Year 9 student finalist in global Google competition


An app created by a Knox student which uses real-time Google data to help emergency vehicles move through traffic has won the 13-14 age category of the global Google Science Fair Competition in Los Angeles.

Year 9 student Viney Kumar’s project, ‘Police and Ambulances: Regulating Traffic’, a smartphone app, has been selected from more than 7,500 entries worldwide.

About the project

The app is a signalling system for emergency vehicles that warns motorists wirelessly when an ambulance, fire engine or police vehicle is approaching so that they can move out of the way more quickly. This allows emergency vehicles to quickly reach their destination, potentially saving lives, property and preventing crime.

“On a trip to India I saw an ambulance stuck in traffic and unable to move, leaving me wondering how many lives were being lost every day,” said Viney. “This became the inspiration for my project.”

The app prototype, which was created after seven design iterations, can now successfully receive an early-warning graphic and voice signal on a hands-free mobile phone when an emergency vehicle is within 800 metres.

“Eventually I visualise drivers having mandated, pre-fitted, vehicle dashboard equipment,” said Viney.

About the competition

Viney has won more than $25,000 in prizes. To find out more about the competition, visit