Knox Grammar School

From the Head of
Knox Sports Academy Mr Chuck Ardron

I hope everyone enjoyed the first round of Summer Sport and in talking to the Year 7s I know most of them enjoyed their first competitive opportunity.

As I read this week’s reports it was great to see that not only did we do well in the results across competitive sports but also that Sport was enjoyed by those who did not compete but enjoyed playing. » Read More

One of the best examples of one of our non-competitive sports that engenders hard work and commitment is Knox Fit. Those involved in this sport continually challenge themselves against the standards that they set each week and I encourage all, whether playing team sports or non-team sports, that the biggest challenge each week is themselves and ensuring that they meet the standards that both they and the school set.

Last weekend saw our 1sts Cricket, Tennis and Basketball win and all are keen again to continue this form against Trinity.

Once again I ask that every student who is competing or supporting ensures they support the game in the right manner, wear the correct attire and ensure that they are where they are supposed to be.

Good luck this weekend!

Quote of the Week

“Believe and you will achieve"

1st Basketball action from the weekend round against St Aloysius' College. The 1sts won 83-45.


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2015 Sports Trainings and Fixtures Term 1 Schedule

The Term 1 summer sports training schedule is posted on the Portal at Prep sport under ‘Training Schedules’. » Read More

Basketball, Cricket, T-ball and Tennis Saturday fixtures are posted on the portal under ‘Sports Fixtures’. It is imperative parents check the Portal every Friday in case there has been a fixture change. Saturday fixtures for Fencing, Karate, Orienteering and Golf are given to the boys at their training sessions.

We ask parents to please not to contact other schools where your son may be playing for a fixture. Please contact Ms McDonald for any fixture/venue query before Friday 3pm.

Term 1 Sports Team Listing for Basketball, Cricket, Tennis and Teeball

Team lists are posted under the individual sports. e.g Basketball team lists, please go to the Basketball section on the Knox Portal. Fencing, Karate, Orienteering and Golf – boys are not placed in to teams.

Sports Uniforms

All boys should have their correct sporting equipment and attire for training and match play. If in doubt please, contact the Prep Sports Office.

Sport contacts and information

Please see below for contact details and further information for each of our Sports on offer. » Read More

MIC: Mr Glen Stephenson
Basketball Trials and trainings - Please check the portal under Prep >  Sport > Training Schedules.

MIC: Mr Adrian van Bussel
Cricket Trials and trainings - Please check the portal under Prep > Sport > Training Schedules.

There will be no Dance held during the summer season due to insufficient numbers.

Head Coach: Mr Angelo Santangelo

MIC: Mr Steve Roche
Coach: Mr Kai Lammert
Please check the portal under Prep > Sport > Training Schedules.

Summer  Golf       
MIC:  Mr Wayne McKechnie
Please check the Portal under Golf for information. Any queries to Mr McKechnie
MIC: Simon Emmerson
Karate is held at the Turramurra Dojo, Rohini Street, Turramurra. The boys meet at the Prep Headmaster’s fountain after school and are supervised to the train station and the Dojo. Train tickets are purchased by the school. Parents will need to collect their son from the Dojo at 4.40pm. On Saturdays, Prep boys may be divided into two time slots and will be advised on the Friday.

MIC: Mr Alex Hairs
Orienteers train on Thursdays after school. The Orienteering boys are walked to the Senior School. We ask parents to collect their son from the Senior School at 6pm at the Lawson Centre. All information is on the Portal under Orienteering.

There will be no Softball this year.

MIC: Mr Jay Crowhurst
Please check the portal under Prep > Sport > Training Schedules.

Contact the Knox Aquatics Centre for information with regarding swimming and squads, or call 9487 0126.

MIC: Mr Ben Higgins
Please check the portal under Prep > Sport > Training Schedules
Track and Field        
MIC: Mrs Sharon Dewar
Director of TF: Mr Chris Pittman
For Trainings, please see the portal under Training Schedules for sessions.

Sport Venues

There is a Directory of Venues listed on the Knox Portal under 'Directory of Venues' and on the Prep Skoolbag app. » Read More


NSW CIS Sports

NSWCIS holds selection trials and takes nominations for various Sports within the school competition pathway. » Read More

All individual submissions must be done through Mr David Cobb, Sportsmaster and details of cut-off dates are available on the NSW website.  Please note that nominations are mot automatic, the school reserves the right to not nominate a student based on behaviour and ability.  Team sport nominations are done through the CAS and students will be informed of selection.   

Winter Sports Choices

Students will be given the opportunity to select their Winter Sport at Year Meeting times in Week 4. The list of Sports available is on the Sports page on the Knox Portal. » Read More

All students need to submit a choice whether they are remaining in their same Sport as 2014 or wishing to choose something new.  

Any student who wishes to apply for an exemption from Winter Sport needs to see Mrs Liz Smith in the KSA Office to get a request for exemption form and return ASAP.  Any previous exemptions do not ‘carry over’.  Requests will then be considered by Mr Ardron.  

After sports are confirmed students can only change for reason of injury or illness. 


7 February 2015
Under 19s first team

What a game the team had this week! Knox made the top of the ladder and the older team worked very hard for the win! » Read More

While the result wasn't our way, the boys played very hard with a team missing 3 players due to other commitments!  Our opening pitcher, Chris Layman, kept his calm pitching 4 strike outs and holding the opposition to only 3 runs in the first two innings!! The other team got into the groove in the 3rd innings and started to hit turning 5 runs in the innings. Michael So closed the 4th innings with some very impressive pitching. Our fielders worked very hard covering the field with only 8 players taking the diamond! Jaidyn Leong was everywhere behind the plate ensuring the strikeouts were converted with each catch! Nick Gongolidis on first base single-handedly was responsible for 3 outs and with the assistance of Jaidyn Leong, Chris Layman, and Woody Wu made the out on first base. Max Voysey was sent running as the opposition team smashed balls into the pocket missing a team member! Our batting improved in the second innings with hits to Nick Gongolidis, Chris Layman, Max Voysey, and Hamish Clarke. Both Woody Wu and Jaidyn Leong took one for the team being hit by a pitched ball! Highlights of the game were the determination of the team to not be rattled by the first place older team and to dig deep; and a home run achieved by Jaidyn Leong from a comedy of errors in the field - Jaidyn kept his cool and went for it ending in a home run off a loose hit! It was a pleasure to watch the boys play!

Under 16s
Our Knox Stealers 16’s team unfortunately recorded a loss against Thornleigh on Saturday. The boys started well with James Layman, starting pitcher, not conceding any runs in the top of the first innings and our boys scoring a run in the bottom of the first. James, unfortunately, was taken off the mound with a strain injury in the second innings and that brought Conor Rockwell to the mound. The Thornleigh team were then able to score 3 runs in the top of the second and were able to get our boys out without any runs being scored. In the top of the third innings, Thornleigh were able to capitalise on some errors in the field and scored another 4 runs taking the score to 7-1. Conor was replaced by Andrew Duan on the mound and Thornleigh scored another run, however in the bottom of the third innings the boys rallied with a hit by Joel Butler that scored 2 runs and the boys were eventually out, scoring 4 runs in the innings, to finish at 8-5.

31 January 2015

Under 19s first team
The boys were a little rusty this week and the result went to the St Pats team 13-6.  Our opening pitcher, Chris Layman pitched for 3 innings with 6 strikeouts and only 3 runs against; Michael So closed out the game with 2 strikeouts! Our fielders worked hard with put outs to Chris Layman; and terrific team work by Greg Bradford to Nick Gongolidis, and Greg Bradford to Alex Stone to record 2 outs! Our bats came out strong in the 1st innings but were halted through great fielding by the opposition in the following three innings! Hits were recorded for Greg Bradford, Chris Layman, and Alex Stone.

Under 16s
The team was still a little rusty from the holiday break as they took the field this week against the Macquarie Saints team and unfortunately the result showed this 16-2!  Our opening pitcher, James Layman came out firing with 3 strike outs and only one run scored.  He had to retire due to injury so Conor Rockwell took to the mound, pitching for the next 2 innings and Andrew Duan closed the game out pitching strongly.  Their batters were just too good for our fielders and while the boys dug deep, they couldn't stop the avalanche of runs in the next 3 innings. The boys were rusty with the bats and just couldn't get a hit this week with the two runs being earned off balls and our boys getting out trying to steal bases! Better luck next week boys!

Director of Basketball, Mr Dom Finlay

The sixth round of the C.A.S season Knox played St. Aloysius. St. Aloysius and Knox have very strong programs that are built around a number of talented boys closely linked to the Sydney representative competition. » Read More

In this regard it is always a great challenge for all of our athletes to step up and play schools with similar skill levels. The overall record of 21 wins 1 draw and 16 losses is a fair indication of the strength of the Knox program and development of the Aloysius system.

Our opens finished the weekend with a 5 win, 1 draw and 4 loss record. Our 1sts won a decisive game (83-45) with rugged defence and explosive transition offense. With Barker losing their match on Saturday Knox are on level pegging on the ladder going into round 7. Our 2nds struggled due to a poor start, with Aloysius getting out to an early 15 point lead. The score finished (35-50), creating a ‘what could have been’ sensation at the conclusion of the game.

Our 10’s had a difficult weekend winning only 2 of the 8 games played. Although a number of skilled boys have been moved up to the 1sts, our squad is still considered strong and need to remain focussed for the remaining weeks of the season. There were a number of very close games in the 10’s age group, which quite easily could have ended up as victories had the ball bounced a little differently throughout the game(s).

Our 9’s were strong across the divisions winning 5 of the 8 games played against Aloys. The entire year group played some amazing basketball, with team work and stout defence creating countless opportunities against a very strong Aloys outfit. Our A’s and B’s lost heart wrenching games by 1 and 2 points. Trinity next week will be another challenge all together!

The 8’s had difficult weekend, starting with our A’s losing a great game by a mere 1 point. They battled hard (winning only 4 of 6 matches played) proving we have great potential among the age group. Age group coordinator and AB head Coach Mr D’Agostino was happy with the effort all boys put in over the weekend. ‘We have a lot to work on, but the boys are, as a group, very keen and compliant’. Our C’s, D’s and E’s turned term 4 losses around to win their games in term 1.

Our 7’s prove to be a year group to watch out for winning 5 out of 6 games played. The boys all played hard, with excellent sportsmanship. Watching all of the games, I noticed on numerous occasions, Knox boys helping Aloysius boys who they had knocked over during their respective matches. Trinity look to be strong in this age group ensuring next week’s games should provide a yard stick for the future games in the boys’ basketball careers at Knox.


What a great start to 2015! Six new Year 7 teams in addition to the continuation of the CAS season at the top end of the school. » Read More

There were some fantastic performances from individuals and team performances under pressure. Results were mixed and we can improve. The game of cricket is one that is never over until it is over; this is shown time and time again. No matter what the situation, the win usually belongs to the team who believes they can. Congratulations this weekend boys. Roll on a big week of training and next Saturday.

1st XI vs St Aloysius

Knox lost the toss on a sporting wicket and were put into bat. Tough conditions meant no batsmen other than Harry Purcell (43) found scoring easy, Knox all out 18 overs short of their allocated 50 for 105.

A huge fight was required with such a small total on the board and Will Graham started with a phenomenal opening burst reducing Aloysius to 3/3, a period of sensible batting by their experienced duo of Mitchell and Dainton looked like they were easing Alo’s home at 48/3 but Matt Wesley 2/20, James Dey 2/6 and Will Graham 6/10 finished proceedings off for 83.

2nd XI vs St Aloysius
The start of the One Day competition saw the Knox 2nd XI travel to College Oval to face St. Aloysius. Some fresh inclusions to the side as well as a new captain had excitement levels soaring for the first ball to be bowled. Olly Morton began his tenure as captain in the best way possible-winning the toss and putting Aloysius into the field. Our new opening partnership of Morton (18) and Sherwood (27) provided the perfect start to our batting innings combining technical proficiency and maturity to guide the score to 0/42 off 10 overs in the face of some very solid Aloysius new ball bowling. Wickets in the middle overs of the innings halted momentum before Oscar James (22) and Matt Finfer (41) provided a late flourish of big hits and strong running between the wickets. Knox finished with a defendable 7/142.

Our bowling innings began in all too familiar fashion with Alex McConnell bagging 4 wickets in 4 overs with the new ball. The new boy Jonty Cornford entered the attack in the 6th over, delivering an impressive bowling debut full of controlled aggression and tactical experience. Incredibly Jonty finished with figures of 1/0 off 4 overs. Some sloppy fielding and generously inaccurate bowling in the middle overs of the innings gave Aloysius a chance before the drinks break. The Knox side however, returned from drinks full of enthusiasm and intensity, lead by Hugh Sherwood (2/9) and Callum Maritz (1/18) with the ball. St. Aloysius eventually dismissed for 95, in what was a pleasing way to begin Term 1 cricket.

3rd XI vs St Aloysius
The 3rd XI played at Gillespie on a sporting wicket due to the rain this week. Despite the green pitch Knox made 7/201. Joe Bissett continued his rich vein of form with 70, Thomas England compiling 42 and Josh Navratil, a fantastic 58.

In return, St. Aloysius finished with 157. There was some great bowling from Alex Gilbert who finished with economical figures of 2/12 off 6 overs and Ben Feather with 3 for 16 off 3 overs.

4th XI vs St Aloysius
Knox 4ths were bowled out for 51 in the 17th over (20/20) after electing to bat on a tricky wicket. St. Aloysius got some early wickets until Dan Taylor and Liam Denning were able to stem the flow of wickets, knuckle down and get a few runs. Lachie Charaneka then came in and got some well needed runs hitting the first boundary of the day. Alo’s were then sent in to bat and with some early wickets from some good bowling from Connor McFadden, Will Griffith, David Taylor and Hamish Scott with the help of Eddie Morris who took a beautiful catch at backward point. Alo’s then started to get into a bit if a rhythm until James De Meyrick and Liam Denning both got three wickets. It came down to Alo’s requiring 8 runs off 3 overs with one wicket to spare and unfortunately Knox couldn't take that wicket. Overall an entertaining game and good fight back from the boys!

5TH XI/10C’s vs Sydney Grammar
The Knox 5th XI went down to Sydney Grammar 4th XI despite some positive contributions from individuals. Batting first Grammar made a decent score of 3/171. Jordan Davies and Alister Currey both finished with 1/16. In return we made 8/97 with Currey backing up his great performance with the ball with 30 not out and Bryn Thompson making 27.

10A vs St Aloysius
Batting first on a good pitch, our 10A’s came up against some disciplined bowling losing two early wickets. New captain Jonny Lang batted responsibility to rescue the innings slightly, making 34. Ably supported by Jackson Fenton and Jack Hoyle, a score of 9/132 was always going to be a challenge to defend on a small ground and a good pitch.

Unfortunately 42 extras bowled by our bowlers meant that Alo’s were never in doubt of chasing down the small total. Bowling is a tough art and today our boys struggled as Alo’s chased down the total 7 down.

9A vs St Aloysius
One of the best and closest games of the season so far happened between two good sides playing hard cricket on Lower Gillespie this weekend. Bowling first Knox were tight and economical and met with disciplined batting as St Alo’s made a competitive score of 7/115. Nic Gallu impressed with 3/10.

In response the Knox batting was tight and professional, picking up singles and boundaries when available but the bowling was also economical and consistent.

Nick Astridge made a mature 28 and Nic Gallu continuing his fine day with 27.

With four needed from the last ball, James Caprarelli smashed the ball to the boundary for the win. This was a great win and a fantastic game.

9B vs St Aloysius
A dominant bowling performance by our boys saw St Alo’s dismissed for only 45. Keshav Manaktala picked up 3 wickets.

The batting was completed with clinical ease as we chased the runs down in only 7 overs. Pat O’Day finishing with 14 not out.

9C vs Kings D
Bowling first our 9C’s bowled King’s out for only 92. Hugo Grundy took a fantastic 3 for 16 and Callen Tighe 3 for 10.

Callen Tighe then backed up his bowling performance with 32 runs as Knox chased the score down with 9 overs to scare.

8A vs St Aloysius
Knox batted first on a very green pitch and made a total of the 5/136 from 32. An excellent opening 100 run partnership between Sam Druce (22) and Henry Wines (73) led to a good total on a very long outfield. The team bowled well in patches - Henry Smith 2-19, Tom Fountain 2-22, Tom Ivers 3-17 included a hat trick taking wickets 9, 10, and 11. Aloysius were bowled out for 108 after 31 overs

8B vs Aloysius
Despite only making 69 runs batting on a difficult pitch, there were plenty of positives to take from the Knox innings. Sam Leafe showed maturity at the top of the order. Chasing such a low score was always going to prove a challenge for our boys who never gave up, taking 5 wickets as Alo’s chased down the small target, James Gosper finishing with 1 for 6.

8C vs St Aloysius
A dominating performance by Knox 8cs. Batting first, they rattled up 192 in their 32 overs. Both Olly Morgan and Mikey Glover reached the compulsory retirement score of 50 in steady chanceless innings. Khoby McDonald had a late cameo in the innings, hitting a rapid fire 24 including a big back foot six. In reply, Alo’s were humbled for 48. A team performance by the bowlers achieved the desired result. Tim Shannon and Johnie Holland picked up 2 each.  The hero in the field was Adam Holmes, who took a flying one - handed catch whilst standing in the slip cordon. Bring on round 2.

7A vs St Aloysius
The first game on grass for many of our boys saw batting be a real challenge on a green Gillespie wicket. Batting first, the Knox boys showed periods of heart and commitment and despite being bowled out for only 49, the score line did not match the great periods of determination shown.

In reply all of our seamers were consistent and probing as St Alo’s chased the score 5 down. It did however take 26 overs to make the 50 runs required which is testament to the patience we showed with the ball.

7B vs St Aloysius
Knox 7Bs started well with 0/23 after 4 overs but a talented leg spinner from St. Aloysius turned the game with a spell of 3/0 off 3 overs. Daniel Mulcahy played smart opening the innings but was the first to fall to him, All batsmen were caught by a sound fielding team, but with some poor shot selection with a need to play shots along the ground. They did not drop a catch. We slumped to 7/42 with Hugh Peden batting sensibly to hold the innings together until their star leggie came on again but Angus Sloane played a swashbuckling tail ender cameo to add some respectability to a defendable total.

We dropped their opening not out batsman who scored 39 not out on 16 to a sharp chance at cover. That was crucial. William Fernandez bowled with great determination and economy whilst John Delaney and Sloane were useful, and the left arm off spin of Peden and the leg spin of Oscar Petro showed enormous potential.

7C vs St Aloysius
Batting first the Knox 7C’s in their first game as a group produced a dominant performance against St Alo’s. Making 176, Captain Hamish Quigley led by example with 52 and Rishikesh Deshpande remained 40 not out after a 47 run partnership Ethan Rogers for the last wicket. In reply St Alo’s were dismissed for only 51 with Quigley finishing off a fine all round game with 2 wickets, Finally Finlay Elliot and Carl Giacomo took 2 wickets each also.

7D vs Barker
Batting first our 7D’s made a commanding 176 thanks to Ollie Harding who made a fantastic 26 runs. In reply Barker could only manage 145 thanks to Dan Plastourgos who claimed 2 wickets and knocked over the best batsman from Barker who was on 34. Henry Hill also chipped in with 3 wickets.

7E vs Barker
A tied match as a first game for our 7E’s provided plenty of drama on a glorious Saturday afternoon.

Batting first we made 97 with Dylan Campbell retired 29 and Maxwell Evans retiring on 24. In reply, Barker also made 97 with Max Couvret taking 2 for 10 off 4 overs.

7F vs Barker
The 7Fs had a great win as they bowled out Barker for 62 runs then chased it down 3/63 with 3 overs to spare. It was a great all round team performance with the boys coming together pretty well despite knowing each other for very little time. Some individual performances were: Batting Daniel Loyzaga (27 not out and excellent calling between wickets then small contributions from other boys and a lot of extras from Barker! Bowling side: Lachlan Cummings 2 wickets for 8 runs off 3.1 overs... Will O'Sullivan 2 wickets off 2 overs for 2 runs and kept for 10 overs well and finally Connor McLaren was on a hat-trick! (2-2 off 2 overs). There was great catching and run-outs from the team as well.


Fencing at Knox is gaining popularity and there were many new boys eager to start learning to fence last Saturday. » Read More

Master in Charge Angelo Sant’Angelo taught the boys the basics about the rules and target areas on the body. The boys then moved onto footwork and lunging and practised their forward attacking moves.

This exercise can be hard on the muscles but the boys are eager to learn as footwork is the key to gaining distance against an opponent and scoring a hit. It is important to keep balanced and take small steps at first. Those boys who already knew the basics along with the seniors practised sparing against each other with compound attacking movements as well as their parries and ripostes. Well done boys.

In addition Matthew Dall’Asen competed in the NSW Junior U/20 Gilt Foil on Sunday coming second to win the silver medal.

Mountain Biking

Round 1 - Homebush
Barker played host for the first round of the season at the Mountain Bike Park in Homebush. With a massive turnout from all the schools, Knox again proved their strength coming away with the overall win. » Read More

It was not an easy task with a number of Knox’s stronger riders being away for the 4th National round of the year in Canberra.

The year 7 boys in their first race ever, were a massive surprise with 2 Knox boys finishing first and second (Alex Richter 1st, Jack Vizard 2nd). A massive step up from the year 8 boys in the Div 5 also saw some strong rides, notably Angus Ball (Yr 8) finishing in 2nd place. With these 2 strong rides and also some quality racing in Div 4, this gave Knox the win in the Junior competition.

With the absence of some of our strong riders from the top 3 divisions, it was great to see how much the boys responded with their efforts. Jack Virgona (Yr 11) rode away from the rest of the field to take the win in the Div 2 race and the sprint race. Toby Murray also rode well finishing 4th and will continue to improve throughout the season. Captain Saxon Horn (Yr 12) redeemed himself to finish 2nd in a strong field in the sprint lap.

With such a huge turnout for round one the relay race was always going to chaotic. Again all the Knox boys gave everything they had left at the end of the day with the new year 7 boys once again showing they will be strong in the future.

With a win in the Junior division and second place in the Senior divisions, this gave Knox the overall win.

Special mentions go to:
  • All new Year 7 boys - Strong first ride
  • Jack Virgona – 1st place in Div2 race and Sprint race
  • Harry Evans – 2nd place in Division 4


Welcome back to Orienteering for another year! This year sees many exciting changes to the orienteering program at Knox, introducing a new division structure, refined results system, introductory training programs, specialised agility and cross country skills seminars, new map locations and much more! » Read More

This week the team competed at Crosslands reserve, winding down a challenging course set on the riverside ridge. It was great to see everyone enthused and focused for the first week back with all students achieving commendable times. Congratulations to the division champions for this week: Dan Schofield (D1), Jackson Booth (D2) and Heath Wallace (D3).  

Our new Year 7 students, meanwhile, completed an introductory course to orienteering. With great excitement, determination and an open mind, everyone gave 100% effort, showing great promise for when they complete their first individual course next week.  

A reminder that all fixtures, division lists and results can be found on the Orienteering Knox Portal page, under senior school>sport. You can also subscribe to the fixtures calendar, for easy access to event details, by copying the URLs found under announcements on the orienteering page to your personal calendar app.

Surf Life Saving
Jono Giles, MIC SLS

The Knox surf lifesavers after a term of theory and learning skills for the Bronze Medallion are now preparing for their upcoming competition term. » Read More

Though there was no competition this week the boys were hard at training in sprints, flags, relays, water flags, boards and skis. This term the Knox Surf Lifesavers have three carnivals to look forward to.  

  • Northern Beaches Branch Carnival (14 Feb 2015) - Palm Beach
  • Shore Carnival (21 Feb 2015) - Long Reef Beach
  • Knox Barker Carnival (28 Feb 2015) - Whale Beach  


Well done to Fraser Dovell of Year 12. In the holidays he competed at the Australian Surfing Titles, U18 – Western Australia coming 4th from a group of over 50 other competitors. » Read More

Fraser is competing in a Pro Junior Competition at Newcastle and we look to hearing how he does.  

Swimming Information

CAS Swimming and Diving Championships
Thursday 12 March, SOPAC, Homebush
The CAS Swimming and Diving Championships will be held on Thursday 12 March from 4.30pm-8.30pm at SOPAC at Homebush. » Read More

This is one of the best CAS Sports events of each year and Knox has a long and successful history both in the pools and also with the largest group of supporters.  This year again we hope to follow tradition and do our best. 

Attendance at this event is compulsory for all Year 8 students as part of their tradition and voluntary for all other year groups.  The school looks forward to being the biggest and loudest again!  
Full details will be available on Scholaris on the Sports section in week 4.  

CAS Swim and Dive Invitation Carnival  (only for students in CAS Swim and Dive team)  
Friday 13 February 2015 SOPAC, Homebush
Bus departs – 4.15pm Pacific Highway (meet at Highway 4.05pm)
Bus returns – 9.30pm – Woodville Avenue
Warm Up – 6.00pm
Start – 6.30pm
What to wear – swim or dive team shirt, Knox crested shorts, Knox track suit to keep warm, gym shoes (no things) Knox caps only, as well as Knox swimming caps, Knox swimmers (or plain black)
Students should bring healthy snacks for after school and for the venue, and ensure they bring plenty of bottled water.  Anyone wishing to swim or dive at this event should see Mr Steve Goodier for Swimming or Mrs Rebecca Manuel for Diving.  
Emails:  or

School Swimming Championships
Wednesday 18 February 2015 Knox Aquatic Centre  
The senior school swimming championships will be held on Wednesday 18 February commencing at 5.20pm at the Knox Aquatic Centre, finishing at approximately 7.20pm.  (This is for years 7 – 10 students who qualified at the Swim trials and for Year 11 and 12 students who have nominated)  
Details are as follows:
  • There will be the 100 freestyle and 50 backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle events for U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and Open age groups.
  • Students are to arrive at school with their school tracksuit, house shirt and school sports shorts 
  • Bring towel and goggles 
  • All swims are to be undertaken in plain blacks swimmers, Knox swimmers or plain black knee length swim shorts only 
  • Students need to bring their own snacks 
  • A program of events will be available on the night and also on Scholaris by the afternoon of Friday 13 February.  The meet is an officially recognized meet with Swimming NSW 
  • Year 11 and 12 boys must enter their events by Thursday 12 February by email to Mr Goodier – 

Track and Field

NSW Junior and Youth Championships 2015
Cameron McEntyre (Yr 11) has opened the 2015 season with a bang. » Read More

After a disrupted 2014 with injury, Cameron has refocussed with a renew determination and on Saturday he decided to light up the competition with a massive 71.13m throw in the U17 Men’s 700g Javelin. This not only earned Cameron a NSW Gold Medal but also a World Youth Qualifier. Cameron was definitely building towards something big in previous weeks with 60m+ Javelin and 39m+ Discus throws in the Club Championships. Nick Frost (Yr 10) also expanded his trophy cabinet with a NSW Junior and Youth Silver medal competing in the U17 1.5kg discus. Nick threw 51.67m which is a new personal best with the 1.5kg weight and we all look forward to seeing what Nick can achieve this weekend at region 5 with the 1kg weight.

Lachie Sky (Yr 8) showed he can consistently medal at the elite level with a Silver medal in the Men’s U14 3000m Walk in a time of 17:00.45sec. Sam Coburn earned himself a NSW Youth 6th place in a very fast 400m Final in 53.26sec. Shah Garcia (Yr 11) continues to make steady progress in the Hammer. Shah threw 37.96m to ear himself a very respectable 4th in the U18 Men’s. James Constable (Yr 7) returned to the 400m track after 800m success at the SSA Nationals in Tasmania. In a very fast final James placed 4th in a time of 62.11sec. Well done to all the athletes that competed at the Championships.
Any students wishing to undertake Track & Field training are reminded that Knox conducts regular (year round) Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions. All students are welcome and I would encourage any student wishing to improve their athleticism to attend:
Tuesday Am 6:45-8am at Gillespie Field.
Thursday Am 6:45-8am at Gillespie Field
Chris Pittman
Director of Track & Field


1st Grade vs Waverley
Loss 12-15.
This was a close and exciting game where our boys fought back from 3-8 to be within a goal mid-way through the last quarter. Some great shooting from Andrew Hemsworth (5 goals), Will Turner (2 goals) and Seb Joubert (3 goals kept the score close and gave Knox hope of a victory until the final whistle. » Read More

2nd Grade vs Waverley
Won 9-6.

A solid performance from senior players James Heggarty and Lachlan Begg, coupled with the youth and experience of Wes Van Zyl, (all with 3 goals each), showed the others how it was done.

16A vs Waverley
Won 11-3

A comprehensive victory form our unbeaten 16A team, was led admirably by top scorers Alex Trobec (4) and Kevin Zhang (3). John Kyrikos also displayed his much improving skills to be vital in this win.

16B vs Cranbrook
Won 9-8

Cranbrook gave the undefeated 16B’s a scare by getting to within one goal in this exciting encounter. Jack Edie and Will Ryan were dominant.

14A vs Waverley
Won 7-4

The result never looked in doubt.  Five different scorers contributed to the tally of seven goals. Austin Wagner was solid in goals and Will Kablau very strong in attack.

14B. vs Waverley
Drew 5-5

In this close and tense draw the lead chopped and changed consistently and a draw was a fair result

U13 Blue v Waverley Blue
Lost 2-11

An 8 goal haul from Waverley No 4 gave our talented 13’s a water polo lesson today in this disappointing loss. Mitchell Westhuizen was dominant on the losing side.

U13 Black v Waverley Gold
Lost 2-12

The team will be working hard on skills and fitness to be competitive and turn around this result, they all tried very hard.  


Sport Wet Weather Information

Wet Weather Information
Prep: 9901 7982
Senior: 9901 7701
Website: » Read More

Sport fixtures are advertised on the fixture schedule on the Knox Portal.

These fixtures can change due to many factors and changes after 3pm on Fridays due to wet weather, cancellations or forfeits will be advertised on the sports info website and wet weather number. 

A mini website has been created for Prep and Senior School students and parents to get the latest sport wet weather information via their smartphone. Please visit and bookmark

Representative Honours List

Knox compiles a representative honours list each year for the following achievements. » Read More

Students who have been selected and competed for the Combined Associated Schools, the Combined Independent Schools or NSW All Schools teams. Knox also acknowledges students who have been selected and competed in a NSW or state representative team or has been selected and competed in an Australian representative team. Please advise the Sports Office of any selections that occur so that we can acknowledge the fantastic

Boarder Travel to Sport

Any boarder who needs assistance with travel arrangements to each Saturdays sport should check with their coach to assist in arranging transport. » Read More

Where this has not been successful then students should check with their housemaster to assist with arrangements.

Knox Dog Policy

Please note that Knox Grammar School has introduced a policy regarding dogs on our property and that all dogs on Knox property must be restrained on a lead at all times. » Read More

Owners must also immediately clean up after their dogs.


Any student attending any Knox sporting fixture and/or venue must be properly attired in either track suit or school uniform.

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Wet Weather and
Sports Information

Prep: 9901 7982
Senior: 9901 7701

Prep Sport Office

Phone: 9473 9308
Email: Bonnie McDonald

Senior Sport Office

Phone: 9487 0127
Email: Liz Smith