Knox Grammar School


The carpark boom gate is now back in operation (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until 6.15pm and on Saturday morning. » Read More

As you exit the centre, you will need to collect a carpark token from reception.  Tokens will only be given to adults.


Assessments are conducted by the program coordinator on a regular basis. If your child’s instructor feels that your child is ready to move up, they will ask the program coordinator to assess your child. » Read More

If your child is ready to move up you will receive notification by email. If your child is not moved up the program coordinator will provide feedback to the instructor as to what skills still need to be worked on. As classes are scheduled back to back, instructors do not have the time to discuss student progress with parents. If you have questions regarding your child’s progress, please speak to Carla (am) or Sally (pm).

Underwater Photography – Puddle Pics

Puddle Pics Underwater Photography will be taking photos during swimming lessons between Monday 17 February – Sunday 23 February. » Read More

All students, from AquaTots through to Mini Squad, will be photographed. Photos will be available for purchase starting at $25 from 3 March. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Puddle Pics flyer - February 2014 Puddle Pics flyer - February 2014 (133 KB)

If you do not want your child photographed, please let your child’s instructor know at the commencement of the lesson.  If you would like a family photo, please speak to one of the photographers.

Swimming caps

We recommend that all children wear a swimming cap, especially students with long hair. » Read More

Each child in the program is entitled to a free latex Knox branded cap. We also have silicone or nylon caps for sale for $10 from the Learn to Swim Office.

Make-up Lessons - Just a Reminder

If you will be absent from your lesson and wish to do a make-up class, you need to provide us with minimum seven days' notice and will incur a $2 admin fee. If you miss a lesson and provide medical evidence, your make-up fee is waived.



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