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Winter promotions

Winter is a great time to focus on water safety and swimming technique in preparation for fun days at the beach and in the pool for the warmer months. » Read More

Classes tend to be smaller, reducing the child to teacher ratio and improving the rate of improvement as they build on the skills they learned during the warmer months. 

Our indoor pool is kept at 32.5°C year-round, ensuring comfort for you and your children, so have a look at our current winter promotions to boost their swimming over winter!

Learn to Swim - 50% off your second lesson (excludes mini-squad)

Does your child need that extra boost to get them into the next level? Whether it be breaststroke kick, bilateral breathing or butterfly; winter is a great time to work on their technique. » Read More

From 1 June 2015 until 31 August 2015 we are offering you 50% off your second class booking, giving your children the chance to improve, ready for their school carnivals and days at the beach in the Summer.

Terms and Conditions: The first class will continue to be charged at $18.50 per lesson, with the second lesson to be charged at $9.75 per lesson until the conclusion of the promotion period, at which time the second lesson will continue at a charge of $18.50 per lesson. This promotion excludes Mini-Squad lesson bookings. Lessons booked under our Winter Promotions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Entry and Use of the Knox Aquatic Centre, available at:

Aquatots free month when you refer a friend

Early-age water familiarisation has been linked to your child being comfortable in the water for the rest of their lives. Our pool provides both warm water (32.5°C) and air temperatures (29.5°C) to make familiarising your child with the water comfortable at all times of the year. » Read More

This winter you will receive 1 month of free lessons when you refer a friend to our program, so bring them along for their free trial lesson and share the joy of early-age water familiarisation with a friend.

Terms and Conditions: The value of four free lessons will be credited to your account upon your friend enrolling into monthly lessons minimum term. 
Lessons booked under our Winter Promotions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Entry and Use of the Knox Aquatic Centre, available at:

The benefits of swimming in winter

Did you know, it is impossible to catch a cold just from being cold - we must come into contact with the cold or flu virus to ‘catch it'. » Read More

As these viruses can't live in the air for long we can only catch them around people who have them! In fact, colds are more common in winter because people (especially children) spend more time indoors and are therefore exposed to more germs. 

Why swimming lessons during winter are fantastic for your child 
Winter months are great for children to continue learning how to swim because in summer kids are in the pool or they go to the beach where they can practice their skills regularly. In winter, families tend not to go to the pool or the beach. Therefore, it can be a whole six months until some children return to the water and this can lead to further setbacks for their swimming development. 

Be safe for summer

Your child will spend more time in, around or near water in summer which increases the risk of potential drowning. Swimming lessons through winter will allow them to continue learning and help them to develop skills that will enhance their water awareness and safety. 

Continual progression of their swimming skills 
Children who stop swimming lessons over winter tend to forget a lot of their swimming skills and therefore, take a lot longer to learn how to swim compared to children who continue swimming lessons throughout winter. This is particularly relevant in children who are under 7 years of age, as their long term skill retention and muscle memory are just starting to develop. 

Continuing swimming lessons through winter will ensure all the time and money you have invested into your child’s swimming lessons is not wasted over the winter months.

Dress for the weather

We maintain an ambient temperature in the Centre. After your child’s swimming lessons we encourage all parents and guardians to dress their children appropriately. » Read More

Do not have your child leave the Centre in bathers and a towel – dress them, dry their hair and utilise a beanie. This will help in maintaining their body warmth and keeping away colds and winter illnesses.



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