A big congratulations to all students as we have finished the winter sports season except for the boys involved in Squash semi-finals and grand finals.

A big thankyou to everyone for their work and effort in ensuring that Knox achieved the results that it did. This includes CAS Championships, the undefeated, the wins and the losses but most importantly the attitude, attendance and attire that goes with representing Knox in Sport and all areas of Knox life.

In the many reports from sports that are in this bulletin there are highlights and also outlines the success of individual teams and students. However, I thank all students, coaches, referees and the opposition for it is all of them that make up a successful season. Congratulations and well done.

To the Squash boys in their semi-finals and hopefully the Grand Final - keep working, keep going and good luck.

To the Track and Field students and for any students who wish to be involved in Track and Field, please check the portal and this bulletin to see the details of the 1st invitational of this short, but important season. Saturday sees Knox travel to ES Marks and whilst many students will be away at Cadet Promotions courses and Year 8 are only just back from camp, I encourage anyone with an interest to get involved, and be part of the Track and Field team as they work to prepare for the CAS championship on Thursday 15 September.

Once again, congratulations and well done.
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'A smile and a kind word are always in season.'
Zig Ziglar

AGM Information

Thursday 18 August – Cricket Supporters AGM, 7.30pm, Curagul Pavillion
Tuesday 30 August – Knox Pymble Swim Club AGM, LG4 Classroom 6.00pm
Tuesday 6 September – Basketball Supporters AGM, 7.00pm, KG1 Classroom 7.00pm

Sport training and activities for the rest of Term 3

Week 6
Students will get changed at lunch as normal for Period 7 Sport and will report to the Lawson Centre where they will do games and activities.
Trials and Training for 1sts and 2nds teams will commence from Week 6 and any student wishing to be involved should check with the MIC.

Week 7 - Summer Sport
Period 7 sport for summer will formally commence from Week 7.  

Students who would like to maintain or improve fitness are able to attend the Athletic Development Centre before school, after school and on Saturday morning between 7.30am-11am.  
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The boys are developing their skills at a rapid rate and are using strategic considerations to ensure their points are scored.
 A fencer can use defensive or offensive approaches to score, but often the key is to "mix up" the actions and keep their opponents guessing. The boys practised these moves during bouting to great effect.  
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Mr Steve Roche, MIC Football

Knox vs St Aloysius CAS Round 10 2016
The final game of the season pinned Knox 1st X1 up against a 4th place St Aloysius side determined to finish in the top three.

Having celebrated wrapping up the title the week before, Knox appeared sluggish in the early stages of the game. Two goals to St Aloy’s in the first half meant the champions would have to dig deep to maintain their undefeated record for the season. The second half display from Knox was more befitting the champion side, playing the attacking possession football that secured them the title. A goal to Hugo Forlico capped off his season, but the boys would go down 3-1 in the end. When questioned about the season past, Head Coach Kai Lammert stated “I am very happy with this season. The boys really built a strong sense of team unity. The two highlights for me were the win against Barker in front of 3500 people, and winning the title against Trinity last week.” 

One of two wins in the opens this week was provided by Knox 5th’s, and is our Feature Game of the Week. Knox came out firing, controlling possession and showing aggression in defence. The hard work and intensity paid off when Liam Daniels beat the keeper with a left foot screamer that even had the referee complimenting the effort. The remainder of the first half would remain goalless, but Knox maintained their stranglehold on the match. The second half proved to be a mirror of the first, with Knox in complete control. A long range cracker from Rafeh Kayani stunned the keeper and the crowd, and had everybody asking how the ball managed to find the underside of the bar from such a distance, while also sealing the victory for the 5th’s final game. 

The 2nd’s also experienced a win to finish the season, unfortunately the 3rd’s, 4th’s, and 6th’s all suffered losses this week, but can be very proud of their efforts this season. The coaching staff and supporters would like to extend their gratitude and best wishes to all the Year 12 boys who played their hearts out for Knox this season, we all wish you the very best in your HSC and future endeavours.          

It would prove to be a very successful final week for Year 10, with each team capping off their seasons on a high and Year 10 downing Year 7 for the “Entertainers” tag. The 10A’s fought hard in their 1-0 victory, while the 10B’s & F’s were all class in their 4-1 wins. The 10C’s and 10D’s each won their respective matches 5-1 apiece, and the 10E’s were convincing in a solid 3 goal to nil performance.

The 9C’s finished the season as the all-round best performing football team in the entire school, completing the year with 10 wins from 10 matches and an impressive for and against of 37-4 after defeating St Aloysius 2-0 this week. The 9A’s went down in a thriller 3-2 to finish the year in 3rd position, while the 9B’s fared better in their 2-0 victory to take the title. The 9D’s were gallant in their 1-0 defeat, while the 9F’s capped off their season with a tight 1-0 win.  

The 8A’s went into this week with a chance to leapfrog St Aloysius and Trinity at the top of the table, with just a point separating the top three. A win would have sealed the title for the boys, as Trinity went down to Waverley elsewhere in their final match. It wasn’t to be though, with St Aloy’s staying true to their goal scoring form knocking in 5 goals to 1 to take the title. The 8B’s would add to Knox’ stellar year, resounding winners 7-0 and taking the championship on goal difference with a 32-7 for and against. The 8D’s & F’s both finished their seasons with 6-0 wins, but it was the F’s who earned special mention finishing their season undefeated with a whopping 61-0 goal difference from eight matches. The 8E’s aimed for a cricket score in preparation for summer, taking out their final match 14 nil. The 8C’s fought a little harder in their 2-0 victory. 

The 7A’s Kevin Charter finished his season with a stellar performance in their 1-0 triumph. Johnathon Ouyang showed his potential in the 7B’s 2-1 win, scoring a goal and making his presence known to help seal the championship for his side. Eric Bong managed himself a hat-trick in the 7D’s 7-0 win, while Felix Han scored a brace in the 7F’s 6-0 goalathon. The 7C’s registered a more modest 2-0 win, and the E’s finished with a 1-1 draw. Congratulations Knox on a great season, and to all the boys who wowed us with plenty of goals and gutsy play - thank you.
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Knox Fit

Mr Matt Cavallaro, MIC Knox Fit

As is the tradition in KnoxFit, the conclusion of each season sees a gathering of all the boys across the year groups for a competition to crown the fittest of the sport. The competition is both fierce and friendly. The atmosphere is electric.

This season the theme for the games was “Rocky”. This equated to 6 round battle consisting of gruelling 3 minute workouts. Behind the scenes all the coaches rally around this event – brainstorming workouts, creating our famous real-time leader board (thanks to Coach Tara), and working hard to coordinate over 70  boys over the course of 2 hours.

This season was another success. It was a powerful experience seeing a whole range of abilities levels working to their limits. Boys furiously pushed themselves to their physical limits and frantically gathered around the leader board to see just where their efforts landed them after each workout.

 In the end it came down to the final workout. It was a 3 minute ‘chipper’ (meaning you have to chip away at it – definitely not related to the mood): 25 Kettlebell Swings, 25 hurdle hops, 25 air squats, 25 medicine ball Ground to overhead, 25 box jumps, and 25 burpees. Many tried but none finished this workout. Our top score for this workout went to the winner of the Games (and three events in total): Nick Kindl. It was fitting and well-deserved. Nick was our captain this year and has represented our sport exceptionally in his tenure. He wanted nothing more than to finally win a KnoxFit Games event and it was great to see both him win and the genuine enthusiasm all the other boys expressed to see him finally pull it off in his last go. 

Thank you to all the boys this season. Most importantly, thank you to our amazing coaches Tara and Matt who work tirelessly to make KnoxFit a success.

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Mr John Rownes, MIC Rugby

The Knox 1st XV secured a shared CAS Premiership with Waverley College after an emphatic 86 – 0 win over St Aloysius College.

The organization and structure of the Knox defence completely shut out the St Aloysius attack to the point where they never seriously threatened the Knox line. While in attack the structure, skill and speed at which the Knox team played overran St Aloysius. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect was the manner in which they constructed their attack and maintained their discipline to play as a team. This was a very rewarding finish for a team that has worked extremely hard. 

The 2nd XV also enjoyed an immensely successful season and finished on top of their competition. The 16E’s have demonstrated a wonderful attitude and approach towards their rugby. Playing St Joseph’s College and behind 0 – 26 at half time they produced a sensational second half effort. They lost 14 – 38 but matched their opponents in the second half and should feel extremely satisfied with that performance. The 16C’s played St Aloysius B’s and after a very tight first half the score was 14 – 14. A nice level of focus, sound defence and purposeful attack resulted in a strong second half and a 35 – 14 win. The 16A’s finished rather disappointingly. St Aloysius scored first to lead 7 – 0 but Knox produce an excellent try to draw level at 7 – 7. However, the Knox team lacked structure and never managed to consistently establish field position and direct attack options. St Aloysius scored a penalty goal and then a late try to defeat Knox 15 – 7. Nonetheless, the U16’s was a passionate group of players and will add considerably to the Opens program next season.
While the 15A’s lost their final match of the season there is no doubting the ability and potential within this team. The age group has good depth and so many players improved and developed throughout the season. The U14’s also improved considerably. The 14A’s were inconsistent but showed glimpses of their potential while the efforts of the other teams showed significant improvement. The U13’s have been outstanding. The depth and potential within this age group is enormous.

Year 12 Rugby Players and Year 12 Rugby Parents 2016
The Year 12 boys are to be commended for their contribution to the Knox rugby program throughout their time at the school. They have represented Knox and the sport of rugby with distinction and we sincerely wish them well for their final match and for all future endeavours.

Knox Rugby sincerely thanks the Year 12 rugby parents for the time and effort they have provided supporting their sons throughout their time playing rugby at Knox. In particular those parents who have devoted their time as members of the Black and Blue Supporters Group and to the many parents who have so kindly given of their time to assist with the barbecues each week. Your contribution to Knox rugby has been significant and your sons have benefited greatly from your generous support.
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Mr Eric van Arkkels, MIC Squash

Knox 1st won 3-0 against Briars 2 led by B Arnold N You Lee and welcoming V Kumar back. The boys set the tempo early with some relentless plays varying their drops and cross court drives.
Knox 3 won 3-0 against Barker 1 -  K Tse, N Haung and E Xie.  This team played some very controlled squash with the focus on back of court drives and well placed drops.

Knox 7 won 3-0 against Barker 6.   K Ramcharan  A Srivatsan and C William played to their strengths using the front of court to their advantage with some well-placed drops and cross court plays. 

Knox 9 lost 1-2 to Barker 7 -  B Fraser K Suresh and S Koroknay.  This team played some very entertaining squash with some hard fought rallies throughout the games just missing out on the finals by a few points.

Knox 10 won 2-0 against Knox 11. Both teams R Deshpande D Wade and L Marinaki  and D Loyzaga have played each other several times throughout the season in tough encounters with team 10 just proving to strong on the day, the games were played with great sportsmanship a credit to both teams.

Knox 12 drew 1-1 against Knox 13 with Knox12 -  A Lin Lacy and J Merhi going through on count back of points just edging Knox 13  - E Sutton and J Harris.  Both teams competed to the end with some hard fought rallies and well placed drives being the difference on the day.

Knox 14 drew 1-1 against Barker 13 with Knox 14.  W Wells and F Bryant going through on count back of points.  This team played to its strength varying their shots with some well-placed back hand and cross court drives.

Knox 16 won 3-0 over Northmead 2 with E Albany, B Cheng and S Doerner setting the tempo early in their respective matches.  The boys played some well-placed drives and front of court boasts with Brian having to play a five setter with some hard fought rallies and good court chasing.

Knox 18 lost 1-2 to Barker 14.  T Kellaway, S Suresh and E Bowen.  This team battled to the end with some well-placed drives and drops these boys worked hard chasing every ball and never giving up.  Great to see.

Knox 21 lost 0-3 to Barker 15.   O Weeding, J Ng and J Gray.  These boys have a great attitude giving their all.  The plays sometimes don't work but they never give up and always come off the court with a smile.  Well Done.

Knox 22 lost 1-2 to Briars 8.   A Bakker, J Allen and C Beauchamp.  This team missed out by only a few points with all boys playing some well-placed drives and drops using the front of court to their advantage.

With the Squash Final on in two weeks on 27 August I would like to congratulate the 17 teams that have made the Final and acknowledge the effort by all the Squash players throughout the season, well done to all. 

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Mr Ben Higgins, MIC Tennis

Saturday 13 August saw Knox take on St Aloysius in the last round of the Winter Season.

The 1st team had already won the CAS Winter Season with a week to spare, but the boys were still eager to prove the strength of the Knox Tennis team. The boys got off to a good start being 3-1 up after the doubles. The boys continued their solid tennis winning their singles, with Cooper Cole (captain) playing the last singles match ever for Knox against local rival No.1 player from St Aloysius who he has found hard to beat at times. The tennis couldn't have been more fitting for a final match for both of these players, with some outstanding tennis played by both. The match was played with great respect for one another. Cooper Cole came out on top this time winning his singles 6-4. This meant Knox won 7-1 overall and took us to 101 points on the table. This is the first time in a while we had made it into triple figures. Well done to our 1st team on a great season and well deserved win. Thank you to captain, Cooper Cole for leading our team to be champions of both summer and winter tennis. We couldn't have done it without you and the help and knowledge you have given our younger players. It has set a great team culture for us to carry on in years to come.

The 2nd team blew away their opposition winning 8-0 overall with some outstanding tennis played by Charlie Wong in singles and doubles. The 2nd team also had a great winter season, finishing in 1st place being unbeatable throughout the season. Well done to the 2nd team for showing great improvement and depth in our team making us stronger in both 1sts and 2nds. 
The 3rd team played at Turramurra Park also and won very convincingly 6-0 and only dropping 3 games.

The 4th and 5th team played against St Ignatius School in a friendly match and won 4-2 in our 4th team whilst the 5th team blew the opposition away 6-0. Team 6ths played an internal round robin at Morona Avenue and continued to improve on their game.

The Year 10A and B teams played at Tennis Cove against St Aloysius. The A team were too strong for their opponents, winning 6-0 and only dropping 6 games overall. The B team unfortunately didn't have enough players from St Aloysius to play against due to sickness. The C and D teams played St Ignatius and had unfortunately a similar story as the B team with not enough players to play against on the morning of the match due to the opponents pulling out sick. The E team played an internal round robin at Morona Avenue and continued to improve throughout the term.

The Year 9A and B team continued their winning ways and both won 6-0 with some impressive tennis played by Harry Wagstaff in his singles especially. The A team went through the season unbeaten.

Teams C and D both played against St Ignatius. The C team played well to win 5-1 whilst the D team really improved and worked hard to win 6-0. Teams and F played an internal round robin doubles event at Kent Road and we're all very competitive matches.
The Year 8A and B team played at Tennis Cove. The A team won 6-0 with some impressive tennis played by Thomas Otto in both singles and doubles. The B team also played some solid tennis in a very closely fort match winning on games after tying in sets. The C and D team played a friendly match against St Ignatius, with the C team winning 4-2 with only a game splitting the two teams. The D team won well 5-1 also with the boys shooing their strength. Teams E-J played and internal round robin singles. The boys continued to work hard and try and improve their spots in the team. Due to the boys in the lower teams working so hard always gave Knox a great selection of boys to move up in the higher teams when called upon. Well done teams E-J for your continued improvement and effort.

The Year 7A and B team played at Regimental Park against St Aloysius and had some great matches. The A team had a great battle tying 3 sets all and winning by 4 games. The B team played superbly to win 5-1 with special mention to Tony Du on winning both singles and doubles well. The C and D teams played at St Ignatius with the C team getting over powered this time losing 0-6, whilst the D team played some tremendous tennis to win 5-1. Teams E-G all played an internal round robin and all showing great dedication and improver to their tennis.
Overall it was another very successful weekend for our teams winning 100% of matches against St Aloysius and winning 90% of matches played against St Ignatius College. 

Well done to the boys on a great season of tennis and thank you to all of the year 12 boys for your years of Tennis with us. Best of luck in your HSC.
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Track and Field

Mr Andrew Ferris, Track and Field Director

CAS Cross Country Championships
The sun was shining on Sydney Park for the 2016 edition of the CAS Cross Country Championships.

The 14’s got the team off to a great start with Mitch Westhuizen taking line honours.  Ewan Shingler, Max Evans and Richard Hildebrand followed in quick succession to finish 7th, 9th and 12th respectively.  The Junior team managed 2nd overall.   Well done boys!

Next it was the intermediates turn to toe the line.  Jackson Croker and Zach Wyatt had great races to finish 8th and 10th.  A special mention to Angus Matthews and Aiden Kumarasinghe who went above and beyond for the team to finish 33rd and 35th.  The team would end up 5th overall.

Tom Gordon led the way for the Opens with 7th place, running with the lead pack the whole race.  Ben Fitton and Kent Felton had solid a championship showing with 16th and 19th finishes.  Battling blisters, Isaac Roberts toughed it out for the 8km to finish 30th.  The Open team was 4th in the Neil Logan Shield standings.

Overall the team managed 4th place, a fantastic way to round out the season.  With such an upward trend throughout the season, I am positive the team will continue to build over the summer and contend for the title in 2017.

Best of luck to Sam Rockliff and Ben Williams as they take on Australia’s best at the National Cross Country Championships this week.

Track and Field CAS/GPS/ISA invitational meet
This week the Track & Field team will head to E.S. Marks, Kensington for the first of the invitational meets.  Athletes will require the Track & Field singlet to compete.  It is also recommended that athletes bring healthy athlete friendly snacks, water bottle, sunscreen and Knox tracksuit.  
The bus will leave from the Woodville Gates at 6:45am and return at approximately 3:30pm. 
Click here for a a link to the meet program.  
With the team showing great promise in training, the coaching staff are looking forward to seeing athletes perform on the track and in the field.
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Ms Alexandra Charles, MIC, Volleyball

This week we saw the best game of the season for the Thirds.
They demonstrated the skills and team work they have developed over the season and it was excellent to see improvement in all the boys. It was a tight game against Aloysius and the height difference between our team of Year 8 and 9 boys and their Year 11s was massive. We started off really strong with excellent serving from Nathan Lee but the Aloysius boys had consistent passes, sets and spikes that meant our Knox boys had to work really hard for every point. We had quite a few moments of excellence where boys chased down balls that previously they would have just watched hit the ground. This dedication to picking up the shanked passes meant the boys were able to keep rallies going that previously would have been lost points. 

There was a strong presence at the net from Tom Simes and Jonno Simmonds who were backed up by the brilliant movement and covering in the back court from Nathan Lee, Zach Sojan and Adrian Sunito. The boys put a lot of pressure on the Aloysius team and after taking the second set we had a nail-biting decider in the third set. The teams were going point for point but unfortunately some good attacks meant Aloysius took the win. Despite the result this was clearly the boys best game of the season and a strong end to the Winter Volleyball season. 

Aloysius defeat Knox 2:1
Set 1- 17:21
Set 2- 21:18
Set 3- 19:21

The Seconds finished their season with a strong win against the Aloysius Seconds. The tense four set game saw a lot of good volleyball from both sides as they were strong in both defense and attack. Our two new recruits, Jacob Yang and Charlie Lorimer had a great game as they passed, hit and served exceptionally well for players so new to the game. Angus Lorimer continued his amazing season with countless blocks and pressure at the net which mean the Aloysius boys had to change their attack to work around the wall that Angus put up in front of them.

The first set saw an amazing come back from the Knox boys as they fought back from being 10:19 behind. There were stand out performances from Oliver Malnic and Oscar Wu, who served the other team off the court as well as Craig Xu and Euro Ruangvanish who put in 100% for the whole game. 

Knox defeat Aloysius 3:1
Set 1- 25:23
Set 2- 18:25
Set 3- 25:22
Set 4- 25:17

The Firsts fought really hard against a strong competition this week. After beating the Aloysius 2nds in round 6 the Knox 1sts were challenged by the excellent serving and attacking lineup of the Aloysius 1sts. Knox had some moments of brilliance, including some great setting attacks from the co-captain James Otto. Jason Choong demonstrated his spiking skills with some excellent attacks, while Alex Singhi and Angus Lorimer gave us a strong defense through their blocks. Xiao Gong provided some consistency in the back court by playing libero this week. He showed some definite potential in that position and hopefully he continues to develop those skills in the summer season. Overall the boys played well and were able to demonstrate their increasing confidence in each other as a team; unfortunately, they were unable to take a set off Aloysius. 

Aloysius defeated Knox 3:0
Set 1- 15:25
Set 2- 11:25
Set 3- 15:25

The teams have shown definite progress and development over the season.  
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Sport Wet Weather Information

Wet Weather Information
Prep: 9901 7982
Senior: 9901 7701
Online: Download the 'Prep Skoolbag' or 'Senior School Skoolbag app' - search 'Knox Grammar' in the app store
Sport fixtures are advertised on the fixture schedule on the Knox Portal.

These fixtures can change due to many factors and changes after 3pm on Fridays due to wet weather, cancellations or forfeits will be advertised on the sports info website and wet weather number. 
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Boarder Travel to Sport

Any boarder who needs assistance with travel arrangements to each Saturdays sport should check with their coach to assist in arranging transport.
Where this has not been successful then students should check with their housemaster to assist with arrangements.
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No Dogs Allowed Policy

To improve safety of the students and visitors to the school, we have a No Dogs Allowed policy. Dogs are prohibited, leashed or unleashed, on school grounds, unless they are assistance dogs, security patrol dogs or police dogs.

Dogs may not be brought onto any Knox Grammar School property, including the Prep and Senior School campuses and all playing fields, including Curagul and Gillespie Fields.

Signage has been installed and our Security Team has been asked to let parents and carers know that we are a dog-free school. If you bring a dog onto school property, you may be approached by the School's Security Team and asked to leave.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this safety initiative.


It is school policy that we recommend all students wear mouthguards for training and games for AFL, Football and Rugby.

Coaches have been asked to check that students have them as training will be modified if they do not have them.  

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