Ten Knox teachers to go under the razor for leukaemia fundraiser


Ten teachers from Knox Prep School will have their heads shaved on Monday 18 March to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. Three staff will also have their heads sprayed with coloured dye for the event.
Holding the hair clippers will be Xavier Wells, a Year 3 boy who after 18 months of treatment at Westmead is very happy to be back at school. Xavier was diagnosed with a high-risk brain tumour and has undergone neurosurgery, radiation therapy and intensive chemotherapy.

“Xavier has had a tough time recently. While he suffered from a brain tumour rather than leukaemia, we felt this was a great way for him to have some fun and get involved,” said Prep teacher Mr Denis Kelliher.

“Many of the friends Xavier met in hospital were children receiving treatment for leukaemia and it normally takes two years or more to treat,” explained Mr Kelliher.

The Prep staff have already raised $5,000 for the foundation and are hoping to raise more than $8,000.
>> Make a donation via the World's Greatest Shave website