Teen Fiction by our Prep School's Writer in Residence


John Larkin, Writer in Residence at Knox Grammar Preparatory School, is launching his new novel "Shadow Girl", one of the most important teen novels for 2011!  The book is suitable for the 13+ age group.

‘I tried to be forgettable. That’s how I survived.’ The shadow girl never imagined she'd live on the streets. After her parents disappear, life with her aunt and uncle takes a sinister turn. Terrified that the authorities will believe her uncle over her, she flees.

She tricks her way into a new school and pretends to have a loving family. No one knows she sleeps in rail yards, sand dunes and abandoned houses. At school she meets the author she will call on years later. Together they piece together the story of how she survived, who helped her, and the friend she wishes she could have saved.

Thrilling, profound and blackly funny, The Shadow Girl is John Larkin's best and most important novel to date.

‘Tragic, comic and epic, The Shadow Girl is as devastating as it is inspiring.’
-- Markus Zusak, author of "The Book Thief"

‘The Shadow Girl is a white-knuckled thriller with a sassy main character and a terrifying villain, all bundled in with laugh-out-loud moments and savage examinations of what people believe.’
- James Roy, author of "Hunting Elephants", "Town" and "Anonymity Jones"

‘A compelling tale of lost innocence, truth, lies and survival. John Larkin has created an unforgettable character who will take your breath away.’
-- Jacqueline Harvey, author of the "Alice-Miranda" series

John Larkin will be involved in a radio interviewed tomorrow with the focus being on the launch of his new novel “Shadow Girl”.  The interview can be heard here: www.abc.net.au/rn/lifematters/stories/2011/3333833.htm