UK cricket tour builds skills and comradery


Playing cricket against some of England’s oldest schools, staying with British families and sightseeing across the country were some of the highlights from Knox Grammar School’s Cricket Tour of the United Kingdom held over the school holidays.

“The best thing that I did on the tour was just to be able to play cricket in English conditions,” said Year 10 student and junior team captain Trent Muskens. 

“The sightseeing throughout the English towns was amazing and the comradery built was incredible but I think all the players would agree that we had the most fun while we were out in the middle with bat or ball in hand.”

The group of 27 cricketers from Years 9 to 11 at Knox visited the United Kingdom over the school holidays, playing matches against nine teams.  

“Over 16 days, the touring party travelled by bus from one side of England to the other, playing nearly a whole season’s worth of cricket during this time,” said Director of Cricket Julien Manuel. 

“We were extremely fortunate to be able to play against some of England’s oldest schools, some as old as 500 years, with facilities that were better than most facilities and grounds outside of the test grounds in Australia.”

In between playing games of cricket, the group had the chance to visit sites including Christ College (Oxford) where many of the iconic scenes from Harry Potter were filmed, Warwick Castle and its famous dungeon, the Roman Baths in Bath, Leeds Castle and the Pier in Brighton.