Unmasking Shakespeare


The Year 7 Core and da Vinci courses have been learning all about Shakespeare and his times in English this term. They have been immersed in his dramatic world of theatre and performance.

The English Department has taken a very kinaesthetic approach to the teaching and learning of this unit. Their assessment involved representing an aspect of Shakespeare’s world. Students were advised to only use material commonly found at home. The enthusiasm and attention to detail with which the task was approached by the majority of students was impressive. The calibre of these creative products surpassed all expectations and demonstrates professionalism beyond the students’ young age. We regret that space in the library prevents us from displaying all the representation tasks.

Here is what some Year 7 parents have thought about the task:

“This looks like it will be fun - What a great way to learn about Shakespeare!”

“It actually took him more time to just think about the scene and collect all the bits than it did to put it all together."

"We discussed things about the book which really helped him understand how to work on his comprehension."

"I feel that he has learnt a lot from this assessment which is good.”

It is with pride that we showcase some of the representation tasks. Cecilia Batista, English Department, Leading Teacher of Assessment and Creativity