Sony Puts Knox on the Record


At the Community Celebration for the opening of Knox Grammar School’s Great Hall and Aquatic Centre, Mr Denis Handlin kindly offered recording time in the Sony Studios for two bands to put down a demotape.

Mark Stebnicki and Sascha White liaised effectively with KAPA, our Performing Arts Academy to ensure a smooth operation. On Monday, 14 November seven boys arrived at the Studio with their instruments and from 9.30am until 7.00pm they learnt a great deal about the recording process, the industry and themselves.

Knox Music teacher Cos Azzolini, who supervised them on the day, reports that they were very grateful for a valuable experience. They were amazed at the coolness and efficiency of people in the workplace – Knox is only workplace many of them would be familiar with. Their knowledge of the recording process and its demands expanded exponentially. They were required to lay down tracks individually and until now, they have been able to “hide” within their bands. They learnt about collaborating effectively with each other and with Head Audio Engineer Brad Williams, who gave so generously of his time, expertise and himself.

Eugenia (Toby Chew Lee, Mike Crawford, Tom McKenzie and Sam Duncan) and The 5 Star Frog Splashes (Aaron James, Will Beaumont and Matt Deavin) will never be the same again. In their words it was “a total eye-opener”.

Thank you Sony, for providing a positive, wide-ranging educational experience for our boys as they leave Knox, and it all began with the Battle of the Bands!

Sony’s Head Audio Engineer, Brad Williams at the techno coal face.