Positive Psychology President visits Knox


Dr Steve Zolezzi, Head of Positive Education, Professor Bob Vallerand, President of the International Positive Psychology Association, John Weeks, Headmaster, Scott James, Deputy Headmaster

The President of the International Positive Psychology Association, Professor Bob Vallerand, recently visited Knox for a seminar on the topic of ‘Passion’.
Professor Vallerand has served as Head of the Psychology Department at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He is a leading international expert on motivation. He has written or edited six books and more than 250 scientific articles and book chapters.
“It was wonderful to have an international leader in the field of Positive Psychology visit Knox and speak to our staff,” said the Head of Positive Education at Knox, Dr Steve Zolezzi.
“Professor Vallerand highlighted the ways in which teachers and parents can support young people in becoming passionate and resilient individuals,” said Zolezzi. “The seminar helped participants distinguish between healthy and unhealthy forms of passion.”