Year 7 Wind Band ‘mini’ Music Camp


‘Yes I know it is a Sunday, rise and shine boys…… the Wind Band workshop is awaiting you’, as quoted by many of our Knox parents on the morning of Sunday 6 March. No doubt this may have been a familiar calling for our 56 members in the Year 7 Wind Band, however our youngest Senior School boys flocked to the Francis Music Auditorium with considerable anticipation of the day ahead.

Essentially this day was a ‘mini’ Music Camp for our Year 7 Knox woodwind, brass, and percussion students in the newly formed Year 7 Wind Band. During the day the boys enjoyed a most comprehensive musical experience, covering a wealth of material within a consolidated period of time. Alternating between sectional and full band rehearsals, the Year 7 boys integrated opportunities for team building, social interaction and cohesion in the enjoyment the musical and social program.

Together with the specialised music tutorial staff, Ms Leah Lock, Miss Joanne Carey, Mrs Nicole Brice, Ms Leanne Sullivan, Mr Josh Ransom and Mr James Brice, our boys concluded the massive day with a brilliant concert for approximately 80-100 family and friends. Performing four works, The Pioneers, Adrenaline Engines, Amen & Thriller, the boys are creating exceptional music within just a few weeks. Congratulations!