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Quality teaching is the key to our students’ success . We employ highly skilled and innovative teachers who are passionate about learning. Teacher s work in teams to critically review each other’s lessons and identify opportunities for change and innovation.

Our Professional Learning program includes:

  • An Instructional Coaching program for all Knox Teac hers to establish goals and reflect on the current reality in their classrooms by using video recordings of lessons (Prep and Senior School)
  • An ‘Instructional Rounds’ program where ‘Hubs‘ of t eachers observe their colleagues’ lessons to reflect on and adapt their own professio nal practice (Senior School)
  • A professional development lesson once a fortnight (‘Our Time to Learn’) for teachers to collaborate, share ideas and engage in Professional Development activities (Senior School)
  • A comprehensive program of professional support for new teachers undertaking processes of accreditation and for experienced teachers under taking higher levels of formal accreditation (Prep and Senior)
  • Visits by special guest teachers and lecturers