Knox Grammar School

​Holiday Program

It’s nearly school holidays again! These April holidays, we will be running a week of intensive classes from Monday 13 to Friday 17 April in addition to our normal weekly lessons. » Read More

Our intensive classes are a great opportunity for your children to quickly progress their skills towards the next level. Please contact us by email or in person to arrange for your holiday lessons.

April Closure Dates

Please note that we will be closed for the Easter long weekend. » Read More

Lessons will not be running from Friday 3 to Monday 6 April inclusive. We will also be closed for ANZAC Day public holiday on Saturday 25 April. You will not be billed for these sessions and you do not need to reschedule your class.

​Swimming in Winter

There are many benefits to participating in swimming lessons during winter. » Read More

In many cases, winter is one of the best times of the year to swim! Classes are usually smaller which reduces the child to teacher ratio. Learning to swim is about continuous improvement and your child is more likely to progress if they continue to build upon the skills that they have already learnt during the warmer months. 

​Aquatots Classes

Introducing your child to the water from a young age greatly enhances their comfort in the water throughout the rest of their lives. » Read More

To give your child the best start, Knox offers lessons for children from the age of six months. Younger babies have a natural affinity with the water so are better adapted to submersions and the conditioning process if introduced to the water early. To give your child an easy introduction to swimming, we offer free trial lessons for all children six months to three years. Please see reception to book your lesson today. 


We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who completed a feedback form at the end of February. » Read More

Gaining your feedback on the program helps us to improve the service that we offer going forwards. There were a number of common comments which are addressed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like further details or have more feedback to contribute.

Child Progress Feedback
Our program coordinators and pool-deck staff are more than happy to provide you with feedback on your child’s swimming.

Unfortunately the size of our swim school does not allow us to provide everyone with written feedback each month. Children are watched closely by their teachers and program coordinators with assessments done as a part of every class. You are more than welcome to request a formal assessment at any time, just ask the office or pool-deck staff at the commencement of your lesson.

Enrolment Process
We have done our best to provide you with a streamlined, non-repetitive enrolment process – you only ever need to complete an enrolment form once, regardless of changes to the day/time of your class, extra bookings or adding a child.

We are working to further digitalise our enrolment process to cut down on the amount of paperwork you are required to complete to join the program but at this stage do not have the facility to open online bookings, although we have requested the feature from our software provider.

Teacher changes
We do our best at Knox Grammar Learn to Swim to employ young people, however this does mean we sometimes have to work around university timetables, illnesses and vacations.

We do our best to maintain consistency with our teachers, however sometimes this is not achievable. If there is a permanent change to your child’s teacher, you will always be notified by email. If someone is sick, we do our best to notify you however these changes sometimes happen at the last minute.

Length of Pool - Focus on safety and technique
Our program places a great emphasis on both safety skills and swimming technique.

While we understand your concern that at times your child may not be swimming as far as they physically can, the teachers are able to give much more frequent and detailed instruction in the lessons due to the shorter distance. Our program coordinators are very happy to discuss our teaching philosophy with you if you are interested.

Contacting us
During lesson hours, we do our best to answer your phone calls but unfortunately this is not always possible. For the timeliest response, it is best to send us an email ( with your enquiry. If you do prefer to call, we will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible. 




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