Year 11 students learn from leading economists


On Thursday, 24 May the Year 11 economics cohort attended an economics seminar day at Pymble Ladies College. As we travelled down the train line towards the school, you could sense the excitement among  the boys, which was of course nothing to do with the location of the seminar but was solely because of the informative day ahead. At Pymble, the boys were greeted with large crowds of economics students from numerous schools. After a period of mingling and meeting new people, everyone entered the vast auditorium and was ready to learn from the extensive knowledge of the day’s guest speakers

Throughout the day we heard from Dr David Osmond who spoke of Economic Conditions and Monetary Policy, Ross Gittins who spoke of Fiscal Policy and the recent Budget, and Dr Saul Eslake who spoke of Australia’s economy and the external sector. All speakers were extremely informative and the boys found it particularly refreshing to learn from different sources. These guest speakers were broken up by recess and lunch, and despite the gloomy weather, Pymble Ladies College was still able to present a salubrious spread that the boys especially enjoyed.

Overall, all the boys found it to be a very enjoyable experience and cherished the opportunity to learn in an environment that differed from the classroom. The seminar was exceptionally helpful heading towards our assessment task, as well as having an entertaining element interacting with other students. Special thanks to Pymble Ladies College for hosting such a successful day and to the Knox Economics department for allowing Knox students to be involved.

Written by Year 11 student Scott Muirhead