NSW Write-On Competition


Congratulations to Lachlan Campbell (Year 2) who has been awarded a Gold Certificate for his entry in the Board of Studies' WriteOn Competition.

WriteOn is a writing competition for NSW children in Years 1 to 6.  It is designed to encourage young students to develop their writing skills in an engaging way.  171 schools were involved in this competition. Lachlan was only one of seven children to win this award for his stage, providing him with the opportunity to become a published author in an anthology. 

The Caped Dog
By Lachlan Campbell – Year 2B

When the barren land was bathed in pure darkness there was a friendly family dog with one desire.  That desire was to fly.  All he needed was a small piece of encouragement.  The dog’s name was Paw; he gained that name from an owner who had abandoned him.  He gazed into the distance.  It was like birds were teasing him with their ability to fly.  

As usual when he wanted to think he dug a hole in the hope of finding something and this time he did.  It was a small red cape that was as bright as the sun.  He was certain this would allow him to fly.  He looked up and saw one bright shining star.  He made a wish, and that wish was to be supported when he went flying.  Suddenly, a group of dog catchers stumbled upon Paw.  They threatened him and it looked like they meant it.  At that moment Paw discovered that he could really fly.  He leapt into the sky.  The dog catchers stood still like statues in amazement.  

Paw flew in the sky, dipping and weaving.  In time he forgot about the people and began playing on a nearby rooftop.  The dog catchers quietly and quickly accessed a ladder and climbed onto the roof.  Paw took no notice of the catchers.  Suddenly Paw turned around but it was too late.  He was captured.  The dog catchers stared at the cape with fascination.  “It doesn’t look as though they want to capture me,” Paw thought.  The men quickly collected the cape and scrambled away.

Paw lay there depressed and tired.  It looked as though he was dead.  He got up thinking the cape was still on.  He braced himself once again and jumped - AND HE COULD FLY!  It was the encouragement that let him ascend to the sky.  Finally his dream was fulfilled.  It was as if he were as light as a feather as he soared through the sky.