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From the Head of
Knox Sports Academy Mr Chuck Ardron

For most Knox students Term 4 Summer sport has concluded and I thank them all for their efforts in ensuring that our attendance, attitude and attire has been excellent.

I also congratulate them on results because whether win or lose they have put everything into it. I look forward to the completion of the summer season in Term 1 2016. » Read More

However, there is still plenty of Sport this term with Baseball, Cricket, Summer Football, Golf, Swimming, Summer Rugby and Waterpolo.

All those involved in competitions I wish all the best.

I would like to congratulate our Crickets 1sts on their success in the CAS T20 competition with a win in the final against Waverley on Tuesday. This was a great effort and I wish them all the best with the last fixture of this term.

Good luck also to all these students from both Prep and Senior school involved in Pacific School games this coming week and know they will do well.
Finally, I encourage all students to take advantage of the last few weeks of term to maintain their fitness and their skill levels by utilising the facilities and the staff that remain available to them.

Well done and congratulations to all.

Quote of the Week

'You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get..'

Michael Phelps

The Knox Mountain Biking Team, winner of the Greg Whealing Memorial Cycling Trophy.


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Concluding Sports Programs

The following are the finishing dates for our Prep sports programs:
» Read More

K-6 Prep Tennis lessons
Prep Tennis lessons conclude as of Friday 27 November

Athletic Development and Fitness for the Brain programs 
The above mentioned programs conclude as of Wednesday 2 December.

Football Skills programs
The prep football clinics conclude as of Friday 4 December.

Cricket Holiday Camp

Boys and girls aged 7 to 16 are invited to participate in a Cricket Clinic from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 December from 9am to 1pm. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More

Fast 4 Tennis Holiday Tournament - Y6-10

Students in Years 6 to 10 are invited to participate in a tennis tournament from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 December. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More

K-2 Red Ball Tennis Holiday Tournament

K-2 students are invited to participate in a tennis tournament on Thursday 10 December from 8.30am to 10.30am. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More



1st U19’s
After the last couple of games have been unfortunately washed out, Knox Baseball U19’s are sitting in 4th place on the table. The last win against Thornleigh Gold was a good team performance winning 12-4. » Read More

Each week we are showing improvement, and looking forward to some challenging games coming into Christmas. We will be looking to build on our fourth place on the table.

There has been some individual performances so far this season, from Chris layman 4 innings pitching again Thornleigh to Andrew Johnstone double play from short spot and Nicolas Gongolidis triple base hit.   Well done boys!  

With several new boys in the Knox U16’s starting line-up and placing 2nd on the table this has been an outstanding start to the beginning of the season.

The U16’s have a core of rep players being Conor Rockwell, Harrison Rockwell, Jackson Heap and James Layman. These boys have shown the way.

From Conor Rockwell pitching, James Layman home run and the two year 7 boys, Jackson Heap and Harrison Rockwell triple play.  New boys to the team, who have not played baseball before, have really enjoyed the experience of trying a new sport. The high standard the U16’s are showing - the aim of for the top of the table at the end of the season.

Ellie Manou, MIC of Basketball

Knox 1st U19’s
The Open’s year group continued their dominating form in the final round of Term 4 finishing with a 7 win and 3 loss record. The 1sts put another win on the board beating Cranbrook 71-61. Cranbrook started the game on fire connecting on some baskets deep from the arc but Knox were able to adjust defensively gaining their fourth win for the season. » Read More

The 2nds are continuing to improve winning their game 60-54. The boys have worked very hard this term and it is pleasing to see this reflect in their recent success. The undefeated 7th’s continue to impress with their stellar team play, winning their game 62-12. The overall record for all 12 teams in the Opens is 37 wins, 2 draws and 17 losses (66%).

The 10’s age group finished the round with a 5 win and 3 loss record. The 10A’s have struggled to find form in recent weeks going down to Cranbrook 26-28. Team ball movement and defensive accountability are areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve success next term. The 10B’s had their first loss of the season (13-38). Cranbrook shot the ball incredibly well and exposed our defence lapses through stellar ball movement and strong penetration. The overall record for all 10 teams in the 10’s is 29 wins and 21 losses (58%).

The 9’s year group had a solid round finishing with a 4 win and 2 loss record. 9A’s chalked up another valuable win defeating Cranbrook 43-22. It was a fantastic team game with all boys contributing to the victory. Ezra Ng and Xavier Pereira controlled the game from the point allowing terrific post play by Jack Puncher and Campbell Green. The 9B’s were victorious (23-14) in a defensive grind out. James Maley starred making some tough plays and getting himself to the free throw line on numerous occasions. The overall record for all 10 teams in the 9’s is 24 wins, 1 draw and 23 losses (50%).

The 8’s year group simply shone this week to finish the round undefeated with 6 wins. This year group works particularly hard right down to the 8L’s and are to be commended on their relentless effort and dedication to improve! The 8A’s continue to develop as a team and solid cohesion was proven in their 53-34 victory. The 9B’s won 30-12 with solid contributions from all players. Special mention to the 8D’s and 8F’s who have finished term four undefeated winning their games 24-21 and 42-6 respectively. The overall record for all 12 teams in the 8’s is 36 wins and 22 losses (62%).

I encourage all boys to continue to develop their basketball skills during the holidays. The Basketball Holiday Camp will be on the 18th, 19th & 20th January, 2016 (more details to come shortly) and will be a great opportunity for the boys to refresh their basketball skills coming back into the basketball season in term 1. The boys can do a lot of work on their ball handling skills (search ‘Ball Handling drills’ on YouTube for work outs) and get together and play some fun pick-up basketball games.


1st XI vs Waverley (H)
Unfortunately only 12 overs were played over the two day game against Waverley at Curagul. Knox finishing on 2/42. Despite the best efforts of all involved, the rain had the final say and a draw was the outcome. » Read More

2nd XI vs Waverley (A)

Another fantastic bowling performance from Todd Anderson and yet more rain were the order of play for our 2nd XI against Waverley. Knox bowling Waverley out for 103 on a wet and windy Friday. Todd Anderson finishing with 4/15 off 13 overs. The rain then came down hard as Knox began their chase on 0/5. A draw was the result. 

10A vs Waverley (A)

Some shrewd match play from the 10A enabled what would be one of the only results in Sydney this weekend. Bowling Waverley out for 98 on a good pitch, thanks to captain and golden arm Max Glover who took 4/9. In reply, and with rain imminent, the Knox chase took on gusto, thanks to Nick Woodward and Nick Astridge who blazed away. It was captain Max Glover and Olly Graham who saw the 10A's home to another win! By 6 wickets. 

Cricket Holiday Camp

Boys and girls aged 7 to 16 are invited to participate in a Cricket Clinic from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 December from 9am to 1pm. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More

Fast 4 Tennis Holiday Tournament - Y6-10

Students in Years 6 to 10 are invited to participate in a tennis tournament from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 December. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More


One hit matches were the order of the day for the Prep boys at Fencing last Saturday. The matches gave the boys plenty of experience in thinking quickly for their next match and quick preparation of their technique. » Read More

Boys were reminded of the three "C's" - seeing, concentration and control which are essential to enable them to ascertain the situation, their opponent and the appropriate attacking moves and defences to employ. They also enjoyed some fun concentration exercises which demanded plenty of focus for the boys and assisted them as learning tools for their matches.

The senior boys enjoyed taking up their Sabres and bouting against each other in quick fire fashion, learning the five parries for sabre which are different to foil.

Thanks to all students for their sportsmanship and dedication to their Sport.  

David McGowan, MIC Golf

Knox A Defeats Trinity 4-0
Knox B All Square against Riverview

Although his week’s matches were played under some “heavy skies” at Massey Park Golf Club, both teams played some spectacular golf. » Read More

Knox A
Pat, Greg, Matt and Doug all secured victories today against Trinity. Doug was particularly fortunate, winning his match on a late forfeit. His playing partner Matt, won his match with ease 9/8, and both boys returned to the clubhouse early.
Pat and Greg had tougher competition, however, and their matches went further into the back nine. 

Pat was able to secure another strong win 5/3 against his opponent on the 15th Green. There is some interesting footage of Pat’s opponent on the surrounds of the 13th Green, which I hope to pass on. Apparently a ball ended up in a tree, as well as a golf club. Who knows how this happened, but all will be revealed – still awaiting the footage! 

Next Week:
Practice on Monday at Avondale (weather permitting)
The club professional will again be providing tuition.
Our last match is at Avondale – Stay tuned for timings.

Knox B
Knox B secured an “all-square” result against Riverview today. 

Nick missed his playing partner Charles today, who was recovering from injury and unable to play.  On top of this he found the conditions somewhat challenging from the outset, and went 3 down early in his match against a seasoned Riverview campaigner. To make matters even more challenging, he also had to give a significant number of shots to his opponent, which proved too much of a burden and he was defeated 7/6. 

This left the Sam and Will to fight for the honour of the B-team. Both boys played some solid golf in testing conditions. Sam secured a good birdie on the 8th after knocking his second within 3 metres. His game continues to develop as he plays more matches. Will, buoyed on from his mother’s encouragement and outstanding Banana Bread, played some inspiring golf today. He was able to maintain strong levels of energy and concentration today (perhaps a direct result of the banana bread). His efforts from the tee were impressive and his great chip shot on the 14th, helped him to overcome his opponent, who could not manage the conditions as well. Both boys were able to secure good 4/3 victories on the 15th Green!

Next Week:
Last week of golf for this term. It has been a great privilege to supervise and encourage the boys, and I take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas season.

Mountain Biking

Knox MTB Report - Round 5 - Riverview 14 November 2015
A very wet Saturday morning saw our Knox Mountain Biking team heading to Riverview to compete at the last race of the round. » Read More

Knox came out strongly, very focused to win the 5th straight race. The Year 7 were up first; they finished the race strongly with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, only beaten by an understanding Riverview rider. The Year 8 group added a 5th spot to the tally before the Year 9, 10 and 11 groups all had convincing wins. An exciting relay race finished a great day of racing at Riverview and secured an overall win for the Knox MTB team.

The fifth win in a row means our Knox team secured a record 14th “Greg Whealing Memorial Cycling Trophy” ahead of the previous record holder Riverview. 

Congratulations on a great team effort and we are all looking forward to some great racing again in term 1 followed by the Australian School Championships in Thredo.

John Parker, MIC Sailing

Is climate change starting to impact on weather systems? With Term 4 sailing this year, never has so much adverse weather conditions impacted on the Knox Sailing program for both Black and Blue squads. You can count on one hand the number of sessions that could be described as ideal. We experienced two consecutive weeks of drifters followed by a session that was blowing the oysters off the break water. Then we had rain, and gallons of it, combined with seasonally low air and sea temperatures that tested the boys resistance to hypothermia. Regardless, we soldiered on as we attempted to teach the boys how to sail in all conditions. Here’s hoping for better sailing weather in Term 1, 2016. » Read More

It has been affirming seeing a return of such interest in the Sailing program as we accommodate 54 sailors in a squad capped for 52.

Despite the less than ideal sailing conditions, the Blue squad worked on their boat handling and fleet racing skills and by the end of the term, all members were able to start within 10 seconds of the gun and finish a basic course with Harry Lawson being the sailor to catch. All is now in place for a competitive 2nd half to the season.

With the Black Squad, having already proved their competency in fleet racing, and Alistair Hunter leading the way, the squad graduated to the highly challenging Teams Racing over the final week of the term and by all accounts loved the challenge. 

My hope is that all boys from both squads have acquired the passion for sailing and will seek out their own sailing challenges over the summer break so that when Knox Sailing resumes in Term 1 2016, the boys won’t have to waste the first few weeks of term by regaining lost skills caused by a lack of sailing over the long summer break. Use it or lose it

An enormous thankyou goes to Knox Sailing coaches Garry Williams, Andrew Ollier, Tania Ebeling, and a special thanks to Jordan Reece, Tom Vincent from the RPA Sailing school for of their hard work in ensuring a great sailing experience was had by all.

Looking forward to the resumption of sailing in Term 1 2016.


Over the past 7 weeks, fifteen Knox boys have trained twice a week. The sessions involve two hours of competition specific training where the boys are given instruction and are able to watch still shots and video of their surfing when they come to the beach. This information is invaluable for improving technique and overall surfing ability. » Read More

They also work on their competition strategies through heat specific drills. 

In Term 1 2016, the team will continue to work towards competing in the NSW regional schools competition at Cronulla Beach. They will also have the opportunity to surf against The Shore School on Saturday mornings.


CAS Swimming Invitational
Friday 13 November 2015

The CAS swimming team started their 2015/2016 season last Friday.

A team of 42 swimmers took the trip out to Homebush to compete. With the largest team of the six CAS schools, the Knox team swam strong and had a good evening of early season racing. » Read More

After training that morning, followed by a full day at school, the students performed exceptionally well!  Congratulations to Nicholas Hindmarsh (Year 10), George Zhu (Year 9) and Ben Adams (Year 10) who all swan Personal Best times.

Good luck to Andrew Hemsworth (Year 11), Jack Ryan (Year 10), Leon MacAlister (Year 9), Sydney Robertson (Year 9), Justin Lee (Year 8), Joshua Mercer (Year 8) and James Stark (Year 7) who all compete for NSW at the Pacific School Games. This week long international carnival starts on Saturday in Adelaide.

Ben Higgins, MIC Tennis

Saturday 14 November saw Knox take on Cranbrook away on a very wet and miserable morning, but the 1st and 2nds managed to get on the courts in the end! » Read More

The 1st team started off well winning all double sets with a thrilling first pair doubles match going to the tie break in the second set which the boys played a solid breaker. The no.4 in our 1st team managed to get on for his singles, but unfortunately lost. The rain then came and washed out the rest of the matches. This meant the 1st team didn't get the outright win which was looking likely.   

The 2nd team were performing very well with the boys 3-1 up after the doubles. Lachlan Walker showed great footwork improvement to get the singles win. This mean the 2nd team were 4-1 also when the heavens opened and stopped play for the day. Again the boys didn't get the outright win.

The rest of the matches for all of the year groups could not be played due to the ‘English’ weather.
Overall it was a shame for the 1st/2nd team who were both on track to get the win to help put us in 1st place for the end of the term.

Keep up the good work for next term.

Water Polo
Mark McNamara, MIC Water Polo

Knox vs Barker (Home) - Saturday 14 November 2015
The much talked about local derby provided plenty of excitement at Knox on Saturday, as Knox came away with 6 wins from 7 games. The stands were packed with spectators and there were plenty of photographers on hand to capture images of the day’s play. The U16A’s and U15A’s were dominant today with good performances also by 14B, 14A, 2nd and 1st grade.

Knox scored a total of 98 goals in all grades and conceded only 31. » Read More

Top goal scorers in their tussle against Barker were U15A’s Nic Trobec with 7 goals and Mitchell Longstaff of the U14B’s with 5 goals. James Winterton, Westley Van Zyl, Jack Edie, Will Kablau, Antonio Matruglio and Mitchell Westhuizen all scored 4 goals each.

1st Grade: Def. Barker 12-8
Goal scorers: James Winterton 4, Alex Trobec 3, Francis Carmody 2, Will Turner, Andrew Hemsworth, Brent Mitchley.
The 1st grade started strongly, no doubt spurred on by the large crowd and the occasion of the local derby. A 4-1 first quarter lead set the scene for the team’s second victory of the season. The second quarter was 2-2 but Knox again pulled away in the third quarter with 5 goals. The game was all but over despite losing the final quarter 4-1 and giving Barker a sniff of a chance of a comeback. James Winterton and Alex Trobec both played strongly with a great early performance in goals by Harry Phelps playing an important role in the victory. 

2nd Grade: Def. Barker 12-4
Goal scorers: Westley Van Zyl 4, John Kyrikos 1, Brady Phillips 2, Amrit William, Spencer Wagner, Joshua Peruch, James Jennings and Harry Drummer.
A much improved performance from the 2nd grade team this week with Westley Van Zyl, John Kyrikos and Brady Phillips leading from the front. Counterattacking was the name of the game with Knox running out comfortable winners.

U 16A: Def. Barker 18-1Goal scorers: Jack Edie 4, Tom Winterton 3, Oscar Ley 3, Aiden Robertson 2, Nick Di John 2, William Harte, Ted Harrison, Liam O’Neill and Xavier Wall
A totally dominant display from our boys with Jack Edie top scoring and assisted by Oscar Ley and Tom Winterton. Together they scored 10 goals with six other players adding to the tally.

16B: Def. by Barker 6-10 Goal scorers: Campbell Goodhall 2, Sam Fitzmaurice 2, Bodhi Phillips and George Zhu.
Unfortunately – no victory. The scores were level at 6-6 at the start of the 4th quarter, but a win was not to be.  Well done to  Cambell Goodhall and Sam Fitzmaurice who battled gamely.

15A: Def. Barker 24-2
Goal scorers: Nick Trobec 7, Antonio Matruglio 4, Will Kablau 4, Ben Nyar 3, Alex Wardley 2, Harry Kyrikos, Alex Heintze, Ethan Ravenhall and Harrison Sturrock. 
The 15A’s continued their winning ways with another totally dominant performance with 9 of the team scoring. Nick Trobec was dynamic at centre forward and scored 7 goals and was ably supported by Ben Nyar, Will Kablau, Alex Warley and Antonio Matruglio.

14A: Def. Barker 14-4
Goal scorers: Mitchell Westhuizen 4, Charlie Bladon 3, Bailey Farris 2, Will Saddington 2, Pat Hogan, Oliver Utteridge and Dylan Horsfall.
The 14A’s opened the school’s winning ways on Saturday. Every player played their part in this very solid performance.  Playing with maturity this is a team with many great swimmers and good ball skills their game awareness is ever improving.

14B: Def. Barker 12-2
Goal scorers: Mitchell Longstaff 5, James Riordan 2, Will Bondy, Jay Mace, Cameron Cormio, Ryan Thom and Jeremy Cartwright.
The boys had a slow start to their game on Saturday but quickly found momentum to take control of the match. Mitch Longstaff was one of our stand-out players and scored easily early in the game with strong swimming, as did Jay Mace. Barker provided good defence but Mitch showed his strength and ability to continue scoring throughout the entire game and dominated our score card. Even though we only had two subs on the bench, the boys were led well by co-captain Will Bondy scoring in the 2nd. Our other player of the match was Alvin Fu who was very impressive in goals. He directed the boys well in tactical play showing a solid understanding of game play. His ball skills were excellent which led directly to numerous goals. Other goal scorers included Ryan Thom, James Riordan, Jeremy Cartwright and Cameron Cormio.

Saturday – 7 November 2015
School Water Polo returned to Knox on Saturday after two games on the road. A tough hit out last week in all grades vs Newington has all the Knox teams eager to get back toward their winning ways.
Overall we won 3 games, drew one and lost one by 1 goal. 

1st Grade: Bye

2nd Grade: Lost 4-5 vs Sydney High
Scorers. Bodhi Phillips 2, James Jennings 1 Wes Van Zyl 1.
This was a disappointing result for the team.  Spencer Wagner, John Kyrikos and Rhys Taylor gave it their all and boys will certainly be working towards a victory next time.  

16A: Won 17-2 vs Sydney High
Scorers: Tom Winterton 5, Aidan Robertson3, Will Kablau 3, Will Harte 2, Liam O’Neill 2, Ted Harrison 2. 
Tom Winterton led the way in a very impressive performance where all players played well as a team.  Aiden Robertson scored 3 goals despite a period in goals. Thanks to Will Kablau for adding a bit of muscle to the team as numbers were low.  

16B: Drew 5-5 vs Sydney High
Scorers: Bodhi Phillips 2, Lachlan Pudney1, Campbell Goodhall 1, Nic Desmet 1.
An early lead gave the spectators a false hope of a big win, but unfortunately a combination of a good opposition goalkeeper and momentary lapse in attack cost the team victory.  A goal to Lachlan Pudney in the fourth quarter appeared to give Knox the edge but a speculative shot from the opposition in their last attack of the game sealed a draw. Bodhi Phillips and Nic Desmet had strong games with goalkeeper Jason Park making some great saves.

15A: Won 14-5 vs SJC
Scorers: Harry Kyrikos 4, Nic Trobec 3, Adam Swiderski 3, Will Kablau 2 Ethan Ravenhall 1, Ben Nyer 1.
Another solid performance from the U15 boys today saw Knox have another comprehensive victory of St Josephs College. Strong counter-attack following pressing defense enabled many of the team to get on the scoreboard.  Harry Sturrock and debutant Patrick Hogan were fantastic in defense which enable Harry Kyrikkos, Nic Trobec and Adam Swiderski to score plenty. Ben Nyer, Alex Wardley and Ethan Ravenhall worked tirelessly.

14A: Won 13-8 vs Sydney High
Another impressive attacking performance from one of the competition front runners led ably by Charlie Bladon, Mitch Westhuizen and in attack this time, Pat Hogan. A thank you to the B players filling in for the game - Will Bondy, James Riordan and Mitch Longstaff, who had no trouble fitting in with the A players to provide a great team effort.

14B: Bye
A big thank you to all the boys who hurriedly turned up for ‘the game that wasn’t’ and were more than prepared to help out older age groups. Jay Mace, Matt Lahoud, Jeremy Cartwright and Ryan Thom.
Special Congratulations:
Congratulations must go to Yr 10’s 1st Grade player Alex Trobec for his selection in the CAS team this season. On Tuesday at Knox, he will compete against the other school regions for selection in the team to compete at the All Schools Championships.  We wish him well!


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These fixtures can change due to many factors and changes after 3pm on Fridays due to wet weather, cancellations or forfeits will be advertised on the sports info website and wet weather number. 

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Any boarder who needs assistance with travel arrangements to each Saturdays sport should check with their coach to assist in arranging transport. » Read More

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Knox Dog Policy - New Policy for Parents

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Dogs may no longer be brought onto any Knox Grammar School property, including the Prep and Senior School campuses and all playing fields, including Curagul and Gillespie Fields.

New signage will be installed over the coming weeks reflecting this change in policy. Our Security Team has been asked to let parents and carers know that we are moving to a dog free school.  If you bring a dog onto school property, you may be approached by the School’s Security Team and asked to leave. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this safety initiative.


Any student attending any Knox sporting fixture and/or venue must be properly attired in either track suit or school uniform.


It is school policy that we recommend all students wear mouthguards for training and games for AFL, Football and Rugby. » Read More

Coaches have been asked to check that students have them as training will be modified if they do not have them.  

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