Year 7 Support of STARTTS


Within Knox's Social Justice program, each Christmas, Year 7 traditionally donates Christmas gifts for children for STARTTS, an organisation which supports children who are the victims of torture and trauma. These children may not receive any other Christmas gifts.

Thank you to the parents, students and staff who have generously donated to this special organisation.

Why does STARTTS exist?

Each year Australia accepts around 13,000 refugees from all over the world. More than one third of these refugees will settle in NSW.

Between 70 and 90 percent of refugees coming to Australia will have experienced torture and/or trauma. Most will have experienced multiple traumatic events including war, the death and/or disappearance of loved ones and/or torture. The physical consequences of torture and trauma are broad ranging from chronic pain to heart problems.

But the psychological and social effects are often the most distressing and difficult to deal with. They can range from depression and anxiety to family conflict and breakdown. This comes on top of the demands associated with leaving behind a familiar environment and coming to a country with a different language, culture and systems. In addition, refugees are coping with the normal ups and downs that all human beings face.

Despite the amazing resilience of refugees and the many contributions they make to Australian society, they will often need specialised assistance to overcome the effects of their experiences. With some help, torture and trauma survivors are more likely to live fruitful and fulfilling lives. For more information, visit