The Evening of Eminents


The sixth Year 8 da Vinci English Evening of Eminents saw students from Ms Roy’s and Mr Mulligan’s classes find inspiration from Shakespeare’s heroes and villains. With the brief of taking their chosen character and creating their own hero or villain using ICT students wowed family and teachers with their level of expertise and creativity. Students used a range of innovative ICT software and programs to recreate some of Shakespeare’s famous and not so famous characters in new and different settings. Romeo and Juliet became Salang Chun and Joa Quindee in a cold war drama comic between North and South Korea; Much Ado About Nothing’s Benedick became Lt Bennet in a naval romance drama comic; Twelfth Night’s Viola became Bahadur in a Middle Eastern film about confused identity; Merchant of Venice’s Shylock became a 1930’s American gangster and King Lear’s Edmund became a Wall Street Executive hungry for money.

The ICT became a framework for students to use their imaginations to engage their audience in creative and original ways. The creativity was enhanced by students dressing as their characters. Student’s relished the opportunity to explain the creative process to their audience, reawakening the love of not just heroism and villainy but the joy and thrill of imaginative possibilities.