What a Saturday last Saturday was! At the start of the morning the weather forecast, whilst wet, was not too bad and we made a decision to play on.

However, by lunch time many games at other venues had been cancelled and therefore a decision was made to cancel the few remaining games we had. I thank the parents for their patience and understanding in trying to ensure that we played Sport where possible.

And to all those students who got to play - I hope you enjoyed the games

Many other sports indoors continued, and I thank all of them for doing the right thing with regards to their attendance and attire.

This week sees the 1st Rugby and Football games being re-played as they were also postponed, and I wish those playing all the best.

This week-end being the long weekend there is no Sport, and I wish all students all the best and hope they enjoy their rest.

Sport will resume on Tuesday next week in preparation for the final game of this term, a home game against Cranbrook at Knox.
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'In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.'
Dalai Lama

Football Skills Holiday Camp

When: Tuesday 5 July - Thursday 7 July, 9am-1pm (K-6)
Tuesday 12 July - Thursday 14 July, 9am-1pm (Senior)
Where: Curagul Field, North Turramurra

See flyer for more information and how to register.

Football Skills Training Camp Football Skills Training Camp (398 KB)

Firsts Rugby, Football and AFL Supporters

It is a tradition that where possible our Year 7 and 8 boys attend to support either our 1st Teams during the CAS competition when they are playing at home. This includes AFL, Football and Rugby.

We ask boys to attend the Football at 11.15am at Curagul or the Rugby at 3.15pm at Knox 1. AFL is as scheduled.   

Boys are to show their support by wearing either full school uniform or full tracksuit.  

We understand that boys might be playing school sport at this time, and are therefore unable to attend.   

Home Games in Terms 2 and 3  
Saturday 18 June 
Saturday 6 August 
Saturday 13 August
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Opening times for the Athletic Development Centre over the long weekend

Friday 10 June, 8.00am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 11 June, closed
Sunday 12 June, closed
Monday 13 June, closed
Tuesday 14 June, school returns

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Uniform after Sport Training

All students are required to either wear their full school track suit or full school uniform after sports practice each day. This includes period 7 sport as well. Students in full track suit may wear their boater and blazer over the top if it is more convenient than placing in their bags. No variations of this is allowed.

Cross Country

With many other sports having to cancel fixtures, not even 150mm of overnight rain could stop Cross Country from going head.

Ewan Shingler was Knox’s lone representative in the Under 14’s, toughing it out for 15th place.  Running in the front pack has its advantages and for Ewan it meant running on a course that was still in relatively good condition.  

Next up saw the Under 16’s tackle a course that was quickly deteriorating.  Jackson Croker led the way in 21st place.  Zach Wyatt continues to just get better and better, grinding out a 37th place.  Sean Birkbeck earned his MVP status, backing up after his football match to finish 48th.  Luke Bray, growing in confidence each week, toughed out another top 100 finish.

With conditions continuing to worsen the opens got under way.  Big congratulations to Tom Gordon, who despite losing both shoes during the race, managed to gain selection in the CAS team for the annual CAS vs GPS race.  Ben Fitton ran himself into 48th and Isaac Roberts was 84th.
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Learning to preside fencing bouts is important so fencers can understand when hits are awarded and when they are not.

The Prep boys learnt the basics of presiding and then took turns presiding some quick fire bouts so everyone had a turn. Learning to preside is also good for improving a fencer's own style because they learn that if it is hard for a President to determine who has won the hit, then the fencers should make their actions clearer and deliberate. 

The senior boys refined their skills on the sabre and practiced a variety of hits following a demonstration by the MIC. They then followed up with some fast bouting to put their sabre skills into action.

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Football Skills Holiday Camp

When: Tuesday 5 July - Thursday 7 July, 9am-1pm (K-6)
Tuesday 12 July - Thursday 14 July, 9am-1pm (Senior)
Where: Curagul Field, North Turramurra

See flyer for more information and how to register.

Football Skills Training Camp Football Skills Training Camp (398 KB)


A very wet day unfortunately caused the cancellation of many matches last Saturday.
Nonetheless, some matches were still played and at Gillespie Field the 13D’s, 13E’s, 13F’s and 13G’s thoroughly enjoyed running around in the rain and mud. The 14A’s recorded a good win against St Aloysius and continue to display their development as a team.

The representative season commences this week with the U16’s. This Thursday 9th June, North Harbour U16 will play South Harbour U16 at Cranbrook. This match serves as the trial for the CAS U16 team. Eight Knox players gained selection in the North Harbour team, Ben Adams, Tom Cameron, James Frear, Nicholas Hawtin-Hirst, Sean Kennedy, Tom Leigh, Josh McInerney and Alex Trobec.

CAS U16 Representative Program
Mon 6 June – North & South Harbour squads announced
Tues 7 June – North Harbour train @ Barker from 4pm
Thurs 9 June – Game day North v South @ Cranbrook from 2pm
Thurs 9 June – CAS Squad selected
Tues 21 June CAS Squad training @ Queens Park from 4pm
Thurs 23 June CAS squad training at Knox 1 from 4pm
Sat 25 & 26 June – NSW U16 Championships (draw tbc) @ Curagul

CAS U18 Representative Program
Sat 18 June – 2 CAS Squads announced.
All Open boys selected in CAS squads are to meet at Cranbrook School on Sunday 19th June from 9am sharp.
Sun 19 June – Recovery session at Cranbrook from 9am
Mon 20 June – Training @ Knox 1 from 4pm
Tues 21 June – GAME v GPS @ Shore from 1.45pm & 3.00pm
Thur 23 June – Training @ Tyneside Oval from 4pm
Fri 24 June – GAME @ Curagul from 11.10am (v CCC ) & 12.20pm (v ISA I )

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Mr Eric van Arkkels, MIC Squash

Knox Ist won 2-1 against Briars. B Arnold had a very tough game just losing in the third game by 2 points in a match of rallies and well placed back of court shots. N You Lee set the tempo early and never looked back controlling his match with some well-placed drives and drops.

V Kumar had a tough 5 setter his opponent covered the court well forcing Viney to re think his tactics but came home strong to win his last game by 5 points.

Knox 4 won 2-1 against Barker 2.  A Soonius went straight onto the attack at the start and never gave his opponent time on the court with some quality drives and back hand shots. M Gee found his opponent challenging, but 2 games down Michael fought back to lose by just 2 points in the final game, never giving up.  Well done.  S Ragavan also set the tempo early working the court to his advantage with cross court and well placed drops proving the tactic on the day.

Knox 6 won 3 - 0 against Barker 5.  C William played to his strengths giving his opponent very little on the court.   Chris has been training hard and its shows – a great effort. A Srivarsan showed us all what is needed - the right attitude and always with a smile!  Adi played two matches with the right mind set he went on to play some quality Squash, again showing his determination and that he is working hard.  

Knox 8 won 2 – 1 against Barker 7.  J Price also was asked to play 2 matches and went on to win both as well as showing us some well-placed drives and back hand shots. F Prince played a tough 5 setter just narrowly going down in the final game.

Knox 9 a draw 1-1 against Barker 8.  B Fraser played a tough 5 setter in a match going down to the final point of the game. K Suresh took advantage of his powerful serves wining 3 - 0.

Knox 10 won 2 - 0 against Barker 9.   R Despande set the tempo early playing some quality drive and back hand shots and working the court to his advantage. D Wade played to form playing very direct giving his opponent very little on the court.
Knox11 lost 1-2 to Briars 6.  L Marinaki and J Henery both finding their opponents too strong on the day, but they showed great spirit and never gave up. 

R Despande found himself on the back foot early in a 5 setter played at pace with some quality rallies credit to Rishi he played to his strengths and won the third game by 5 points.

Knox 15 won 2 – 0 against Barker 13.   A Bradshaw played a very controlled match wining 3 - 2 in a five with Archer playing some quality drives along with some well-placed serves into the back corners.  This set the tempo for the morning as Archer was needed again to fill in and this time he dominated from the first play to go on and win 3-0. Great Effort.

Knox 18 won 1 - 0 against Knox 19.   T Kellaway played some well-placed serves and drops giving A Pan-Cassin little chance to return play but credit to Anton he never gave up and disappointed as he was this time, Anton continues to improve every week .Well done

Knox 21 lost 1-2 to Barker15.   O Weeding tried so hard to match an opponent some years older and stronger but Oliver never gave up and the few points he won were well placed shots Great Effort. J Ng started strong forcing his opponent to the back of the court with some well place rives and back hands.  J Gray played his best game serving well finding the back of court with some well-placed fore hand drives and chased every ball unfortunately his opponent was stronger on the day but Josh continues to improve and never lets defeat bother him.  He is always smiling and displays a great attitude.
This week Knox Squash has really shown that hard work and persistence at training is paving the way for so many players in the lower teams who aspire to climb the ladder. Desire is the key.  A great Effort by all.
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Track and Field

Mr Andrew Ferris, Track and Field Director

Knox Track and Field Championships
Knox Track and Field Championships are on Wednesday 22 June at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush (nominations for events are now open) please see Mr Ferris in the KSA office for nomination forms.

Training Sessions

Training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6:30am. Catering for all levels and ability’s.

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Sport Wet Weather Information

Wet Weather Information
Prep: 9901 7982
Senior: 9901 7701
Online: Download the 'Prep Skoolbag' or 'Senior School Skoolbag app' - search 'Knox Grammar' in the app store
Sport fixtures are advertised on the fixture schedule on the Knox Portal.

These fixtures can change due to many factors and changes after 3pm on Fridays due to wet weather, cancellations or forfeits will be advertised on the sports info website and wet weather number. 
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Boarder Travel to Sport

Any boarder who needs assistance with travel arrangements to each Saturdays sport should check with their coach to assist in arranging transport.
Where this has not been successful then students should check with their housemaster to assist with arrangements.
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No Dogs Allowed Policy

To improve safety of the students and visitors to the school, we have a No Dogs Allowed policy. Dogs are prohibited, leashed or unleashed, on school grounds, unless they are assistance dogs, security patrol dogs or police dogs.

Dogs may not be brought onto any Knox Grammar School property, including the Prep and Senior School campuses and all playing fields, including Curagul and Gillespie Fields.

Signage has been installed and our Security Team has been asked to let parents and carers know that we are a dog-free school. If you bring a dog onto school property, you may be approached by the School's Security Team and asked to leave.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this safety initiative.


It is school policy that we recommend all students wear mouthguards for training and games for AFL, Football and Rugby.

Coaches have been asked to check that students have them as training will be modified if they do not have them.  

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