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From the Head of
Knox Sports Academy Mr Chuck Ardron

As one season finishes another one begins for Prep and Senior students. With the Football and Rugby boots being put into the cupboards out comes the track and field attire.» Read More

The Winter season has concluded and there are many successes to report both from a team and individual point of view. Some of the highlights were the 1sts and 2nds Rugby winning their competitions and both remaining undefeated. The 2nds Football winning for the third year in a row and also the AFL team winning the first Opens Independent Schools AFL Competition. It was also the Tennis players who won 90% of the games against Barker on the week-end. These successes were also for all students who never gave up, did the hard work at Training, and competed for their school with pride and enthusiasm. It was the boys in the CAS cross Country championships, who perhaps whilst not achieving the results they were aiming for because of injury and illness, they still gave it their all.

Whilst most sports are finished, Winter Basketball and Winter Squash continue. This week-end sees the Winter Squash semi finals and these students are playing to make the grand finals the following week. There are some squash teams already in the grand finals and I wish them and those playing this week-end all the best.

The winter Basketballers continue playing their local competition and I congratulate them on their efforts so far.

Finally may take the opportunity to wish all those involved in Track and Field good luck and ask that they too exhibit the same qualities of team sportsmanship and pride in their school that they and all others have exhibited all winter. Congratulations and well done to all.

Quote of the Week

'Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.'
Michael Jordan

Action from last week's K-2 Athletics Carnival.


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Basketball and Cricket Skills programs

These clinics are being held at the Prep school 10 August – 11 September and is open to any K-6 boys. » Read More

All details and application forms are on the portal under Forms.

K-2 Track and Field Carnival
Mrs Sharon Dewar, Sports Coordinator K-6

Friday 7th August was a fabulous day for our K-2 Inter House Track & Field Carnival – ideal race conditions with the warmth of the sun. » Read More

The boys’ excitement, enthusiasm and house spirit was infectious with chants echoing around the school all afternoon. They were ready to compete for their house, showing fine sportsmanship in their sprint, cross country, novelty and relay races. 

Champion House:  Fuller

Champion Boys: 
6 yrs – 1st – Eli Lim (Fuller), 2nd – Charlie Davis (Ewan), 3rd Jackson McDonald (Lang)
7 yrs – 1st – Max Mitchell (Fuller), Jamison Carre (Burns), equal 3rd Jordan Fenech (Haslett) & Blake Alderson (Burns).
8 yrs – 1st – Charlie Follett ( Lang), equal 2nd – Harrison McKay (Fuller) & Ethan Hawkins (Fuller).

Prep sports fixtures

All winter sports Trainings and Fixtures (except Track and Field) have now finished for the term.

Summer Sports

On Saturday 12th September the summer sports regradings will take place in preparation for Term 4 summer sports. Details will be available in due course. » Read More



U14 Knox black defeat Waverley 2. The concluding game to the season was a good game to remember for the Knox boys. » Read More

A convincing win finished the season with enjoyment and finesse. The ability of the boys to not allow the other team to obtain one point truly demonstrated their skill and true potential. This season has been successful in terms of growth and development for the boys and this was proven by the result on the weekend. Dominating straight from the first siren, beginning with a couple of quick goals showed Waverly how the team has grown throughout the season. It was a good win on the weekend 

Coach: Lukas De Vries

The final round of the season saw the Knox boys play Riverview. The day was perfect for AFL making for a great day! Strong opening quarter from the boys had us in the game with excellent defensive pressure from the team with big tackles being delivered! The 2nd and 3rd quarters so the goal scoring slow down seeing the deficit grow. In the end the game finish ed Riverview 107 to Knox 40. Best players for the day were: Braden Campbell, Henry Smith, Jude Yates, Jordan Moses and Severin Fairfax. All The boys should be congratulated on an excellent season their skills have developed greatly and they have grown well as a team. Thank you to all the parents for the support they have given and I hope all the boys will continue playing the great game of AFL! 

Coach: Tim Wells

For the last game of the 2015 AFL Independent Schools Competition, it was about giving their very best effort and playing with their team-mates. With a very limited number of players, this gave players a chance to show their football prowess and experiment in terms of playing positions. Credit to the boys there were a number of players that stood up to the challenge. In the first half of football, it was a pretty even contest as the Cranbrook took it right up to the Knox boys. At times, Cranbrook did match Knox in terms of presence and physicality at stages throughout the first half, however, Knox were a lot cleaner with their ball skills when transitioning the ball from the backline to the forward line. In the second half of the match, the Knox boys dominated the contest and willed themselves to never be beaten at a contest and once again displayed their superior ball skills, which allowed the boys to convert inside ball into outside ball. Ultimately, the boys played disciplined and team football, which was extremely impressive. Well done boys.

Coach Thomas Harvey


The boys practised their skills under pressure with "minute to win it" bouting. » Read More

They practised their attacking and defensive moves including disengagements to ensure that they could evade their opponent's blades. 

The older boys fenced for three minutes and then did their "minute to win it" which greatly tested their endurance and timing. If the scores were even at the end, then the fencer with priority won which gave the students a taste of competition scenarios

Steve Roche, MIC Football

Congratulations to all Footballers for their efforts in the Winter Sports season they have had a fantastic year with 19 of the 32 teams topping the table and 16 of those were undefeated. » Read More

Congratulations to the 2nds and their coach Dan Sheppard, who, for the 3rd year running have won the competition.  A full Football report will be provided in next week’s Bulletin.

John Rownes, MIC Rugby

The final round of the CAS competition was played last Saturday 8th August against local rivals, Barker College. » Read More

The Knox teams rose to the occasion and in the 20 matches played on the day, Knox won 16. A truly fine way to finish what has been an excellent season.

The 1st XV produced some exceptional attacking rugby to defeat Barker 40 – 7. Joe Williams was strong and forceful in the centres, while Milan Basson was quite outstanding as he regularly found himself in space in one of his typical attacking rugby performances. Rhett “The Jet” Butler was exemplary, providing wonderful service and prepared to face any oncoming traffic with courage. Harry Chapman, who has been so very consistent throughout the season, led the team astutely. This was a fine performance to finish what has been a tremendous season for the CAS Champions. All other Opens teams performed well to win their respective matches. It is not very often that a clean sweep is achieved in the six matches. Throughout the season the Opens teams have proven to be very consistent. The 1stXV, 2ndXV and 4thXV remained undefeated during the season. Whilst all teams gave of their best, perhaps one team in particular stood out. The 13D’s were quite inspirational. They were magnificent in the manner in which they played the game.

The efforts of all players who proudly pulled on the blue and black jersey each week, regardless of the team they represented, from the 13F’s to the 1st XV, was outstanding. The Year 12 players are to be commended for their wonderful contribution to Knox rugby over the numerous seasons they have played and it is hoped that they will continue to enjoy this great game after leaving school. There is an abundance of talent and potential across all teams and it is with much anticipation that we look forward to watching these players as they progress from their current age group and further develop next season. The coaches too, must be thanked for their commitment and devotion to Knox Rugby. 

Sport training and activities for the rest of Term 3

Period 7 Sport for Week 5 and 6
In Period 7 in Week 5 students will not require to be changed as we will be confirming sports choices at this time. » Read More

 Students involved in Winter Squash and who are in the semi finals will continue to train and prepare in their Period 7 sport allocated time.  Winter Basketball in Week 5 will continue to train after school as scheduled.  

In week 6 students will get changed at lunch as normal for Period 7 Sport and will report to the Lawson Centre where they will be put into their sporting groups and be informed of the coming trials.  

Students who have qualified for Winter Season Squash Grand Finals will continue to train in Period 7 or after school for these Squash finals.  Winter Basketball in week 6 will continue to train as scheduled.  

Period 7 sport for summer will formally commence from week 7.  

Students who would like to maintain or improve fitness are able to attend the Athletic Development Centre before school, after school and on Saturday morning between 7.30am – 11am.  

Week 6 
Trials and Training for 1sts and 2nds teams and some A teams will commence from week 6 and any student wishing to be involved should check with the MIC.        
Track and Field commenced in Week 5 and students who still wish to be involved should contact Mr Pittman.  


K3 v Briars 2 Great win to secure 2nd position N. You Lee B. Close S. Bold,T. Jiang » Read More

K7 v Briars 4 just going down a special mention to M. Gee for playing twice.

K9 all boys played well to secure a grand final match,first in their division R.Rattan,E.Pincott,B.Fraser

K13 another great team win, straight to the grand final W. Navratil, D. Behl, D. Cloros

K16 dominated their group, grand finalists N. Huang ,E. Xie, P. Joseph, M. Loong

K19 secured first spot well done P. Kwon, A. Li, J. Cho

K23 v Barker 5
A gutsy win  with a special mention to  Kuresh for playing twice K. Suresh, C. Sharpe, D. Hellen-Ford

K27 v Barker 7  great team win, gutsy effort D. Harrison fantastic rallies just going down in a thrilling match 75/73 points  A special mention to D. Cooke for playing twice Unlucky not to secure a semi final spot, these Year 7 players will improve with every season.

K29 v Barker 8
Another win to secure a Grand Final position well done S.
Koroknay, J.Henery, B. Sterrett, R. Somaiya

K35 v Barker 11 great win narrowly missed out on 1st position
2-1 win O. Ellard, V. Zhong, J. Andrews, E. Hanley.

K38 v Briars 6
Great team win beating this team has put this team in first position, really well played.  For these year  8 students this is the first competition and they are now in the grand final A. Bradshaw, Z.Slomin, A. Zhua, A. Michaels.

Match of the round K4 v Willoughby 3
With these boys winning made the semi finals in an exciting come from behind win D. Price, F.Hellen-Ford, M. Lee .

The Semi Finals are at Knox this Saturday 15th please come along and support the boys.   First matches start at 8am 

Ben Higgins, MIC Knox Tennis

Saturday 8th August 2015 saw Knox take on Barker away which was the last match for some of boys. » Read More

Jamie Fraser, Knox Tennis Captain, who was playing his last match for Knox was ready and raring to go. Jamie and Cooper Cole split their doubles after a dominating first set. The 2nd pair Hugo La Hei and Pedro Papangelis also split their doubles making it all square after the doubles. Hugo La Hei played some fantastic doubles to help split the sets. It was down to the singles and Jamie Fraser wiped the floor with his opponent 6-2, whilst unfortunately Cooper didn’t play his best to lose 1-6. 

Hugo La Hei lost a close singles match against a very consistent player, so it was down to Pedro to win to either get the win for Knox and to finish 2nd for the season or 3rd if lost. Pedro had a battle on his hands with the match going on serves and Pedro finally got the break and won the match 7-5 with our 1st team winning by 1 game to split the two teams. The 2nd team played some great tennis with Max Nguyen and Thomas Burwood playing some outstanding doubles against a very even matched pair. They won 7-6/6-4. Lachlan Walker and Charlie Wong split their doubles also with an impressive performance in the 1st set. The boys played some great singles with all showing great improvement across their game to win 6-2 overall. The 3rd team won 5-1 with Jake Hansen, Chris Skellern and Brendan Wong playing their last match for Knox. The boys showed their strength as usual. Meanwhile in the 4th team won 6-0 with Jeffrey Wang and Lachlan Higgs playing their last game for Knox. The 5th- 7th teams played an internal competition at Morona Avenue. Well done and thank you to all of the Year 12 boys who have been great role models for the younger Knox teams and who have shown great professionalism and commitment throughout their years at Knox. Knox Tennis will miss you all and wish you the best of luck in your HSC.

The Year 10 A team won very well 5-1 overall with a good performance from Anton Luger and James Lu winning both singles and doubles. The B team unfortunately didn’t bring their A game with them this week losing 1-5. The C team showed great strength to win 6-0 only dropping 8 games overall, whilst the D team drew 3-3 but won on games.

The 9 A team played some very solid tennis with Thomas Johnson performing very well in both singles and doubles to help the team to victory winning 5-1. The B team also won 5-1 with a good performance by William Wang. The C team had a great battle drawing 3-3 and also tying on games 31-31. The D team won 4-2 with a good show of tennis by Harry Partridge winning both singles and doubles. The E team played against Barker and won 4-2 overall with a great show of tennis by Justin An. The F team also got a win 6-0 overall. The G and H team played an internal competition at Regimental Park in a FAST 4 TENNIS Competition. 

The 8 A team had another close match this week tying 3-3 in sets but got the win on count back by 4 games. The B team played some outstanding tennis to win 6-0 only dropping 6 games between them. The C team had a close match tying 3-3 only losing by a few games on count back. The D team won 4-2 with Brendan Hee winning both singles and doubles. The E team also won 4-2 with a great performance by Henry Feek. The F team didn’t have a match so they played an internal match. The G team played in the FAST 4 TENNIS Competition at Regimental Park.

The Year 7 boys continued their unbelievable form finishing the Winter season undefeated in A-D teams as well as the Summer season. The A team won 5-1 with a great singles performance by Kiran Anker showing some impressive serving. The B team and C team both won 6-0 overall with the boys showing some beautiful doubles play. The D team also won 5-1 with George Paleologos playing some very consistent tennis in his singles. Teams E-H played an internal FAST 4 TENNIS Competition at Regimental Park.

Overall it was a great weekend for Knox Tennis winning 91% of all matches played which is the best result we have ever had against Barker. The coaches couldn’t have been prouder of how our boys played and improved throughout the season. Thank you to our Year 12 boys for being great role models and for the years of service to the Knox Tennis teams. Good luck in your HSC and all the best for the future.

Ben Higgins

Water Polo
Mark McNamara, Coaching Coordinator

Knox Water Polo is showing its continued improvement with success in the Sydney Winter competition and with players being selected for State representation. This augers well for the upcoming school water polo season. » Read More

With Knox students and Knox Academy players representing the Sydney University Club, 4 teams have made the finals of the winter competition. Two U/14 teams, one U/16 team and our older Knox students (and coaches Jai and Nathan) playing in the Men’s 3rd grade are all in finals. A win will see them in the Grand Final on Sunday 9th August.

Three Knox players were also selected to represent NSW at a recent State training camp. Nicholas Trobec and Antonio Matruglio travelled to Mittagong and participated in the Talented Athlete Program Camp (TAP) with several state coaches in attendance. Both boys said they gained valuable knowledge and experience from the camp and both impressed.

Alexander Trobec participated at a Sydney based camps with Alexander representing in the Born 00 NSW team in a tournament against NZ and NSW teams. Alex was a vital member of the team and he scored many crucial goals.

Congratulations to all players involved and to our wonderful coaches who have worked tirelessly to assist in our water polo improvement.

A team of senior players will compete in the Canberra Cup tournament in September as a warm up preparation for the upcoming school competition. Many of our U16 boys are travelling to Hobart for the Australian Club championships in late September and a team of younger players (B02) will compete in the inaugural Lachie Hollis Challenge at Knox from September 21-23.

Also in planning is a tournament for our Prep School students, where a team will be invited to play in the first ever NSW Born 03 club championships. Standby for these details!

NSW Team 
Congratulations to Alexander Trobec who has been selected to the NSW team and also to Antonio Matruglio , Nicholas Trobec and Alexander Trobec who have all been accepted into the NSW Academy as part of the training squad – these boys head off to Ashfield twice a week at 5.30am to train with some Australian and Serbian top level coaches .  Well done!  

Year 12 students – colours on blazers

The Winter Sport and additional Co Curricular Colours eg: Debating Colours for Year 12 students will be available tomorrow (Thursday). » Read More

To enable Year 12 students to have their blazers updated for their final school events they should drop their blazers into the Uniform Shop on Friday 14 August after their exam.  Blazers MUST be collected from the Uniform shop on the morning of Monday 31 August so that students are dressed correctly in their uniform.  


Sport Wet Weather Information

Wet Weather Information
Prep: 9901 7982
Senior: 9901 7701
Website: » Read More

Sport fixtures are advertised on the fixture schedule on the Knox Portal.

These fixtures can change due to many factors and changes after 3pm on Fridays due to wet weather, cancellations or forfeits will be advertised on the sports info website and wet weather number. 

A mini website has been created for Prep and Senior School students and parents to get the latest sport wet weather information via their smartphone. Please visit and bookmark

Boarder Travel to Sport

Any boarder who needs assistance with travel arrangements to each Saturdays sport should check with their coach to assist in arranging transport. » Read More

Where this has not been successful then students should check with their housemaster to assist with arrangements.

Knox Dog Policy

Please note that Knox Grammar School has introduced a policy regarding dogs on our property and that all dogs on Knox property must be restrained on a lead at all times. » Read More

Owners must also immediately clean up after their dogs.


Any student attending any Knox sporting fixture and/or venue must be properly attired in either track suit or school uniform.


It is school policy that we recommend all students wear mouthguards for training and games for AFL, Football and Rugby. » Read More

Coaches have been asked to check that students have them as training will be modified if they do not have them.  

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