Young chemists win CSIRO Bronze


Two Year 8 Knox students, Ian Kwong and Jack Cheng, have been awarded a Bronze CSIRO Creativity in Science and Technology (CREST) award for their work on creating Alum crystals in a chemistry laboratory.

To receive the award, students must undertake real-life open-ended science and technology research projects which involve creativity, perseverance and application.

Ian and Jack completed a 10 hour practical investigation and tested the growth of Alum (potassium aluminium sulfate) crystals at various temperatures from a super-saturated solution.

The boys are members of the Knox Science Club. Students from the club meet on Monday and Tuesday afternoons after school and work on projects such as making sherbet from scratch and constructing and programming lego robots.

“I love science because it’s so hands-on,” said Ian.

“Science can explain and relates to everything on the planet,” Jack said.

A Chemistry Titration Club for senior students also meets every week.