Training Tips from the Top


Knox Grammar School sports trainer Tara Andriejunas has returned enlightened from a five-month internship in the United States. Tara, 26, of Glenhaven, did her internship in strength and conditioning at Stanford University, one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions in Palo Alto, California.

"It was different," she said. "I was working with 15 teams. Most of the athletes were the best in the United Sates.

"Two women were going into the Women's National Basketball Association, one athlete was going to the major league soccer and a few were going into major league baseball."

Andriejunas said most of the athletes were pushing on to professional status and had a lot of support, including physiotherapists, trainers, sports medical teams, nutritionists and psychologists.

"A lot of people would not know what is behind a team," Andriejunas said. "It was amazing what happened in the background - because Stanford University is the most successful college, they get a lot of media interviews and telecasts.

"It's a eye-opener to see what i's like - professional and serious."

The former Hills Hornets basketball player said the main team she worked with was a basketball team. "A lot of the ways the players move in the court is from what they do in the gym. They work on linear and lateral movement and moving faster," she said. She said they worked with weights and focused on speed and acceleration.
"Every movement in basketball is broken down and then they work on them," Andriejunas said. "The athletes work on movement patterns - they work to be perfect and one step faster than other athletes."The athletes train in the gym a lot. Pre-season it's five times a week. They do a huge amount of training for the season. I am very excited to get back to work and use what I have learnt."