wellbeing of staff and students, as it is through such initiatives that both students and staff will flourish. Knox staff has participated in Positive Psychology coaching by Suzy and Paula and they have embraced its importance and principles. As a result the new Knox Mentoring Program will be introduced in 2012.

The presentation and lunch was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and the guests were left with an understanding and a feeling of excitement about the new Positive Education Program and the Knox initiatives for the 21st Century.